Aaron’s bandits Part 1

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Aaron’s bandits Part 1

Post by Louen » Mon Sep 19, 2011 11:07 am

The wind had died now the trees and shrubbery silent from the constant shuffling sound they made. He looked around at the band of ragtag survivors living in makeshift tents. There are only a few of them that did not join Richard, a few of them that didn’t break from the path that they have vowed to take when they all joined together. Though that was long before his time here and still knew and learn the code that they live by. Though not documented but passed down through the generations.

“Aaron are you ready, most of us are” said a deep voice from behind him. He turned to see Paul standing there looking at him holding a patchwork rifle over his shoulder. Aaron having a hard time responding given the task at hand he just nodded. He turned toward the tent he had set up less than four hours ago and began to walk towards it when he reached the entrance he pulled away the canvas revealing a beadroll with the foot locker sitting next to and laying up against the foot locker the rifle he had had for many years. He had earned the rifle from some drunk gamble, of course back then he was a lot more foolish and given any chance would usually take the way that made him the center of attention. But all the that changed after the tribe’s leader had passed away and left Aaron in charge. No one, let alone him knew why.
Which included Richard the childhood rival, they always were competing with one another but now it was for the future of their people and the game had become deadly serious. Richard was leading them away from the code they had honored since there creation, as nomads wondering what was left of this world.

He reached down for the rifle a large scope fitted atop it he had bought it along time ago, when of band traders came through the camp they had been there several times before and that is why they did not take everything from. Despite the code they were still bandits Aaron knew this but never thought that they were like the bandits in the books of the old world, that had survived all these years.

He examined the rifle carefully, it was no scrap built rifle but was the peak of technology back before the war it could hit a man sized target from miles away with the proper ammunition. And he had used it before to do tasks just like the. Despite what most people think they did not just kill people they defended themselves and preserve their way of life, this is how Aaron saw it and most of the other tribes saw it. However now another battle is emerging, but this time against themselves against those who followed Richard to raise survivors towns take everything from the not just mere extortion, as they had done in the past, but complete and utter massacring of all its inhabitants. Sure the inhabitants had threatened them in the past for what they have done to the before it was probably deserved.

Aaron said aloud knowing Paul was right behind “just another war that will be forgotten in this war-torn world” he didn’t wait for a response from Paul he open up the footlocker seeing his armor inside and began equipping it his boots, his helmet, shoulder pads, his chest piece, and his leggings all made from leather and bits of metal he had made this himself not too long ago right before the elder passed away. This was the first time he would wear it and go into battle knowingly.

He got up after he had put it all on. He nodded Paul and said in a hushed voice “make ready, we leave soon” Paul nodded and walked away outside he heard the exact same phrase shouted by Paul to the rest of the people. There were leaving the young and old behind guarded by a few of their men. Even some of the woman were taking up arms to fight alongside him. So they set off into this jungle that once was the city ages ago, toward their old camp hoping to get there before Richard returned so the could ambush him and set the right all the wrongs he had done.

It was a couple hours before their old camp was in sight, it was made in the remains of what used to be some sort of superstore. He had seen this many times before coming back from hunts or from scavenging knowing that right inside those doors was the one place he could feel safe, and now it was the one place he wasn’t. They did not expose themselves openly, he was scanning the windows and the doorway for any humanoid figures that may be inside. Then he caught something out of the corner of his eye shadowy figure pass by one of the windows he waited staring at the next one he tried to catch a better glance of what it was when it passed the next window he realized that it was just the robot. It keeps the camp in shape and did several other tasks, given it had the Haussmann code inside of it, it had adapted to the changing conditions inside and still kept things in relative order. He waited for another couple minutes and did not see anything else pass any of the windows.

Soon afterwards he signaled all the people to move toward the door he climbed over the wall and ran keeping his head down across the street toward the door he reached the door and waited next to it as he saw Paul running at full speed toward it. Pulse smashed through the door with a loud crack shattering the door to splinters he whipped his rifle around looking for any people that may be aiming weapons at them or going for weapons nearby, there was none, just a bunch of shock young and old just as they had left back at their camp, a couple of the people began clapping as they knew that he was here and save them. An elderly woman said “They left about a day ago and said they’d be back by noon there late so if you’re going to do whatever it is you’re going to do they’ll be here any minute.” He nodded thanking the old woman and said “Everybody get to the basement now!” and ushered everyone toward the door to the basement everyone cleared the large open space funnel down into the basement. The men were taking up positions around some of the other exits and entrances he walked up the stairs to the roof of the building and walked toward the side of the building that had the main entrance that they just smashed through.

He rested his rifle taking up position that was hard to see from the ground and waited. His wait was not long before the crowd probably 20 people emerged from one of the roads heading toward them pulling wagons full of loot. He could not see with his bare eyes which one of them were Richard he looked through scope and scanned over the faces of people he had long known until his crosshairs came upon the one face he was looking for. He took a deep breath squeezed the trigger loud shot rang out with electric sounding zip behind it as the magnetic propulsion accelerated the bullet many times the speed of sound. The target disappeared from the scope as the bullet promptly hit home he then took his rifle and rolled out of the way moving back toward the stairs down to the ground level. He heard more shots now, coming from inside and outside the building as he ran to the window covering the street it was a small window made not too long ago cut out of the bricks because this corner of the building was dark he rested his rifle on the edge of the bricks and grabbed the loudspeaker that he had told Paul to set their when they made this plan during the journey.

He shouted through the sound amplifier saying “What you’re doing is wrong, Richard is leading you down the path you cannot return from, put down your weapons and come back the way that has led us here all these years ago.” Though the sound was loud and the people on the street no doubt heard him the gunfire did not stop and his men started to return fire as he looked up and saw two or three bodies laying in the street though to his shock the one he had shot was gone, he figured that some of Richard men probably dragged him to safety. He wanted to believe this because the alternative was that he had survived and walked away himself. He heard a scream from below as he looked down to the floor he noticed one of his men laying there clutching his chest he then grabbed his rifle and took up positions to defend all that he stood for.

Part two coming soon
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