I have an Idea for a new life form

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I have an Idea for a new life form

Post by armedjman369 » Sat Mar 23, 2013 1:58 am

Basically these "things" are deep sea they are not mutants, but they are animals that have evolved to the point that they can still be recognized if you look at them. these animals now that you ask are called viperfish, now you may know these they are the scary looking beast that has a light on its forehead. This creature has appeared in some movies like finding nemo. Basically what these new "things" came from are the evolution of the viperfish we knew from 2013 but has changed and have adapted lots of characteristics of land mammals, and even humans. These new beasts would breathe in water vapor, they would lurk in the abandoned hot springs in places that used to be known as yellowstone, but these creatures still posses the ability to live underwater. Now the viperfish is a trickster it does not attack it lures its victims to it and when the time is right snatches them. I would imagine they would be like cryx and assasinate every thing, but again to their story, these beast would breathe in the vapor, but they have evolved the absence of eyes so they constantly dwell in the dark only with the sense of smell and advanced sonar can they move this can be an advantage, but a disadvantage due to lasers which have no mass because they are beams of light. I know this is just a rant but i think it is still a good idea. An evolved viper fish that dwells in the deep sea, volcanic hot springs, geysers and caves that lure its victims using a system of lights until it is ready to strike. love to hear feed back.


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