Contest: The Raid

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Contest: The Raid

Post by Skyguy351 » Fri Mar 30, 2012 6:26 pm

My breath felt warm on my cold, gloved hands. My rifle was in one hand and a small chip in the other. This time, his raiding band would succeed. The Salvager sentry looked around for threats to his kind. His metal was rusted and scratched. I thought, " I will be killed in a second if I do not work with these four men" I looked at my fellow men and they looked at me. I yelled "FIRE!!!"

The Bandits stood and fired the rifles they had crafted. The bullets pierced the sentry's armor. It merely wobbled before it started firing it's gun at the men. I pressed the small button on the chip and threw it. The chip flashed and the sentry was thrown up about 20 feet in the air and dismembered. It landed on the ground. I yelled " Charge!" My brothers and I charged at the scraplings not containing the knowledge the sentry only had ost some armor plates and its gun. As we were looting the place I heard a scream and a gunshot. I turned to see Andrew was being choked and stabbed by the sentry. "Fire,fire,fire!!!!" said one of the men I didnt know. I felt something knock me to the ground. I stood up and grabbed a chip from my back. I aimed at the sentry. I saw my other brothers lie dead and wounded. I steadied my rifle and fired. The sentry stopped in its tracks and fell to the ground destroyed. I had been victorious.


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