A Soldier's Tale Part 2: Another Day on the Farm

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A Soldier's Tale Part 2: Another Day on the Farm

Post by Phatty » Sun Aug 07, 2011 9:44 pm

part 1 is here: http://www.miniwargaming.com/forum/view ... 19&t=64112



9 hours earlier

“I’m so bored!” Private Lewis moaned.

“That is the millionth time you’ve said that and we still do not care.” Corporal Paterson snapped back.

Here we go again. Thought Private Brent as he zoned out the in suing argument he had heard between the two of them at least a dozen times before. He couldn’t help but agree with Lewis though. Their platoon had been stationed out in the middle of a field for days now. Scouts had heard reports of a large group of raiders near a Corporation farming community so HQ had deployed Omega Company’s 2nd Platoon, Brent’s platoon, along with a squad of snipers from Bravo Company to the area. Master Sergeant Brown, commander of 2nd Platoon, had his force make camp in an abandoned farm house located between the location of the raider sightings and the farming community. For over a week now every day was the same. One of the platoon’s three squads went out to scout the area. They found nothing. The rest of the platoon sat around and did nothing.

As the his two squad mates’ yelling match continued to escalate, Brent picked up his gauss rifle and stepped outside of the old vine-covered farm house they were staying in. While it was rather cold and sun was largely blotted out by a thick layer of clouds, he did not mind since his combat armor did a good job of keeping him warm. He looked to his right to see the barn where the sniper team had set up. The old grey barn was 100 meters north of the house and had two large trees growing just next to one of its sides. Both had been built out of some kind of carbon fiber which Brent assumed was why they were both still standing after all of this time. He could see two black barrels of the sniper teams’ railguns sticking out from the second floor windows of the barn. They were probably bored too. Only an idiot would dare attack across the kilometer of flat land that surrounded them.

Just in front of Brent were two members of 1st squad, Private Lester a.k.a. “Shivers” and Corporal Walters a.k.a. “The Phoenix” sitting in one of the many foxholes they had dug around the house upon their arrival. Brent had been told Shivers had earned his nickname due to the fact his arms shook violently when he was nervous, or when he was shot at. “The Phoenix on the other hand is as tough as they come!” Brent recalled Private Lewis telling him. “Once he was out on patrol and his squad was ambushed. He was the only one to survive the initial attack, but when the recovery team came they found him barely alive. After he recovered, he went out by himself, found those same raiders, and butchered the lot of them. All 25 of them. By himself.”

“Those two at it again?” Corporal Walters asked Brent as the crunch of the ground beneath his boots was drowned out by the muffled yells from inside the house.

“Yes sir,” Brent replied with a chuckle.

“Sorry you got stuck with the worst squad commander in Omega, but hey, that’s what happens when you’re the new guy.” Walters commented with a shrug.

“Yeah, why you get put wit’ us in the first place?” Shivers asked.

Not this again. Brent thought quickly to himself. “Well um…”

Seeing Brent’s face cringe Walters snapped, “Private, if you needed to know why Private Brent was assigned to our company than someone would have told you. And has anyone told you?”

“Nu… No Sir,” Private Lester replied in a shaky voice as he looked down and away from Brent, avoiding eye contact with the both of them. Walters shook his head when he noticed Lester’s arms begin to quiver.

“Go make sure the snipers are still awake,” Walters barked with a scowl.

“Yes Sir,” Lester said with some relief as he spun around and hopped to his feet.

“And fill this up!” Walters yelled as he threw his canteen to the retreating Private. Lester managed to turn around in time for the canteen to hit him square in the chest. He fumbled with it in the air a few times before he eventually dropped it. Brent notice the swashing of the water inside as Lester picked it up from the dirt and started to run to the old barn. That canteen couldn’t be more than half empty. “Yuh… yes Sir,” Brent could hear him quiver as his back was turned.

“That kid should not be a soldier,” Corporal Walters said as if he was thinking out loud. “And for what it’s worth, I think you did the right thing back at Ridgefield,” he then said as he turned to look at Brent.

At this comment Brent’s muscles tensed as he avoided looking at his superior directly in the eye. Brent assumed Walters noticed this as there was a brief pause before he continued speaking.

“The Sarg. went out with 3rd squad today on patrol. They must be too far out for the radio to work cuz we havnt heard back from them in a while. Not to worry though, happens a lot with these things ya know?”

“Yeah,” Brent said with a sigh of relief now that the conversation had moved on, “Back in Delta Company our radios never worked. We used local militia as runners all the time.”

“That’s all it seems they’re good for,” Walters replied with a laugh. “That’s where we come in.” Brent grinned and chuckled. Looking at his watch Walters continued, “It’s getting late,” he said standing up. “I’ll go tell Private Shivers he has first watch.”


3 hours later

Brent awoke from his makeshift bunk in unison with the rest his squad. It was pitch black inside the small room of the house until Corporal Paterson turned on his red glow stick light.

His eyes narrowed, “Perimeter, NOW!” He spoke in a serious tone Brent had never heard him use before. The squad did not hesitate as they grabbed their gauss rifles and rushed outside to their foxholes.

The cool dark air filled Brent’s lungs as he jumped into a hole beside Private Lewis. Maybe it’s just 3rd squad. Brent tried to make himself believe. That thought was dashed as a bullet wizzed by his head.


again any comments are very helpful.

I was wondering if i should include the use of cursing? Like when Corporal Walters was yelling at Private Lester. I figure a little wouldnt be bad, but Im not sure if I should leave it out all together.

I figured a little background would be nice. part 3 will be after the end of part 1

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Re: A Soldier's Tale Part 2: Another Day on the Farm

Post by trooogdooor » Tue Aug 09, 2011 2:26 am

I've briefly served in two militaries (conscription, mind you...), and been moved around a bit. Honestly, any portrayal of grunts that doesn't involve butt-play, pranking and (especially) both creative and uncreative swearing, always seems less authentic to me, swearing is the only thing that's constant in armed forces everywhere. IE: how utterly unlike the Stern-Face McDiscipline of Hollywood the typical soldiers are. For better or worse, they're more like any other gang of young men, really... yeah big surprise, I know.

Of course, this needs to be balanced with the target demographic. And with the kind of quarters they're keeping (on a submarine, the officers will keep you in line. If you're taking days on your own out in a forest... discipline will erode...)

Anyway, good story, keep it up!


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