Contest: Bandits in Beastville

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Contest: Bandits in Beastville

Post by darzinth7 » Sat Mar 31, 2012 12:27 am

I wrote this up pretty quick and ran out of steam at the end. This story features 3 bandit classes, the Scrapper, the Metalhead, and a solo the Wanderer. It also features 2 beast classes and an Alpha, the Brute, the Screamer, and the Brute Alpha.

The Metalhead (Griff) is completely covered in bits of metal as makeshift armor. His weapons are pieces of armor he removes and uses as swords.

The Scrapper (Trip) wears torn leather armor. She carries a magnum revolver, a machete, a toxin grenade, a wrench, and a screwdriver.

The Wanderer (Jyon) is a bone collector and wears no armor, save his clothes and torn cloak. He has a rappelling tool to quickly traverse heights, a custom crossbow that can fire up to 10 arrows per clip at a rate of 1 per second, and a few flashbang and smoke grenades.

The Brute is a half-bear, half-ape that is fast and strong, but cannot easily utilize cover. The Alpha variant is bigger, stronger, smarter, and can easily scale buildings. The Alpha could summon subterranean worms to grab the opponent's feet.

The Screamer is a half-bat, half-hawk that is loud, fast, and big enough to carry a light human away a short distance.

The Bandits are not an easygoing lot. To appease the Bandit Bosses new recruits must bring something of worth as a gift. Trip and Griff were such aspiring recruits and were wandering the green streets of London, Ontario. It was a hot summer afternoon and the humid heat wave was especially punishing, especially with Trips choice of ripped leather armor. Griff found an overturned Stop sign overgrown with fauna which he picked up and examined.

"You gonna pick ova ev'ry piece o' scrap?" asked Trip in her usual, but pronounced voice dripping with annoyance.

"Yo, not of'en find bangin' scrap." responded Griff in deep voice.

Trip shook her head and walked on ahead as Griff made loud clanging noises as he shoved the once road sign into his jagged motley metal armor. Trip let her hand rest on her magnum revolver to ease her annoyance at the metal screeching. Ever since she knew Griff, he always fancied sharp metal objects. He was loyal, but his habits were aggravating at times. Especially when they were in unsafe territory, and this was unsafe territory outside of the Bandit Boss' domain. That is not to say anywhere was safe even within Bandit territory, but at least there Trip could be confident she would get her way or at least be left alone.

Walking further west on Hamilton road they looked up at the skyscrapers which looked more like empty husks covered with thick greenery. Griff was on edge, even with his clingy clangy armor he was always the perceptive sort. Seeing Griff on edge Trip knew something was off, which is one of the reasons why she kept him around.

"Yo, up up." Griff grumbled as he pointed to the third floor of a nearby building. Trip swore she would learn him some speaking after this. [Note: "Learning someone" is the old forming saying "Teaching someone," so language comes in a cycles.] Although, it embarrassed her to no end Trip donned a pair of specs, which only had one glass on the right side. Trip was nearsighted, but she was an intuitive shot, and whatever was up there was going to get stuck on her magnum bullet. Honing in on the target Trip was about to let loose when suddenly a Screamer swooped by and let loose a high pitched screeched.

Trip fell to her knees and held her hands over her ears, dropping her gun, while Griff did the same as his armor rattled in discontent. The Screamer came around for another pass with its Bat-like face screeching and its hawk-like talons poised to carry Trip away with its massive wing power. Then as suddenly as the Screamer appeared it stopped. With her head ringing Trip was unaware of the beast crash landing three feet in front of her.

With the monumentally annoying creature silenced Trip and Griff stood to survey their surroundings, the beast was stuck with an arrow in the head. Diverting their attention, a cloaked figure dropped from the third floor using a rappelling device. Trip, on edge, grabbed at her gun which wasn't in it's holster. Realizing her stupidity she cursed herself and fetched her revolver off the ground. Griff pulled two makeshift swords, sharp slabs of metal, from his armor as the figure approached. Pointing her gun at the approaching cloaked figure Trip recognized the feather pattern adorning the figure's chest.

