"Rain", a dark potential fanfic

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"Rain", a dark potential fanfic

Post by rraz » Tue Jan 17, 2012 3:40 pm

Adis rolled himself over and stared up at the black sky above him. Oily rainbows of greens and blues stretched across his vision, remnants of the black chemical rains. He would be fine, his suit’s smart seal had held.
He puckered his lips around the water tube and sucked. Nothing came. He looked down his body to the water bladder on his thigh and saw it had a hole in it from the shrapnel. Blood and water coated his right leg, and pooled on the ground around him. Damnit, he thought, why didn’t they just put the seal on the bladder? He twisted the tube shut with his teeth.
He tried to get up, but the shrapnel in his thigh burned unbearably. He let himself fall backwards and just laid there for a moment, watching the little black droplets form and slide off his faceplate as the fine mist of pims came down like warm breath. Far above him a streak of red flashed through the clouds, faded, disappeared. Debris from the fight burning away. He made a wish.
He was probably there for hours. When he finally rolled to his side the mist had stopped and the sun was a bright smear in the steel clouds. His eyes scanned over the bodies and wreckage around him. There was a long piece of metal; it looked like the handrail from a dropship. Good enough. He reached out grabbed it and pulled it towards him. It was broad on one end and smaller on the other, and he figured it would make a decent crutch.
His laser tool cut the broad end smooth. He let it cool for a moment then pushed his torso up with his arms. He grabbed the crutch and dug it into the ground and put weight on it. He spent what felt like minutes trying to get up, awkwardly handling the crutch that was almost as long as he was from a half-seated position. His leg burned like hellfire the whole time and he wished the suits morphine injection system hadn’t malfunctioned.
When he finally got to his feet he stood looking out over the battlefield. It was all craters and wrecks and bodies, each part completely indistinguishable from the next. It was a carpet of death and dust on what was otherwise a verdant world. He wondered how long it would take for the pims runoff to dilute to safe levels. Decades probably.
There were a few flashes over the mountain range to his west. Somebody was still fighting over there; someone was still on the planet. Dying, maybe, but he still wasn’t alone. He started to hobble over in that direction when there was a voice from behind him.
“Hey, don’t you leave me.” He turned slowly, excruciatingly slowly, and saw a little turtle rolled over on it’s back. It was moving it’s legs robotically, each one pumping like a little piston as it tried to right itself. “Pick me up this instant” it said.
“I can’t pick you up.” Adis said back to the turtle “I have no way to carry you, I need my arms to walk.” He shifted on the crutch to demonstrate. The turtle closed its tiny black eyes and was silent for a moment.
“Pick up the ammo box at your feet. You can carry me in that.” Adis sighed and kneeled down on one leg. He thought he could leave the crutch standing upwards but as he bent down it fell over. Adis cursed and glared at the turtle.
“Look what you made me do!” The turtle was silent. Adis stared at it then grabbed the ammo box. It had a strap that he could fasten to himself. He crawled over to the turtle and put it in the box.

It was summertime and Adis was twenty-two. The perfect cloudless sky above Nyx seemed to stretch in every direction forever until Adis felt like he was standing on the bottom of the ocean. He sat with his head laid back in the backseat of his friends’ cherry-red convertible. Their conversation carried on around him and he barely noticed. There was laughter and he smiled. He moved his head forwards and ran a hand through his curly black hair. He noticed the conversation had stopped.
“Adis?” Daniel was looking at him.
“I asked where you wanted to go.” Adis put an eyebrow up quizzically.
“Lets go…” His voice trailed off.
“And Adis Mathews ponders the great question of life.” Shelly said dramatically.
Laughs all around.

The ammo box clanked against Adis’ belt as he waddled across the broken ground. He looked down into the box and saw the turtle huddled in its shell so it would fit in the box. The top of its shell was stained black from the puddle of pims it had been lying in. Adis looked back to the mountain range ahead of him. He had been walking for a long time and it wasn’t getting any bigger. The flashes of ordinance were getting smaller and less frequent. The battle was dying down, which was either good or bad for him, depending on who was winning. He thought about it for a little while and eventually decided not to worry about it. The turtle poked its head out of its shell and blinked its beady eyes that were as black as pims.
“Where are you going?” it asked.
“Towards the flashes. There might be people there.”
“You’re going the wrong way.”
“No I’m not. That’s the only direction there are people in. I remember looking at the deployment graphs, there weren’t any companies on the ground to the east.”
“You’re still going the wrong way.”
There was a flash and a few seconds pause, then a low rumble. Adis smiled in his helmet. “Hear that?” he asked “you don’t know what you’re talking about, I am going the right way.”
The turtle opened and closed its mouth, its little dry tongue poking out like a snake’s. Another shudder.

