Ok so I had this idea when reading through the basic lore

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Ok so I had this idea when reading through the basic lore

Post by Alithel » Sun Mar 24, 2013 3:47 am

I'm not normally a frequneter of this website. My husband is a huge warhammer guy, so I've been listening to the lore about his new game. Honestly I've been listening to lots of things from this website for quite some time. I didn't treat it as more than a point of notice until I started listening to the videos for Dark Potential. As an aspiring writer, I can honestly say that the lore has intrigued me to the point of inspiration. I sat down at around midnight and pounded out a 3,000 word short story. It's from the perspective of one of the colonists in a system as it is being destroyed. I will do some more research into the lore you have already established, but I just thought this might be an interesting perspective. Apologies if someone has already taken the lore from this point of view. Please let me know if you like it.

Archival Material
Entry number: 456.221.1
Date of Origin: unknown
Archive type: personal journal

Let me first say that I think the idea of even keeping a journal is a sissy idea. The therapist appointed to me said this would be a good idea. I didn't think the idea of him was too great at first either, but that turned out better than I expected. I guess if he's ok then this might not be too bad either.
This colony is much better than the few others I've inhabited. All the others have proclaimed the idea of peace, but have merely managed to aspire to the high minded ideal. This planet, a part of system 11, has actually managed to achieve it in some small measure. Most men have struck this far out into the galaxy for the excitement of the unknown. To me, this is the chance to escape the label put on me by society. No one knows me here. I plan to keep it that way. Some men worry about finding a mate and starting a family. I will be happy with the chance to start a homestead and have something my own. I can't remember the last time I had the chance for something that was completely my own. I plan on staying on my own. I don't need to be close to others to feel good about myself. Soon they'll surround me, and then I'll be worse off than before.

After several weeks of work I've finally got a real home set up for myself. It's not large, nor is it particularly impressive. To me, it's home all the same. It's got four walls and a few rooms for the few possessions I've managed to keep throughout the years. Mostly though, I keep to what little I have and don't plan on getting any more.
Alright, enough blabbering. I've planned on keeping this entirely about the building of my home and I will keep it to that. The house is finished, so I've started on the land around it. The trees are strange but not all that much different from some of the ones I remember from back home. It probably helps that I spent so much time away from nature. I don't really remember what plants are really supposed to do, so it doesn't bother me when they do unexpected things. They aren't the good old oaks I used to know, but they do their job just fine.
Sifting through the soil was a job I hadn't expected to get so much work from. I suppose I should have expected it, but I was still thinking in Earth terms. I guess after all of this I'll have changed that thinking habit. At least here, I don't have to abide by rules that only really apply to a few. Here I can make what I want of my life and no one will think anything of it.

My therapist would be screaming it's been so long since I touched this thing. I guess if I'm going to abide by his rules I should put a few words down.
The house is done and has been for a while. The garden has been planted though it hardly reminds me of anything I would have thought of as a garden growing up. Things don't really grow here the way I'm used to them growing. It's no bother to me now that I know what to expect; all the same I can't help feeling likes things could take a turn for the worse at any time. Lately I've been getting these strange feelings. They come to me in the middle of the night. Sometimes it starts with a dream then I wake up only to get the feeling that it's carried its way into real life. That sounds crazy when I look at it in print. No wonder I stopped writing in this thing. Crazy people shouldn't put their words down onto paper. If they see this they might lock me up again.

Things are going well. The plants are flourishing, and I've even managed to put an addition onto the house. I've officially become self sufficient. Yesterday the officials came and helped me install the solar panels onto the roof. With this last addition I no longer need any help from outsiders. It's a strangely liberating feeling to know that I'm this cut off from the entire system. Years ago I would have thought that something like this wasn't possible. Here I stand today typing into this stupid journal, a free man. I am beholden to no one, and for the time being it feels amazing. I think that I'll keep this journal around, but for now it seems rather pointless. Things are going too well for me to need something to put my thoughts down in.

I don't normally get messages. There is no one to message me. Today there was a paper in my mailbox. I know that it sounds silly to say this, but someone actually bothered to write something down by hand and deliver it to me. It was a short note. It talked about the idea that maybe staying here wasn't the safest thing anymore. I'm not sure that I agree with them. For once in my life, there is something going right for me. I'm not ready to give that up, but I'll take it into consideration. They say it has something to do with an anomaly that someone on system 12 picked up. I'm not sure what I think of that right now. There are a lot of people that came out here for the same reasons I did. I don't want to color myself, but they probably aren't in the most stable state of mind.
On a different note, I've bought some of the local live stock. They aren't really as useful as the animals I remember growing up with, but they do provide some other...interesting...food choices. It varies my diet nicely, but I haven't gotten used to it yet.

