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21. The Eris Scrolls: The 100 year war - Breaking the whole

Posted: Mon Sep 26, 2011 12:49 pm
by Roy-Batty
Only a small percentage of the scouts have returned. Earth as I remember it, or rather the image I have rendered of it from my data banks, is no more. Man is at the brink of extinction, and it seems that the remains of this unique race have lost its sense of direction. This, of course, leads mankind to a path of self-destruction. Man has now turned against man, as both alien and animal threaten the existence of the species.
The Astral Maiden, and the many Arcs that are still active and have survived the vacuum of space, can not only reclaim the planet that has originated mankind, but perhaps also reclaim humanity. This is now my mission, and at its center is my tale. It will be the foundation of mankind’s future when the time for growth arrives once more. At the end of turmoil, harmony must exist. I shall intensify marine training and awaken the commanders.

Sixth Annex, the year 3504 to 3605 AD. The 100 year war. First Strike.

With the entire Earth System fleet overrun, the X'Lanthos vessels had now reached the center of human civilization. The main ships moved into their typical formation, covering the entire planet. At this moment, everyone, anywhere on earth, could see at least one of the hunter fleet structures hovering above the clouds. Grippen-Gakam forces attempted to execute fighter raids from earth bases, but they couldn’t do enough damage to interrupt the X’Lanthos takeover of human airspace. That first night after initial terrestrial sightings of the alien fleet, the bombardments started.
Unlike attacks on many other systems, the aggressors had learned to refine their offensive tactics. Initial bombing was extensive, lasting for over 17 hours from over 36 locations around the globe, but not as crude and surface covering as before. Mostly military targets had been hit. Man had also learned and successfully defended a handful of posts, mostly in Europe and North-America. Ironically, when the invaders learned that man was actually capable of resisting the initial strike, this changed their tactics. Spaceports, satellite communication systems and land based ComHubs were knocked out, leaving mankind blind and deaf. The X’Lanthos had learned about their advisories and were now aware that no weapon was more effective than fear.

It wasn’t long before earth’s siege the X’Lanthos didn’t know anything about who they were fighting. They simply knew this race had taken what did not belong to them, and needed to be removed. After all, we don’t think about what a cockroach is thinking before we crunch it underneath our shoe. The only thing that mattered was how to waist as little time and effort possible and cleanse the Diaspora Domain, as the X’Lanthos had always known the Colonies. It wasn’t until the resilience of man became clear, that they were forced to investigate who or what they were facing.
Soon it became clear that man’s strength was not his physical state or mental abilities. Obviously X’Lanthos anatomy and cerebral development had far surpassed human evolution a long time ago. It was the collective that enabled them to prevail. The X’Lanthos had a natural instinct to fight exactly that, an aversion for anything communal. For them, the cumulative effort was a confinement, while man had found the ability to grow as a joint force and surpass its individual abilities. It was clear that to break man, one had to break the conglomerate. Scatter the whole and pick off the individuals, or turn the collective against itself.

The intruders had learned how to effectively disable a world inhabited by man. They now knew that one of the weak points of mankind was the fragility of moral. Break that, and the group becomes a mass. And masses were more destructive than anything the X’Lanthos had in their arsenal.
Knocking out communications in such a sudden and effective way had shaken both the military and civilian population. This slowed the coordination of attempts to strike back and the organization of defensive measures. Rumor now became more difficult to separate from fact, and public services were stretched beyond the bare minimum. Small scale riots had already started at a global level, and local law became practically impossible to uphold. People now had to fear the night both because of the threat from above, as because of the cruelty of their fellow man.
Then, the X’Lanthos moved another piece on the board. Even now, no one knows if it was revenge for a lost ship, as a small commando force had infiltrated a siege vessel and successfully ignited its Dark Matter supply, killing everyone on board without any chance of escape, or if it was simply a planned move in the alien master plan.
Fact is that major cities were struck everywhere, all over the earth’s surface, resulting in pandemonium. Rio City was hit first, annihilating over 67 million people in less than 4 minutes. After that Greater Moscow, Beijing Island and the New York Dome were hit simultaneously. Everywhere the collective was broken. People that were hit and survived turned into endless lines of refugees, spreading rumor and fear throughout the continents. No one believed there was government anymore, unless you were lucky enough to reach a shelter.

By the time NanoSec had found a way to use Atmospheric Enhancement Stations as ComHubs, the chaos had already taken proportions beyond control. It did however help them to gain control over the military, and more importantly, over the organization itself. Oddly enough, when man is most fragile, Corporations flourish more than ever.

Re: 21. The Eris Scrolls: The 100 year war - Breaking the whole

Posted: Tue Sep 27, 2011 5:03 pm
by AirborneHam
Another fantastic section. Keep them coming or the fan fiction forum just might die. :cry: We don't want that to happen.

Re: 21. The Eris Scrolls: The 100 year war - Breaking the whole

Posted: Sun May 06, 2012 3:46 am
by ShalinorOz
The X’Lanthos had learned about their advisories and were now aware that no weapon was more effective than fear.
I'm guessing that the above should be adversaries...

Slowly catching up :)

Re: 21. The Eris Scrolls: The 100 year war - Breaking the whole

Posted: Sun May 06, 2012 9:34 am
by Roy-Batty
DOH! Sometimes it's a bit too obvious that English is not my native tongue. Oh well. It's nice to see someone following the scrolls though!