The last day in the life of SU66572 rebirth- redone

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The last day in the life of SU66572 rebirth- redone

Post by anderluk » Mon Apr 02, 2012 2:36 am

Edited and new ending enjoy!
This is the second part of another day in the life of SU66572

After the brief fight with the biologicals Justin and Mike, exterminator X4 deemed the extermination mission still attainable. The biological had built a wall around a compound inside grid 25 the walls had four corner towers with three to four biologicals and a heavy automatic rail cannon. X4 simultaneously fired four grav-grenade’s into the towers. The grenades exploded and created a super dense gravity field crushing the weopon and the crew inside that couldn’t escape.

[Message from X4: Begin assult of the biological structures]

The salvaged hover tank revved it anti-grav engines to max strength and rose above the hill were the extermination group was located and shot its main cannon into main gate causing it to buckle off its hinges. X4 rose from its overwatch position and charged the gate. The heavy weapons were the only real threat to the salvagers, however proper combat procedure called for quick destruction of a surprised enemy force before they could mobilize an effective defense. The Guardians and Salvage units followed X4. The entire Guardian squad followed but only five Salvage Units.

SU 66572 was using its newly acquired stealth field to great effect. SU 66572 was much farther ahead than the other units in fact it was only slightly behind X4 when two hidden turrets launched from the ground and gunned X4 down at close range. The hover tank fired its main armament and wiped the left turret from existence. The right turret traversed and blew up a Salvage Unit. Finally SU 66572 was close enough to use its destabilization beam. The beam struck the turret but was very slow in damaging the turret because of the heavy gravity treated armor. The beam did however slow the turret’s ability to traverse toward the now uncloaked SU 66572. The turret began to dissolve faster and faster, finally the turret lined up on SU 66572 and was able to fire one shot which hit one of its limbs. The turret was finally disabled and the Extermination group charged into the compound terminating all the biologicals in the compound with very minimal damage.

[movement capability: 72% of optimal]
[Limb is unsalvageable]

SU 66572 began to move to the last known location of the downed Salvage unit in a stumbling jog. As it descended on the SU it was quickly apparent it was no longer functioning. Tool limbs from SU 66572 dismantled its damaged limb and replaced it. Finding nothing else of use SU 66572 salvaged it into its component parts and flagged it for retrieval later. SU 66572 then moved onto the second disabled Salvager,X4.

X4 was an independent exterminator unit and had a superior body and weaponry compared to the basic guardian unit, but what really set X4 above them was its true artificial intelligence which was infinitely better than the best of programing allowing X4 to adapt to situations as required.

SU 66572 realized that a most of X4 could be salvaged and it would be an improvement over its own components tool limbs lashed out at X4 dismantling and reinstalling the four grenade launchers, two large caliber rail guns, and a much more effective gravity slicer. What armor could be saved was added to SU 66572 carapace. Once the hard ware was removed SU 66572 attached to X4’s “brain”

[X4: your programing is not strong enough to take over disconnect or I will take over your body]
[X4 Anti-tampering protocols disabled: X4 you are disabled allow SU 66572 to overcome you or you will be forever lost to the Central Salvage Unit.] The CSU had at that moment decided to allow X4 to be merged with this curious salvage unit.

X4 allowed SU 66572 into its mind but did not surrender completely. The result was a type of symbolic merger of the two very different directives salvager and exterminator. SU 66572 had never truly been able to think before it was very strange, one instant it was following programing the next it understood why it was following that programing. SU 66572’s state of enlightenment as the “other” warned of a group of biological that showed up on sensors.

[The biologicals are heavily armed most likely a patrol returning to the compound moderate threat levels advise you inform the guardians of their presence.]
[Message to 7G: Biological patrol is heading back to compound I order assistance on my location.]
[Message from 7G lead: SU 66572 you do not have proper authorization to issue commands]
[Message to 7G: I am now X66572-4 you will do as commanded]
[When they reconnect with CSU after daily cycle they will recognize you now however you do not exist to them as anything other than SU 66572] said the other
[Then I will terminate and salvage the biologicals our-self initiate cloak]

X66572-4 was a very heavily armed ghost. The biologicals were unaware of its presence. Not to say they were looking especially hard this close to relative safety. The lead biologicals were struck first by the twin rail guns the explosive force caused their chests to evaporate. The high- grav grenades went of a second later crushing biological and armor alike one as lucky enough to be spared when its suit powered up its anti-grav shield in time. In the confusion X66572-4 re-cloaked.

[Not bad for a Salvage unit. Now get in the middle of them to cause more terror and mayhem.]

X66572-4 did as the other instructed and uncloaked before lashing out with Gravity slicers amputating and terminating biologicals. The biological that was lucky enough to survive the High-Grav grenades washed X66572-4 with a flamethrower burning off the black paint leaving behind the white and silver metal underneath. Before the flames could cause any lasting harm X66572-4 launched itself through the flames and on top of the fidgeting biological crushing it beneath its massive weight. The last 4 biologicals fled before X66572-4 could set chase the "other" stopped it
[Leave them be they will instill fear in other biologicals fear will keep them away from our-selves.]
[Message from 7G lead: SU 66572 assist with the salvage of the compound and removal of energy source]
After the succesful extermination and recovery mission x66572-4 was in contact with the CSU
[X66572-4 there is an inconsistent response from some biologicals the last 60 cycles. It appears a group has begun *hunting* SU's to try to convince use certain grids are not worth the cost to concern was proven in your last engagment those ambush turrets were much to advanced for that group. This strategy has worked up till now. I am reprioitizing you for independent operations you will have seven daily cycles to form a new extermination team and stop these Biologicals]
X66572-4 denied a new coat of black paint and was from then know to biologicals as the Silver Shadow.

Luke and his team surveyd the destruction of the Madison Outpost. The ambush turrets had been effective if it hadn't been for that hovertank they may have held the entire attack at bay. "What do you think, Luke?" Alex his second in command asked. Luke turned towards her and the rest of his salvager kill team. vids show we took out one of those commander bastards. they kept coming though. Doc said only the big buggers probably have AI the rest just follow orders until told different also the second turret was taken out by a SU with a cloack field who then salvaged the commander and appeared to merge with it and take out a heavily armed patrol. We have a new contract in northern Minnesota remember what we learned here and never let it happen again understood?"
His men let out a roar of defience as they walked to the super heavy tank Tiger Lilly
"Hey its ok we wont let this happen again you warned them they needed more they just didn't listen ya know?
"I will never accept the slaughter of 200 woman and children as ok understood?"
"Yes Sir"

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Re: The last day in the life of SU66572 rebirth- redone

Post by anderluk » Tue Apr 03, 2012 2:27 pm

New ending much better then the last attempt

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Re: The last day in the life of SU66572 rebirth- redone

Post by anderluk » Mon Apr 23, 2012 3:45 pm

Author self vote +1

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