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Re: Ok so I had this idea when reading through the basic lor

Post by Alithel » Sun Mar 24, 2013 3:48 am

Part Two

There were more messages today. I don't get it, I've been here for a few, I don't know what they call them here, months. They're asking for my opinion about the safety of the colony. Why are they asking me questions like this? If there is anything I've learned from the old governments, it's this, they don't ask questions they don't already know the answers too. If they are asking my opinion about the safety then I'll put my money of the fact that it's not safe anymore. I have no idea what has made this so, but my old jail buddies would bet on aliens. Personally, I don't believe in that whole extra-terrestrial stuff, but we are out in space now. If I can be here; how can I say they couldn't be here too. Honestly it's just too much to think about. Still, the letters have been coming steadily. Every one of them seem to indicate that I should start packing up and get out. Call me stubborn, but I don't see myself leaving.

The order came...

I'm not really sure what to say besides that. They've asked me to leave the home I've made for myself. I don't think I'm really willing to do that yet. They strongly suggest that I do, so it must be, either, really important, or really dangerous. They don't "suggest" things strongly unless they are. I'm not sure what I'm going to do. Part of me wants to be somewhere safe, and still another part of my doesn't want to give up this thing I've created for myself. Who am I to skip out on the first good thing to happen in my life? If there is anything I've learned, it's to stick it out no matter what. If I hadn't done at least that, then I wouldn't be here at all. Nothing I've seen so far says that I must leave, but my neighbors have slowly been packing up over the last few days. Maybe they know something that I don't. Maybe I just don't want to know what they know. Maybe I just want to fight back against whatever it is that wants to take my new home away from me.

I was right. They never suggest things this strongly for no reason. Just after lunch something odd appeared in the sky. I'm not sure what it is exactly, but it looks like a ship. If it is a ship it's the largest one I've ever seen, and that includes the one that I came to this planet on. Whoever built that ship knows a lot about space and propulsion. I won't say that it isn't us, but I'm sorry I just don't think it is. The things I'm seeing just don't quite add up with what I know. The things I'm seeing are huge. My whole town would have fit in them ten times over from what I can see and the damn things are still in orbit. I'm going to hate to see what comes next, but I fear it's much past the point to head the governmental warnings. This is my home. I'm staying.

All I can see is silver flashing across the horizon. Why am I even bothering to write this down? I should be running for somewhere safer. Thousands of crafts have been swarming across the horizon all morning. I can only imagine the damage they are doing to the major cities on this planet. Thank god, or whatever being this planet owes homage too, that I don't also live in one of those cities. I haven't yet seen anything close to me. A few times, smaller crafts have flown over the horizon, but they don't seem to be paying much attention to my little homestead. Everyone around me is gone. They were the smart ones. I've always been too stubborn for my own good. This will probably be the end of me, but I'll be damned if I give up this good thing I've made for myself.
A few seconds ago another flew across the horizon. I'm not really sure what they are. They seem to be single man crafts. I think I'm saying man a bit liberally. Whatever is inside of those things definitely aren't men. Nothing is close enough to me for me to really know what's going on. I wish I could have decided a little sooner to be more connected, but it's obviously too late now. No one is left for me to ask questions to. They left weeks ago when the first warnings came. I wonder how many people are left on this planet fighting for what they made just like me. They probably won't win. Is it sad or defeatist of me to say that? Even if it is, it's probably the truth. Another one just flew over head even as I'm writing this. I can't imagine how many of them must be flying over the planet right now. I suppose now would be a good time to start making a new home out of the cellar. Good thing I thought to put a bunch of food down there.

It's quiet now. I've never heard anything like it. I thought I lived far away from society, and still it's never been this quiet before. I never realized that the mere suggestion of civilization nearby was enough to raise a fuss. Now I know differently. Since the swarm nothing has been the same. I thought I was alone before, but I now I'm truly alone. Hopefully I have enough to survive like I have before. I'm really glad that I kept with this journal. No one may ever read it, but it gives me hope that somewhere else someone else is doing the same thing that I am. People should know about what happened here some day. It may not really be as important as I think it is, but they should know that something happened.
Somewhere down in the valley a few of those crafts landed. I'm not sure what they were trying to do, but they haven't been too close to home yet. They made their way into one of the other homesteads but no one was there to be bothered. From what I could see they looked disappointed. If they want to kill us I understand. What I don't understand is the method they're using. Aren't they some all powerful alien race? Shouldn't they just be able to wipe us out in one fell swoop? Maybe life is more complicated than I initially thought. Anyways, I have things to watch. Tomorrow will be better....I hope.

