A Salvangers Tale

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A Salvangers Tale

Post by evilgreenthing » Sun Sep 25, 2011 1:38 pm

Calculating response…
Calculating response…
Response: Terminate
The robot’s mechanical hand shot forward with such speed that James Farwell had no idea that the robot had moved until its large, metal, appendage had had stuck him full in the face. James fell to the ground stunned. He spat blood from his mouth, and looked up. Again the fist came crashing down. The second blow knocked the consciousness from James body. The third hit ensured that James Farwell would never rise again.
The robot moved on. Unaware of the severity of the deed it had just committed. Its artificial intelligence seemed unable to grasp the concept of death. And why should it? For once destroyed, a robot could be salvaged, then remade. The robot stopped. A piece of rusty scrap metal seemed to have grabbed its attention. It bent over, and stretched out its mechanical hand towards the piece of metal. With a quick flicking motion, the robot turned it over. Underneath was a small electronic chip. The robot moved its sensory box nearer, scanning. It sat like that for a minute, then another. Suddenly it grabbed the chip, and placed it in a compartment in its chest. It quickly scuttled back the way it had come.
The robot continued to make its way throw the thick vegetation that seemed to fully reclaimed this area. The robot seemed to be following a trial, a trail that you could not see with your naked eye. Suddenly the robot broke free from the tangling undergrowth and entered a clear area. In the center of this area was a large, industrial looking robot. This robot had the letters CPU printed across it in large black letters. Other robots where coming and going from it, like ants to and from a nest. Those going to the CPU all had some sort of scraps, or weapons in their claws. The robot scuttled over to the CPU, and placed the Computer chip into a reciprocal. The robot then turned around, and headed out, back into the jungle.

Any C&C would be greatly appreciated
sincerely EGT


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