The Koeper Solution

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The Koeper Solution

Post by GREENSTUFF-JUNKIE » Sun Jun 02, 2013 1:07 pm

A new idea for a faction; here it goes...

In the ancient times, there lived a Dr. Stein Koeper, an ingenious scientist in-great-part responsible for today's astonishing biotechnological capabilities. He and his partner, Dr. Drake Carver, were, once, the two most esteemed developers in the whole of mankind. This, however, was before Dark Potential. It so happened that Dr. Carver was one of the first to come across the Potential and, of course he brought his partner in on it. Together, they devised a way to combine Dark Potential technology with the human anatomy to create an unstoppable soldier. Unable to let this breakthrough out and unable to get human test subject, Koeper insisted, much to Carver's protest, to perform the procedure on himself. Koeper's body, however, rejected the micro-technology and he suffered a long and excruciating death. His last words to his horrified partner were, "finish our work." Carver, however, did the exact opposite and eradicated their underground laboratory, swearing that it was a core meltdown that killed his beloved ally.
While Carver thought that their experiment was over, it was only at a beginning. An underground guild of scientists somehow came across Koeper's notes and, over the course of untold decades, managed to recreate his radical micro-technology. When Mankind became aware of the Xlanthos threat, the guild surfaced, calling themselves the Koeper Solution and claiming that with the government's help, they could win the war. Though this may have been true, the government that was dismissed them as radicals and sociopaths and condemned their work. Some civilian gangs of the outer sectors, however, saw it as an opportunity and volunteered to join the Solution. While manking was in agreement on that these efforts were stopped by the Xlanthos genocides, It would much later become clear that the test subjects were, somehow, revived and united to finish Koeper's ancient plans, the replacement of the human race.
[This opens you up to anything from (zombies) to (vampires) to (cyborg).]
But the Solution didn't stop at nano-technology. Though encounters seldom yield survivors, a few witnesses as-well-as obscured footage show "creatures" with bionic limbs, animal features and even horrible conglomerations of man and alien. They've also created a mind-controlling implant that makes nightmarish thralls of once-great soldiers(possibly allowing you to field a unit from another army?) Even more troubling are the rumors that Stein Koeper has been preserved beneath the surface of Earth and that the Solution will stop at nothing to recover their leader.
Let me know what you think.

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Re: The Koeper Solution

Post by SkragaDaBoss » Tue Nov 05, 2013 11:08 am

I think this is a really good idea bro.
The end kinda reminds me of the dark angels primarch being hidden deep within the rock ect
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