My story for dark potential

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My story for dark potential

Post by Theultramagamer » Fri Mar 30, 2012 2:39 pm

Ok guys i thought i would give this a go and even if my story is not picked, hopefully bits can be extracted and used.

My first thought was to have space pirates, it being post apocolypse there has to be raiders and a corrupt faction that blackmails and steals and has its own pirate empire, that civilians have to pay tax or protection money. As far as their weapons go, they can be a mish mash of all of the other factions'. Regarding travel they should have tattered warships, with the retro pirateship design but with the futuristic power.

I also thought for the surviving humans, they could have dna and gene programming. For instance they could have a growth hormone that makes them huge but less intelligent.on the other hand they could have A smart gene making them significantly less physical but more mentaly able. Also there could be a failed gene, making evil clones of each faction that can constantly be at war. As far as their weapons are concerned, seeing as the world has been torn, their weapons would be limited so elites are the main armed troops as the standard soldiers have primative weapons; such as, spears,swords and arrows; however, seeing as they will be against futuristic soldiers these weapons will be tipped with a new compound or element that is a mix of diamond, so it cuts through all armour and with the electrical part can disable tanks, it could also be equipt with poison to take out troops. I also imagine that humans could establish communication with animals, and in narnia fashion go to war with them;however they could be cyber animals like the cybotic space wolf.

Those are my ideas, i could probably type for hours, but i will stop there and if i get any intrest i will continue.
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