The Cost (A Reclaimer's mission)

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The Cost (A Reclaimer's mission)

Post by Munchkin » Wed Jul 27, 2011 8:36 pm

“Over-watch, this is Hunter 1. We’re entering the hot zone.”

“Roger that, Hunter 1. Scans show minimal activity in the area, but proceed with caution.”

Squad Leader Tyrone craned her neck around and looked at the four other members of the Hunter team as their Skimmers glided over the ridgeline and into the shallow basin that was their target. The Dark Potential engines working silently to propel the craft forward at white-knuckle speed.

She activated her com- set again. “Alright you lot, just as we trained on the moon. In, setup the parameter, retrieval, and out. “

As her team answered in agreement, Tyrone winced. It didn’t matter how much training they did, nothing really prepared you for the full effect of Earth’s gravity. Quickly she adjusted s setting on her control unit, routing more power to the exoskeleton that made up the exterior of her enviro-suit. The pressure of the gravity lessoned, and Tyrone shook her head. She used to be able to operate at a much lower setting. She was getting soft.

As the skimmers reached the floor of the basin, she pulled up a map on the heads up display of her visor. A flashing spot indicated their target – an Inversed Tacion Conduit, buried at the foot of a cliff face.

It had been part of a containment zone in the Crypto-Zoo that had filled the basin beck before the war. Now… well, now the techies wanted it to reverse engineer for some component or other.

The team had been training for this mission for months and it showed. As soon as they landed Wright and Mathews joined her and took up guard position. Diaz started locating the Conduit while Lock activated the Photon Veil Generator. With a slight hum it powered into life and a brief shimmer in the air about a meter in front showed that it was working. Anything on the other side of the shimmer would now see only the cliff face at that point and not the team.

“It’s up and running., boss.” Lock joined them in a loose perimeter facing out into the basin. Each carried one a light Gauss riffle, the flickering green lights down the barrels showing they were powered up and ready to go.

An undulating howl shattered the relative silence, echoing back from the cliff behind them.

“Bloody hell, Vulpines.” Tyrone looked back around at Diaz who had his containment container open and was carefully excavating an area near the base of the cliff. “Get a move on Diaz. We’ve got company.”

“Almost there. “ Diaz replied as Tyrone looked back in time to see the Vulpine pack lope out of the bushs to their right.

They stood man height at the shoulder, had sleek muscular bodies covered in black scales. They skidded to a halt before the illusionary cliff, their large claws plowing farrows in the ground.

Tyrone knew it wasn’t there six small, black beady eyes set it triangles of three either side of their elongated, and fang filled muzzle they needed to worry about. It was their sense of smell.

Sure enough, the Vulpine started scenting the air as they prowled up and down. The unit followed them with their guns. There was a good chance these animals would trust their small over sight and push through the illusion.

“Got, it.” Diaz sub-vocalized voice sounded over their comm units almost at the same time the screen flickered once, twice…

Tyrone spun around, a sense of dread enveloping her. The Veil Generator was smothered in rat-sized robots that were stripping it down bit by bit, using plasma torches and pincers.

“Salvagers! They aren’t supposed to be active in this area!”

All hell broke lose around her. The Vulpine howled, - high pitched and long as they bounded forward. The filters built into her helmet stopped the full effect; even so the sound was like a physical attack, staggering the team back.

The Vupline leapt forward and the team answered with gunfire.

The rounds slammed into he animals and although two fell writhing to the ground, the others shrugged off the inflicted wounds, or ignored the shots as they deflected from their scales.

Lock’s scream sounded shrill and terror filled as two Vulpine literally ripped him apart. The remaining members of the team backed towards Diaz keeping up a constant stream of fire at the Vulpine, trying to force them back.

It was like trying to hold back a storm.

“Over-Watch. Extraction. Extraction!”

“Roger, Hunter 1. Extraction in 3…”

Wright was pulled down beside her. Tyrone spun to her left and sent a stream of rounds into the open maw of the Vulpine. Teeth shattered and thing cartwheeled away.


As their backs hit the cliff wall, there was a large crashing sound as an Enforcer Robot, obviously attracted by the gun fire, pushed its bulk through the undergrowth. It swept some kind of altered tree-felling blade through both Matthews and a Vulpine that were closest to the scavenging units. The sight nearly cost Tyrone her life, as a Vulpine pounced while she was distracted. She side-stepped and clubbed her gun into its side sending it off target. The loud snapping noise told her she wouldn’t be firing the gun again.


The Vulpine leapt again just as the world seem to drop away from her., the targeted Dark Potential beam reversing gravity for her and Diaz… the only other remaining member of the team. Although the extraction was fast, so was the vulpine. Pain lanced through her leg as its claws ripped through the exoskeleton and enviro-suit, before it dropped back to the ground.

Tyrone breathed heavily as pain washed over her. As she hurtled up the suit administered drugs dulling all sensation, and constricted around the leg stopping the bleeding. As unconsciousness beckoned she looked at Diaz flying up next to her. The tech had their target clutched to his chest.

So, they had succeeded, but at a high cost… only two of the five left. And with a compromised suit and a wound as well, there was a chance she had contracted the Virus… That would mean 1 out of 5…. and all that personal equipment lost as well…

As she gave into unconsciousness, Tyrone hoped it was worth it….

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Re: The Cost (A Reclaimer's mission)

Post by AirborneHam » Wed Jul 27, 2011 9:49 pm

Very good work. I like the action, it really got me sucked in.
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Re: The Cost (A Reclaimer's mission)

Post by Marinesofchaos » Thu Jul 28, 2011 2:32 am

I love this really sucked me in :)
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Re: The Cost (A Reclaimer's mission)

Post by lean-v » Wed Aug 17, 2011 1:40 am

Fantastic work. It was a little slow in the beginning, but when the salvagers first began to disable the equipment it really picked up fast.
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Re: The Cost (A Reclaimer's mission)

Post by mercmanwes » Wed Aug 17, 2011 11:21 pm

nice work! imagining the concept art for this piece of fiction already!


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