Contest: Dark Matter Cannon

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Contest: Dark Matter Cannon

Post by kiljaeden492 » Fri Mar 30, 2012 8:02 pm

Corporation_R&D_files: Buffalo_Testing_Facility
Project File: 10e1af38r7c5g6
To: Lord High Manager Zanthar, master of R&D
Year 100 after the Great War
Lord High Manager, I have been working on the project assigned, I have made significant headway into making a weaponized form of Dark Matter. My engineers and I have installed a shell with inert dark matter that becomes active when electrified. In the tip of the shell we have installed an EMP device that when shattered creates enough electricity to activated the dark matter.

This not only knocks out nearby electronic devices, but it also creates a miniscule black hole that we predict can knock out squads of light infantry, it will stun any vehicles, it can tear through most armor. Although it doesn’t so much tear through enemy armor as crush it and tear it away.

Our extensive testing of the black holes has allowed us to make sure the black hole only lasts a fraction of a second, still effective, but it will not destroy the planet. Although, we have had some varying effects when the black hole collapses.

This shell can be launched from a cannon we have modified to fit the standard X44V-Dragon’s Breath Light Hover Tank.
Master Engineer Edward Throwback

To Master Engineer Edward Throwback
Excellent, I expect you to field test this weapon as soon as possible. There have been reports that our caravans to Chicago have been raided and destroyed by bandits.
I want one of your engineers to go with a detachment of guards and terminate this nuisance with extreme prejudice. I’m giving you clearance for 3 squads of men and a X44V. Make any necessary modifications and leave right away.

Lord High Manager Zanthar, master of R&D

<Voice encoding from Engineer Sylos to Master Engineer Edward Throwback>

Master, We set out from Buffalo at 0800 hours yesterday with a squad of Void scouts, Gatling Reavers and a Thousand Fists Merc. Heaven’s Swords squad. And the modified tank of course.

While the Void scouts were ranging up ahead, the Gatling Reavers and Swords escorted the tank. After a tense night listening to the Beats howl and scream we set out again at 0600 hours in the same manner as the day before.

At 1000 hours the sergeant of the Void scouts reported to me that the bandits had set up an ambush for us, they had identified the leaders and were prepared to exhume them as we were “ambushed”.

At 1030 hours to triggered the trap, the scouts wiped out the leaders and left the bandit headless. But while they were leaderless they still had a scavenged T69X “Hellfire” Heavy Tank.

The Dragon Fire opened fire with it’s cannon, hitting a squad of bandit light rabble, the EMP messed with some of my recording equipment, but no serious damage. The black hole swallowed the squad and crushed them to super dense material in an eye blink.

The frightened enemy was still exchanging fire and blows with the men when the heavy tank got a shot off at our tank. Luckily for us, the EMP messed with it’s targeter, so the shot just glanced our tank.

Our tank returned in kind, the Black hole ripped off the armor off of the tank and sent it flying at a squad of rocket troops, killing them entirely. While their tank crew was just stunned, they were vulnerable.

Our Gattlers made short work of the tanks unarmored crew. The rest was just mopping up operations, the black hole continues to have unpredictable results. But all to disastrous effects. Once, the hole only crushed part of a squad, the rest were expelled in a shower of flying gore that rained on another group which in turn fled.

We will continue making our way towards the Chicago Head Quarters and will report in when we are finished. This weapon will help us greatly, but the tank commanders MUST be careful to aim far away from the tank as to not damage their own systems.

Engineer Sylos out.

<This Project has been escalated to production by Lord High Manager Zanthar, master of R&D, May our enemies tremble at it’s coming>
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