[contest] A day in the life of Su66572

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[contest] A day in the life of Su66572

Post by anderluk » Sat Mar 31, 2012 3:59 am

[Charge: 100%]
[Daily cycle download and uploads complete]
[Instructions: Salvage group S4 and Gaurdian unit 7G will continue reclamation of grid 17. Once completed, begin reclamation of grid18. Do not engage biologicals unless directly threatened.]
[confirm mission paramaters]

sensors began to register data light was processed to show the interior of the salvage carrier and the bodys of the five other salvage units. auditory senses picked up the whine of the anti gravity drive keeping the salvage carrier above the ground. Other programs began to activate as Salvage Unit 66572 became fully aware after the daily reboot. The salvage carrier stoped once it reached grid 17 and opened the hatch as the six SU's began their work. A reclaimed hover tank pulled along side the Salvage carrier SU 66572 Had personally reclaimed this particular vehicle. It had been badly damaged after a substantial fall from a bridge during the conflict. The AI of the tank was quickly "convinced" to join with a reclaimer combat mind. Other units of the Gaurdian unit were reclaimed by the other SU's of S4 but, the hovertank had the largest punch.

SU 66572 began an active scan of the structure in its work zone.
[Biological signs: Negative]
[Structure: Reinforced concrete, minimal precious metals]
[Power source: Affirmative Fossil fuel generator]
SU 66572 opened a slot in its body allowing six smaller Salvagites to search the structure for useful items. After the Salvagites entered the building SU 66572 fired a distability beam at the top of the structure slowley the beam of gravity turned into a ball roughly four meters in diamater seperating everthing in the ball from the structure. SU 66572 moved the distability beam to the ground and deactivated it causing the rubble to fall to the ground behind the Salvage unit.

SU 66572 continued distabilizing the structure and adding it into pile after pile of rubble. The Salvagites began the work of sorting the rubble for the bigger Reclaimer units to recycle. Finished with the structure SU 66572 moved on to the next structure and then on to a third. On the third structure a biological signature was found. SU66572 could not detect a weapon so reclamation began.

[All systems functioning withen peramaters]
[Prepare to fire distabalization beam]
[Rotate to axial position 4.56]
[WARNING: Biological form is moving]
A small human emerged from the structure red target reticules popped onto the small humans logic center.
[SU 66572 do you require assitance from Guardian 555?]
[Negative threat levels are neglagable]
The small human ran from SU 66572 towards the center of the city.
SU66572 recorded the event and uploaded it to the salvage carrier to give to the Exterminators.

Su66572 entered the structure through the gap it had created to search for anything useful since its salvagites were busy sorting rubble piles. Su66572 entered the structure.
[WARNING WARNING WARNING High gravity field detected WARNING WARNING WARNING] self preservation programing took over as soon as the high gravity field was detected. Su66572 activated its anti-gravity shield just a fraction of a second before the Grav bomb exploded only minor damage was inflicted. Su66572 calculated its odds of survival from a hidden grav bomb to be about 50-50. After the brief distraction Su66572 continued reclaiming the structure as if nothing had happened. S4 finished reclaiming Grid 17 and 59% of grid 18 without incident. As the sun began to set S4 boarded the salvage carrier and returned to West Reclamation Center 6 with the days recycled products to be reused to create more Reclamor units.
[Prepare to power down]
[Daily upload and download Begin]
Sensors shut down leaving SU66572 in solitude.

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Re: [contest] A day in the life of Su66572

Post by anderluk » Sat Mar 31, 2012 4:04 am

Wrote this at 2am ...merged the reclaimers and salvagers into one sopecies ...wherever it says Reclaim change it to Salvage


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