contest: the constrictor

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contest: the constrictor

Post by mqgates » Fri Mar 30, 2012 6:00 pm

John felt the humid wind blow throgh his tree and calculated how it would effect his shot as he waited for the animals "herd" mozy throgh. Scouts had seen the animals preparing to leave, and it was moments like these the calm before the storm when the "constrictor" was about to start his art. John chuckled at the name that his friends gave him when the lord of their town promoted him to the best bandit sniper in the everglades, and gave him one of the rare dark gravity gauntlets he had asked for, because with this complex machine he was no doubt the best sniper on earth a simple idea he had when watching a constrictor in the swamp squeeze the life out of a racoon and then bite its head off. Just then he heard branches snap and trees creak as the animals started to pass through, he readied his gun and the gauntlet for the massacre that was guaranteed when he was present. He took the first deep breath that sealed the death of his first mark, he activated the confusing device on his wrist and immediately his target buckled under the immense weight that it was being subjected to, and half a heart beat after the animal leader was struggling to lift himself from the mud the contents of his brain were the last thing the beast behind him saw before it too was brainless in the mud. Two were dead and another was flailing in the mud before the bandits noticed and launched them selves into the battle and then several seconds later for the beast to start to fight back. Five short minutes was all it took for the swampy water to run red with the blood of the beast, and two loud hours for the celebration of being one step closer to the domination of the everglades, and the next step to showing the animals thier rightful place.

sorry if the grammar is off and if the spelling is wrong im not the best writer but i had the idea and i thoght that it was worth a try


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