23. The Eris Scrolls: The 100 year war - Suicidal Heroes

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23. The Eris Scrolls: The 100 year war - Suicidal Heroes

Post by Roy-Batty » Tue Oct 18, 2011 2:11 pm

In retrospect, the Arcs should have been constructed without windows. The sight of one’s former home torn apart in an all consuming conflict serves no purpose while you embark on a mission that should end in recovering what is left of the world. The all present flames both in the skies as on the surface of the home of mankind burn a hole in one’s spirit, difficult to heal without scarring deeply.
Everyone not directly involved in navigational or life supporting tasks had gathered on the Dome Deck as the Astral Maiden put as much distance between itself and the X’Lanthos conflict as possible. The sextant interlinked windows were designed to provide a view of the stars, as an inspiration for the mission ahead, as a sign of hope and inspiration. Now, not even an hour into the Maiden’s first and probably only flight, the images captured though this translucent dome would mark this place forever.

Sixth Annex, the year 3504 to 3605 AD. The 100 year war. Burning Skies.

The conflict had now turned from siege into full battle. The X’Lanthos line had been broken and as lunar orbital bombardments annihilated the satellite’s surface, the first human assault ships form the planet’s surface reached the alien ships. Largely outnumbered and technological inferior to their alien counterparts, the human counterstrike caused considerable damage to the X’Lanthos fleet. Man had taken them by surprise. Perhaps the invaders had become slightly arrogant after retaking the colonies in such a successful campaign. This attack on the source of the infestation was supposed to break the spirit of this insignificant and simple race, but instead, the X’Lanthos were now seeing mans resilience. It was so hard for them to understand how defeat couldn’t simply be accepted, and no attempts to flee were made. In fact, it seemed these humans even preferred running a manned vessel into a Dark Matter Generator, than to run for a chance of survival.

Had the moon’s surface been populated, no one would have been able to survive the bombardments. However, all core installations and weapons systems were buried deep under the surface and already returning fire. The sweep had been effective in wiping out most of the prison facilities, but the already condemned inmates had already served their purpose, and now took the secretive building of the Arcs with them to the grave.
Overall, moon operations had been a success. Project Exodus had been executed to perfection, and the defenses built with the sole purpose to camouflage the creation of the arcs, were now an invaluable contribution to the war effort.

Back on earth, the initial wave of attack ships was now tapering off. Mankind had simply thrown all it could at the alien fleet, and just hoped it would suffice. Stratospheric fighters were still making as many runs as possible, but couldn’t deliver the blows needed to cause the necessary damage.
The ships that managed to reach the siege ships however were more effective than all other tactics combined. Some headed straight for the Dark Matter supply, imploding the vessel in a heroic, though suicidal last effort. Others docked with the enemy ships and breached the hull, pouring death into the machines inside. Some ships turned into zombified giants, simply drifting into space or ramming the nearest allied vessel. Others started to break up after enough mayhem was ensued on the inside of these ominous floating structures.
Since men and women still able to battle the alien threat did so with only minor knowledge about the workings of these advanced technological machines, there were a few times where a probable victory turned into a certain disaster. Unknowingly destroying the siege vessel stabilization system caused one of the ships not to wonder into outer space, but slowly topple towards the planet’s surface, until a terrestrial crash was inevitable, causing death and destruction among what was left of the population, and bringing the alien treat even closer.

There could have been a brief moment during this final battle where man could have considered victory. X’Lanthos ships were burning or lost, or in any case in no way capable of wiping out the earth’s population as they were attempting before. The alien fleet had been taken down to only a few vessels, although still large enough to cause a threat. Man had spent its final military efforts and resources on this counterstrike, but it had worked.
The first sign of remaining X’Lanthos capabilities was a sight survivors of the war still talk about. The final lunar bombardments had been so violent it reshaped the satellites surface, effectively ending all defensive operations and killing over 90% of all present life, even far beneath the surface.
At first, on earth, people didn’t really see the grey clouds. It simply looked like a gloomy day on the horizon. Then, man simply started to fall where they stood. Like the cut strings on a puppet, people everywhere around the world simply dropped never to rise again. Not everyone, but everywhere, on a global scale, people simply fell dead where they stood, leaving the living in shock. The X’Lanthos had initiated viral warfare.
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