Adis fumbled with the key to his house and dropped them on the welcome matt. He cursed to himself as a crack of thunder made the windows of his house rattle in their panes. He picked them up and let himself inside, slamming the door behind him. His jeans and shirt where soaked, and he took them off as he walked towards the laundry room, pausing to peel his jeans from his legs. He walked to the bathroom and drew a bath and got in and fell asleep in it.
When he woke up it was still raining. A perfect cloudless day to this in less than an hour. Summertime on Nyx was bi-polar. He got out of the bath dripping wet, not bothering to put towels down. He dried himself off and got dressed and went to the kitchen.
He opened the fridge and it was practically empty. He was ravenously hungry and he wished that he had a car. He grabbed a candy bar from his cabinet and threw himself onto the sofa in the living room. He devoured the bar while watching television and was still hungry but too tired to get up again. He lay in the soft blue glow of the television in his dark house with the sound of rain beating the roof. He started to doze off again and had a few dreams while in the nether world between sleep and awake. As he drifted the words from the television wrapped around his dreams and infiltrated them. He dreamed he was back in the red convertible with his friends and that the radio was on, and the sounds from the sitcom were playing on it. He told a joke and everybody in the car laughed a fake sitcom laugh. He smiled and felt great, and it was wonderful.
Then the dream changed. There was a beeping, a loud beeping from the radio and storm clouds rolled in and it started to rain, hard. The radio started to talk about how there had been an attack. It said lots of words that mushed together and didn’t make any sense, but that word just kept popping up. Attack. Attack. Attack.
Adis woke up and noticed the news was on. He turned it off before he looked to see what it was about. He rolled over with his back to the black television screen and curled into a ball and fell into a deep, peaceful sleep where he dreamed of rain in no way in particular.

Adis had been walking for what seemed like forever. He was exhausted and thirsty and he hurt. The mountain range loomed in front of him and it was only now occurring to him that climbing a mountain on a crutch might possibly be a tricky ordeal. His feet trudged through the inky black mud created from the pim rain. It stuck to his boots and to the crutch and made walking even more difficult. He just wanted to lie down and sleep, but something deep inside him wouldn’t let it happen. The flashes ahead got bigger and bigger every second, they built up at the tops of the jagged mountaintops like boiling water at the top of a pot. The sounds they made where dull and powerful and made the ground shake.
“Almost there.” Adis said weakly. The turtle didn’t say anything back. Adis kept walking for a little while then got curious. He looked down in the ammo box to see it completely filled with pim. He panicked and lunged his gloved hand into the box. “Turtle?” he asked desperately. His hand probed the sticky black chemical searching for the turtle. It was empty. The turtle wasn’t in the box.
Just then there was a deafening crack from the mountains. Adis looked up from the box just in time to see a massive black cloud climb the mountaintops, like a gigantic wave crashing over a storm wall. Inside the cloud were flashes of lightning that popped and crackled in every imaginable color. As the cloud swept over him it started to rain so hard that the world faded from view more than a few feet away from him. He felt the ammo box shake as if something where moving inside of it and he looked down. Inside the box, a black form was flailing around inside the pim.
Adis reached his hand inside to feel the thrashing shape, and was surprised when his hand went straight through it. As the rain filled the box and the black pim turned clear, he could see a shape taking form. It was sleek and smooth but rough around the edges and was the exact color as the pim. It was lumpy and not very solid and as the rain filled the box it got more solid. Its taloned feet kicked the sides of the box and it’s black beak opened and closed and it’s dry tongue poked out, like a snake’s. The crow pushed its way out of the water and took flight through the pounding rain, feathers and drops of pim leaking off of it as if it where made of them.
The crow circled above Adis and soared away, powerful wings pushing it through the torrent of wind and rain until Adis couldn’t see it. Adis collapsed where he stood, into the puddles of black poison and blood and rain and oil. He lay watching the sky, and as he did he thought he could just barely make out the shape of a bird above him. The black had washed off of it and it was the purest white he had ever seen. He took his helmet off and lay watching it for as long as he could.

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Re: "Rain", a dark potential fanfic

Post by AirborneHam » Tue Jan 17, 2012 4:55 pm

I absolutely loved this. Your writing style is wonderful and very descriptive. I hope to read more of your work in the future.
AirborneHam, author of several stories in the Dark Potential Fan-Fiction Forum.

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Re: "Rain", a dark potential fanfic

Post by rraz » Tue Jan 17, 2012 10:46 pm

AirborneHam wrote:I absolutely loved this. Your writing style is wonderful and very descriptive. I hope to read more of your work in the future.
Thank you very much! I intend to do more, so stick around I suppose.

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Re: "Rain", a dark potential fanfic

Post by trooogdooor » Thu Jan 19, 2012 5:09 am

"He made a wish."

Beautiful style.


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