"Dang it Jyon! You askin' ta get stuck!?" Trip shouted at the cloaked man.[Note: Stuck = Shot]

"Come now. Is that any way to treat to yer uncle?" said Jyon with a relax devil-may-care attitude.

Trip always found Jyon's attitude to be just as annoying as Griff, if not more so. He never cared to join the Bandits, but he was a lone Wanderer who had no love for the Corporation. However, more than once the Bandit Bosses had offered him wealth to be their personal assassin, but he always refused. This never went down well with the Bandit Bosses which then hired other Bounty Hunters to collect his skull. To this date none had ever succeeded and Jyon's finger bone collection had grown. Beyond that Jyon cared for his niece ever since her parents had been eaten by an Ultravore.

"Ye know yer friend here could wake a hibernatin' Ultra." said Jyon, stating the obvious per his usually demeanor.

Knowing her chances were better with Jyon, Trip decided to ignore his comment.

"You mind showin' us 'round? We need something..." asked Trip before she was interrupted by Griff.

"Yo, somethin' real bangin'!" said Griff excitedly.

"Anythin' fo' ma littlest niece. For a price o' course. Ya got any mindphase?" replied Jyon.

Trip figured the man wanted substance and fished through her waist pocket for a dose. Handing the corked plastic vial to her uncle he grabbed it and sniffed the contents to be sure. Satisfied he waved his arm as he led the way further down Hamilton road.

They eventually came across a high rise parking garage filled with heaps of decayed metal, which used to be cars. But, a few of them were plastic, some vibrantly colored, while others faded by the sun.

"One o' these cars is bound ta be good enough, maybe even work!" said Jyon with a hint of sarcasm.

Trip was no mechanic, but she knew how to make old junk to work with enough physical persuasion. Pulling out a wrench and screwdriver, her sometimes murder weapon, Trip began breaking into the cars one by one to see if anyone of them would start without too much effort. Meanwhile, Griff was busy searching for any shiny metal among the rusty cars that Trip was ignoring. Griff had a good eye for junk and salvaged quite a few interesting parts.

By the end of the day Trip was getting tired and frustrated with her progress in finding a running car. Jyon had staked out a spot to rest for the night, when the beasts come out to hunt. The night was uneventful as Jyon kept watch in between winks of sleep. The next morning Trip made a fire and cooked up a feral cat she had caught earlier. They ate and after continued the search.

Trip tried getting a hot red sports car to start up. It had some battery life left inside. Pushing to full it gave its Dark Reactor a jolt which came to life. The car didn't have inflated tires so Trip tasked Griff with finding some, but warned him not to touch it with his spiky armor and all.

Jyon noted that numerous Screamers were circling the sky by the time noon came around and Trip and Griff had fixed up the car's tires. Amazed at the ease Trip was curious. After all, this parking garage was full of good scrap.

"Hey, Jyon why is it that this scrap hadn't been taken yet?" asked Trip.

"Well Trip it's 'cause this is feral territory. No Bandits, no Corporation, nobody comes out he'e. Only crazy people, like me, and you, and yer friend over there." said Jyon as a matter of fact.

With a sense of urgency Trip got the car rolling and they all got in. Trip had only ever driven a rickety old combustion truck that fumed untold poison. That truck was probably fed some pretty bad oils, but it ran, sort of. This was different, it had style, it had power, and it barely showed its age since the pre-war times, besides some vines overgrowing it and a few scraps and dents. It had a self-contained Dark Reactor that somehow harnessed Dark Energy. Trip didn't care how it worked, but that it did.

Trip pushed the accelerator and the wheels turned as the Dark Reactor made a whispered hum as it gave power. Leaving the garage and driving on the badly deglected excuse for a road they went west on Hamilton Road. As they came upon the bridge over the Thames River Jyon told Trip to stop. Trip and Griff were all eyes and ears as they searched for anything out of the ordinary. But, it was completely silent.

"I don't hear anythin', Jyon." said Trip.

"Exactly." Jyon replied as he aimed his custom crossbow at the bridge.

"Rock! Back back!" shouted Griff as he pointed up the closing shadow.

