Aaron’s Bandits Part 2

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Aaron’s Bandits Part 2

Post by Louen » Tue Oct 04, 2011 2:59 pm

He aimed the rifle downward keeping the crosshairs on the door, he knew it was late to reconcile the two parties differences now one would need to be cast out, but in this world, this life that he knew so well that was done with a weapon in one’s hand. As he waited steadying his breath, the gun fire getting closer and closer. A figure emerged through the door the small compact weapon shouldered and ready to fire. He did not hesitate when he lined up the shot and put down the attacker with one shot. He chambered the next round again watching the door but this time it was not the man came through but this small metallic object he immediately pulled his rifle back from the edge hiding himself from the object as it exploded.

His ears were ringing from the blast but he could still faintly here screams and gunfire. Dizzy now he went back to his position to see three figures firing upon his men he fired at the one closest to him again dropping him in only one shot. As he chambered the next round the other two figures aimed their weapons up at him in desperation he fired off one last shot and heard a terrible scream as he dove for cover, ears still ringing. He felt a sharp pain on his shoulder, he put his hand to the source he noticed blood but as he felt wound it did not seem very serious. He turned his attention back to the floor where his men were fighting bodies were piling around the door now until he felt a weird sensation come over and suddenly without warning is gun was ripped from his hand flying across the room as he look down to the floor he saw a strange man coated in metal armor, looking like from something from one of the old books. The man had a very strange glove on with cords running down his arm to some kind of thing on his back before he could react to his gun being cost away from him, he himself got picked off the ground and slammed back into the wall.

The pain was excruciating gasping for breath he looked around him for something to help nothing but chunks of rock and wood, but it was something, he picked up a chunk of rock that was blasted away when the grenade exploded. He attempted to stand up but his right arm was in so much pain he could barely focus on the task at hand. But he crawled to his knees and saw the man. So as hard as his left hand could throw he tossed the chunk of rock at him. It made a loud thud as it impacted the man’s armor pushing the man a little and the man turned back around lifting his glove. Aaron tried diving back in the cover but it was too late as he felt himself pulled across the room slamming into a group of crates it did not hurt as much as the first one though he traveled maybe 20 times the distance. He rolled down away from the fighting hearing a couple bullets smacked into the crates. His vision was blurry and he now felt a sharp pain in his leg he reached down and find out what it was, a big splinter of wood stuck out. So he took a deep breath and grasped the splinter and yanked it out trying to muffle his screen of pain, though this was not needed with the battle raging around him.

His hearing started to return he wiped the dust away from his face he could hear Richard’s voice through all the gunfire barking out orders. He suddenly snapped to realizing what he had to do he looked around knowing his gun got flung this way and he saw it after brief second sitting about 10 feet away he rolled over onto his stomach and began to crawl his way over to his weapon. It took him what seemed like a lifetime before he reached it. He picked it up and loaded the next round and rolled back onto his back and sitting up in one swift movement within a fraction of a second he acquired Richard in his scope, once again, but he hesitated as he saw the man in armor seemingly charging up his glove toward some of his men in cover so he switched targets, aiming for the armored man’s head and pulled the trigger. Being magnetically accelerated the bullet had no problem snapping through the man’s face gear slamming him backwards and falling to the floor. He chambered the next round and aimed back at Richard who now saw him. As he aimed at him and pulled the trigger Richard dove for cover but this was for not as the gun did not fire.

“Blast” Aaron said aloud remembering that he had already fired the four rounds in his clip he reached for the clip on his back and pulled it out as Richard emerged from cover he ejected the old clip and inserted the new one as a hail of bullets stream past him one catching him in the stomach. He rolled back behind the cover of crates and he loaded in the next bullet he knew he was hit but it didn’t hurt anymore than when he had slammed into the wall. Somewhat dizzy from the maneuver and hurt from the hit he took a second to regain his bearings but when he did he popped up only to find Richard just feet away he pulled the trigger but it only grazed him. And within seconds Richard was upon him, the force of the impact knocked him back down the floor the pain exaggerated by the previous hits. As he looked up Richard yanked out a large shining knife. Aaron had seen the knife before Richard had carried it around all the time. He had even saw him use it in a fight or two. Richard came down fast with the knife Aaron rolling out of the way, he could barely think straight his reactions impaired from the pain.

As Richard rose the knife up one more time Aaron knew he could not dodge this one so he lifted his rifle to block the hit. The knife ricocheted off down slicing his pant leg Aaron pushing with his legs crawling backward before Richards next hit. Aaron yelled trying to be heard over the gunfire “You don’t have to do this Richard you…” But Richard didn’t care and lifted the knife up to bring it down one final time. There then was a loud and ferocious bang. Richard flew back a huge chunk of his chest blasting away. Aaron looked up to see Paul standing there with his gun aimed toward where Richard had stood moments ago. Paul bent down and helped Aaron to his feet. The gunfire began to die quickly as men scattered from the scene of the battle only a few more shots were heard and then only the screams of the wounded.

Part Three Coming Soon
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Re: Aaron’s Bandits Part 2

Post by Phatty » Tue Nov 29, 2011 11:52 am

very good description of the battle and the motivations behind both sides. im not sure but i think it would be hard for someone to stand up after being shot twice thrown around by a DP suit twice and stabbed in the leg... maybe just a little more focus on trying to aid Aaron at the end would fix that.

but its still a great story


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