Contest: Dark Brutes

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Contest: Dark Brutes

Post by Evand » Fri Mar 30, 2012 9:13 pm

Troy Simple

1) vice prez/second in charge of space elevator. Troy Simple.
--Working on space suits skin tight, improve human’s ability to breath/stop breathing (Nano machines)
2) Prez/first in charge of space elevator is going crazy. Exhibiting symptoms of nano tech poison, very uncommon. He wished to keep it a secret. Troy (VP) is spokes person, and in charge of all contact with supporters.

3) Poison isn’t poison, but instead he was testing a new power source/level of ai with nanos. He was testing with Dark energy.

4) One month after space elevator went into commission the Prez of operations went into a deep coma. Medical science was useless to help him. Odd growths were occurring on his muscles and bones. He was growing new skin to make up for his size increase. Troy did a good job keeping this under wraps. At the later stage of the growths the situation became unstable and the Prez’s body gave out while the Dark energy nanos continued to enhance his body until he became unstable and imploded, killing half the hospital staff along with 3 doctors, the only 3 that saw him and detected any odd readings from his cell structure. Troy, a brilliant scientist in his own right, took all of the Prez’s work history and medical records and went into seclusion to study the findings.

5) Prez was into nano drugs and was really looking for a better high, a permanent high.

6) Some bad guys who are running the illegal nano drug trade were using the Prez’s secret addiction to grow their illegal operations off planet, where rules can be more easily broken.

7) Troy is working on what the Prez was doing when he came across some odd papers about a machine, a wearable helmet and backpack that he was using to ‘guide’ the development of the nano machines.

8) Troy, having known the Prez for so long had easy access into his home where under a scan proof (iron alloy) plate the machine rested. It smelled odd, like an absence of smell. As if it didn’t vibrate, one step removed from our situation.

9) Troy took it home with him along with packets of very heavy nanos, assumed to be the nano drugs (not knowing these were infused with dark energy).

10) Seeing that Troy is an expert in Nano tech he quickly discovers that these are not drug nanos at all. But instead infused with something else, dark energy.

11) Upon human cell tests, the nanos apparently endow each cell with a sinlge dark matter ‘electron’ (He isn’t sure what to call the ‘electron’ it is behaving similar to the normal matter electron but is running along the same path but has different qualities.)

12) After the first discovery, he begins tests on cells and each one exhibits symptoms similar to the Prez before his death. The code is wrong.

13) Troy develops a slower working nano, one that will deliver the dark matter particle much much slower.

14) Troy does well hiding these contraptions and tests when he comes home one day to a messy apartment and a man with a suit sitting in his chair drinking a glass of water.

15) After getting roughed up, troy discovers that this is a big player, not the main guy, in the nano drug trade.

16) Troy agrees to help them, for fear of his life.

17) He develops an escape plan with the equipment.

18) He boards the space elevator, having special access the ‘nano drug mob guys’ do not.

19) In space he continues to do research and finally he comes to a realization that the coma is the growth/finishing process and that is when the two normal/dark partials become complete in their relationship and would work as intended. But something was missing. A step was missing, if he tested this again, the implosion would surely result.

20) Troy is a good man, but he needed a human subject. Something brilliant happened, he knew he could use dead flesh to test these nanos. He has been using live cells this whole time.

21) Troy, in the space station retrieved a female human body , she was someone who worked on the space station. Troy knew her well and was sad of her death. He brought her back to his lab. He began the test, with a quick release chamber near by, incase the implosion would occur.

22) Careful examination of the process continued until the ‘growth stage’ occurred. Though the addition of the dark matter onto human cells was very slow, the growth stage was greatly increased for reasons unknown.

23) implosion was immanent. The body was growing new structure and was almost 50% larger with new skin muscle and bone development. Quick scans showed new and undiscovered brain activity. Troy shot the body into space seconds before the implosion. He watched as the body drifted, but something happened. The female corpse stopped moving. She aligned herself with the ship and gazed back at Troy.

24) With equipment in hand, but only a handful of nanos, Troy raced out of his laboratory and attempted to go down the space elevator. One of the nano drug mob guys was sent up there and found him, and in Troy’s panic didn’t realize he still had the tech on him. There was a struggle and Troy made it back to his room. The mob guy broke in only to find Troy next to the Creation. The mob guy shot at the Creation but did little damage and she killed the guy. She stood starring at Troy. He discovered quickly he had rudimentary control over the Creation. She stood 7 feet tall slightly glowing skin, pale otherwise. Messy dark green eyes and thick black hair. Her bone structure was perfect. She gave off an odd ‘no vibration’ that you could tell from just looking at her.

25) Troy, was continuing experiments when he mistakenly gave himself the dark nanos. He was not sure upon self testing if he would survive the growth/coma. The equipment itself was behaving oddly around Troy and now was not working. The remainder of the nanos, very few left were placed with the equipment in a safe place. Not knowing if he would survive or what was going to happen with his creation he decided to fully take on the nanos, injecting the remaining into himself and attempting to destroy the equipment. Something very odd happened next, when he reached out for the helmet it hurt him and his hand was stuck on the side of it. His skin was beginning to fuse with the technology. He knew that the equipment could perhaps help him control the nanos in his body even now if only he could get it to function. Troy put the helmet on and strapped the backpack on as well. In doing so he caused much body harm and was not able to function afterwards. He slipped into the coma.

26) The Creation watched as Troy’s growth took many odd turns and his body fused with the equipment. Upon the immanent implosion, the Creation took Troy into her hands and shot herself and Troy into space. Troy implosion was so large, you could see it from earth’s surface. Troy and his Creation together fell to Earth, but he was not the same Troy as before. He had achieved his Dark Potential.

27) Troy’s body had infused itself with the equipment. He could self manufacture dark energy nanos and control those he changed into “Dark Brutes”

28) Something had changed in Troy’s mind, he was not sane, not insane either, but was no longer functioning on the same wave lengths.

29) He and his Creation are breeding an army whose nature it is to destroy.

30) Their bodies are tougher, stronger, more agile and do not need to breath or sleep. They need to ‘consume’ large amounts of matter to function (Silicon, Rocks, Metals). Their cells give off a small ‘field’ which make them resilient to energy weapons and energy in all it’s forms. The have increased reaction time, but without guidance, they are fairly scatter brained. They understand extremely complex situations while under Troy’s influence.

So, I was gonna convert this into a story, but I think this will get the general point across until I have time to write something up. I'll probably wait to see if anyone thinks this is any good so I don't waste 5+ pages writing this thing up. Cheers --Evan

Now we're getting somewhere...
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Re: Contest: Dark Brutes

Post by Evand » Fri Mar 30, 2012 9:15 pm

Really miniwargaming. I can't type " 8 ) "? Number 8 not a smiley!


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