Trip narrowly reversed in time to dodge the massive boulder that had almost crushed them all. Then the beasts come up over the river ridge. Three Brutes, with the head, body, and hind legs of a bear, and the arms, and brains of an ape, came hulking into view. One of the Brutes was bigger than the other two and showed signs of some sort of flexible antennae on it's forehead.

"That there is an Alpha." said Jyon.

Jyon rappelled himself onto a nearby building leaving Trip and Griff by themselves. Pressing the accelerator in reverse Trip found that the car wasn't moving anywhere. Looking down the tires were being held in place by some strange worms. The two smaller Brutes rushed towards the car as the Alpha seemed to be a little busy. Griff got out of the car and drew his makeshift serrated blades.

Jyon had gotten into position on a rooftop and rapid fired his custom crossbow into the Brute Alpha, where one scored a hit. The Brute Alpha's concentration was broken and it advanced on Jyon's position. The worms had disappeared so Trip reversed away from the advancing Brutes. One Brute charged Griff and scored a melee hit, but not without damaging its hands on Griff's insane patchwork of metal armor. The other brute continued its advance toward Trip's car. Griff attacked the Brute with his blades and managed to strike the beast and killed it outright.

Jyon threw one of his few flashbang grenades at the Brute Alpha, which became stunned. Trip threw a toxin grenade at the advancing Brute, but missed a little as the grenade caught the Brute and Griff in the effect. The Brute poisoned was nauseous, slow, and found it difficult to raise its arms to attack in the fine purple mist. Griff felt exactly like the Brute and collapsed.

Jyon deployed a smoke grenade where he stood and then backed away from the edge of the rooftop. The Brute Alpha had shaken off the stun and was ready to charge up the side of the building at the Wanderer, but the smoke made it impossible, so it just climbed up. Trip trained her magnum revolver at the Brute and hoped her poor eyesight, from all the substance abuse, wouldn't fail her now, but she missed. The Brute still in a toxin filled stupor sauntered towards Trip. Griff also still under the toxin's effects and continued to lay in agony.

Jyon readied himself for the Brute Alpha to show itself passed to smokescreen. The Brute Alpha moved onto the rooftop and went passed the smoke, and as it caught a glimpse of the Wanderer Jyon shot and scored a hit right between its eyes. The Brute Alpha fell backwards off the building with a loud thud. Trip swore as she took her second shot, and this time it scored a hit, but did little damage. The Brute had shaken off the effects of the toxin and with the death cry of its Alpha coursing through its brain it advanced towards Trip with a berserker rage. Griff had also shaken off the toxins and stood back up to survey his surroundings.

Jyon moved to the edge of the rooftop, but the smoke was still obscuring his vision. Trip backup further and took a wild shot at the brute, which missed. The Brute barreled towards Trip with rage. Griff saw the angry Brute and ran after it, but it was fast.

Jyon could finally see Trip and the Brute, and so he fired a long shot and scored a hit, but the berserk Brute shook it off. Trip couldn't backup any further as she had hit the edge of the road and backed into a wall, so she fired one last shot before the Brute would smash her. She scored a hit and killed it.

With the immediate threat over Trip, Griff, and Jyon sped back towards Bandit territory as fast as they could. A few Screamers attempted to attack them, but Jyon was an excellent shot and deterred them. As they neared the Bandit territory in Downtown London Jyon bid farewell and went off on his own.

Back at the Bandit Camp Trip and Griff were honored as the newest recruits and were repeatedly humiliated during the party. The Bandit Boss gladly took the red sports car and brought the two of them above the rabble into comfortable positions of command over small squads.

With the stories told by Trip and Griff the Bandit Lord had decided that the neighbouring Beast territory had to be claimed.

Trip could look forward to leading the Scrappers into battle in the red car, which the Bandit Boss allowed her to use. Griff could then lead his squad of Metalheads into brutal melee combat.

Jyon on the other hand continued to live as he always did, as a lone Wanderer who occasionally did some trade with the Bandits.

The End.

Thanks for reading.

Woops. Forgot to add the Wanderer's (Jyon) feature of MultiVision goggles that I had meant to do. It would have allowed him to ignore the smoke and night effects.


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