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Re: Ok so I had this idea when reading through the basic lor

Post by Alithel » Sun Mar 24, 2013 3:49 am

Part Three

I now seriously fear that this journal will be my last testament. The land is a ghost yard. Nothing here moves or makes a sound. There is nothing I can see other than an ever present grey mist. It seems to swirl into every crevice it can find. It almost seems as though it's alive. The mist, if I won't be called crazy for saying this, seems to checking up on its surroundings. It slithers in and out of any crevice in its wake. I think it's only a matter of time before it finds me where I'm hiding. I've never been this afraid. Even when I was jailed on Earth I was never this afraid, or this sure of my own demise. Slowly, the mist seems to be creeping towards my hiding place. I've asked myself again and again why I keep writing in this journal. No one is going to read this. No one is left the read this, and if anyone does find it, it will be long after they can help me. I just hope that in starting this endeavor some record remains of what became of those who stayed behind. We owe it to ourselves to leave some kind of mark.

Today the mist finally found me. I'm not really sure what it is, but it found me. It almost seemed to be excited when it spotted me. Since then, I've felt unusual. It's like every cold I had since I was a child lumped together. The silence around the homestead tells me that there is no one left to help me. That's fine. I'd rather die in this place than in any other place I've ever lived. I don't know what those aliens did, but it's going to kill me. I've faced that since the last time I wrote and come to terms with it. There must be others around, but they were smart enough not to surface. Whatever the aliens wanted with this planet they haven't been back to claim it. I'm pretty sure I won't be around for that either. At this point, it's probably better this way. The mist is creeping up again. It's invasive and very intrusive. It's like it knows I'm still breathing. That won't last much longer either. Sometimes I think it's just waiting for me and whoever else is left to die.

My cough has become persistent, but the mist seems to have dissipated a little. Earlier I saw a big flash in the sky. Someone is doing something about this problem. It's too little to late, but it's nice to see the bastards burn. The ship blew into a million flashing silver pieces. It reminded me of the first day they came. They are waiting for us to die; then they will sweep in and take what they want. I wish I could see what the garden looked like right now. It's probably all in bloom. It's probably very green. Maybe I even have a few vegetables ready to start growing. I really want to see the fruits of my labor. I'll bet the fruits taste sweetest of all. I would have made a meal of just the vegetables. I don't need meat anymore. The vegetation will provide everything I need. I can almost see the yellow flowers that grew on the strawberries and tomatoes back home. They were beautiful little flowers that needed no man to tend them.

Nothing is in the sky anymore. The ship is gone. Why am I writing here? No one is going to see this. There is no longer any mist, but that doesn't matter either. I can't move anything besides my hand. I think I'm writing just to keep myself company. I see flashes of green above me. I'm not really sure what they are anymore. I think I might see an oak, or maybe it's a willow tree. The branches are swaying in the breeze. Is that a river I see in the distance? What am I seeing? It looks like home all of a sudden. That's impossible. I'm solar systems away from home. Wait....is that the Black river? I can see boats floating up the river. Someone is waving at me. Hey! Wait up. I want to come on the after dinner cruise. Mmmm there's nothing like the smell of fresh cut grass on a golf course....what's that? What's grass. What am I even talking about? I was never one for sports even the laid back ones.

Mother.....I see you waiting....is that Marien. She's been waiting a long time to see me. Why did she wait so long? She's stupid. I was never planning on coming back. No I won't get married in the back yard. What's a yard anyway? Go away. Let me die in peace. The sky is blue....I don't want to stare above. The silver ships have gone. I don't think I was supposed to have lived this long. Get out of my head! What do you want from me? I don't want anything to do with you. I'm dying....don't you hear me? I'm dying. It's only a matter of time. I'm dying. Soon I'll be dead as a doornail....whatever that means. I never understood that phrase. Dead as a doornail. It sounds better the more you say it. Dead as a doornail. Dead as a doornail. Dead as a doornail. Dead as a doornail. Dead as a Dead as a Dead as a Dead as a Dead as a..... doornail. Haha get it. It sounds like a good joke to me. I'll write later. I'm too tired now. Catch me up later.

End archival footage

Again I hope you like it. Please let me know any ways in which I might be able to improve it. The constructive criticism will be most helpful.

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Re: Ok so I had this idea when reading through the basic lor

Post by xen0c1de » Fri May 10, 2013 3:11 pm

That's pretty good. I like the journal type, it gives a real feeling to it.
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Re: Ok so I had this idea when reading through the basic lor

Post by FDARaptor » Tue May 14, 2013 6:42 pm

Try dating the entries


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