27. The Eris Scrolls: Aftermath - Man betrays man

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27. The Eris Scrolls: Aftermath - Man betrays man

Post by Roy-Batty » Tue Dec 20, 2011 3:05 pm

Perhaps I am wrong. I have attempted to reconstruct the history of the human race for many earth years, compiling and reorganizing the information the Astral Maiden has been entrusted with into a logical version of how modern man came to be. The immutable flow of signals my mainframe has processed through time since we departed our home world have added to this history to create an unending tale written as events unfold.
Now, we are about to add our own chapters to this allegory of turmoil, as plans are conceived to reclaim our world. I fear our handwriting will be marked in blood now that force seems the only key to fit the locked spirit of humanity left on earth. This notion leaves me distraught. My studies of human history show a constant use of violence and oppression throughout history; in fact war is raging on a global scale at this very moment. It seemed that one of the reasons to start the Exodus project was to teach future generations to progress in unity, not division. Why should we return the legacy of humanity by force when man has already taken up arms to return to the activity that is so deeply rooted in man’s nature?
We have now docked with the Bormai Space Harbor above the moon surface, and captain Esperon and his command have descended to the Exodus base deep beneath the planet’s surface. His grim expression while leaving the vessel matches the state of mind of most crew aboard the Astral Maiden. Most feel they have lost their roots when they departed from the original moon base, not far from the same spot we have now come back to. Not all are convinced more battle will bring back these origins. Neither am I.

Seventh Annex, the year 3626 to 3700 AD. Aftermath of the 100 year war. Ploughing the field.

Man had finally lost all grip on what had been considered theirs until the devastation of the 100 year war. Nature took over as the dominating life on earth and man had better learn to become a part of it, of perish as either food or fertilizer. Most of the manmade infrastructure had been demolished in battle, and even more had simply stopped working during or shortly after the conflict due to lack of energy or maintenance. As the years passed, plant life found new homes in structures before so meticulously stripped from all forms of flora and fauna, as bugs and weeds were not part of the plan.
Animals evolved rapidly to use this pest free environment to their advantage, nesting and finding refuge in abandoned architecture. Some predators, like the enormous Arachnopod, quickly learned man’s instinctive behavior to return to the framework they had once created, even when the creation had been diminished to ruins. Many a dweller thought to reach safety in their former homes, only to find the deadly webs of the predatory arachnid.

Natural selection now slowly picking off the solitary survivors drew ever more settlers together to form small safe havens, in an attempt to regain control of life, and finally be able to stop running from death. Mostly ran by strong figures within the group, concentrating on the producing of food and finding clean water, and making sure the local wildlife could be kept at bay.
Unfortunately, not everyone sees a near apocalyptic event as an opportunity to restart life in a humane way. The rumors and legends near the former border between what was the Canadian Federation and the formerly known Unified States about one of the Great Corporations started to turn into a belief that some kind of organization still existed that could restore some of the glory of mankind before the war. This was not only giving hope of a better future to a generation that had never known anything else but war, but this was stimulating the level of organization of settlements in this area, and soon the town of Ohran was founded. Based near the structure of a Atmospheric Enhancer and an old customs area formerly used by the decayed superpowers, the settlement had enough supplies to provide both the hopeful and the desperate with a place to start from scratch. With growing numbers a leading council was formed and a crude farming and collecting based infrastructure implemented. With time, even a paramilitary organization was formed, at first to protect the settlement from raiders and wildlife, but later to keep the settlers in check.
Ohran’s council, operating from the structures of the Atmospheric Enhancer, also had strong faith in the existence of the last Corporation. Convinced that the last stronghold of the conglomerate should be in the area, daily search parties were set out among the normal scavenging runs, with only one or two men or woman aware of the true purpose of the mission.
It wasn’t odd for parties not to come back, although most runs were set out with several veteran members to increase the probability of survival, but in the spring of 3685, MIA numbers started to increase rapidly. The council decided to send armed escorts with future missions, which led to the first reports of ambushes by heavily armed men, woman, even children. Small groups but brutal, with no intention of taking prisoners. Experts in battle, with total disregard for salvaging supplies from their victims. Bent on death, these marauders were different from normal raiding parties. Hiding in ruins or trees, with an explosion of violence these predators would usually leave any Ohran group either dead, or with small numbers of terrified survivors. Terrified of their new deadly enemy, their maniatic expressions and seeming lust for massacre, and that high pitched war cry: “Pro Scofield. Vir proditor Vir!!!”
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Re: 27. The Eris Scrolls: Aftermath - Man betrays man

Post by wasaw47 » Tue Dec 20, 2011 5:43 pm

man i had forgot about scofield! :D
cant wait to learn all about his plans and psycho ninjas xD
also i notice your writing is getting better and better, you use great metaphors and stuff.
keep going!

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Re: 27. The Eris Scrolls: Aftermath - Man betrays man

Post by ShalinorOz » Tue May 08, 2012 8:39 pm

Awesome work as always :D
their maniatic expressions
Should probably be manic



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