Dark Potential: The Outcast

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Dark Potential: The Outcast

Post by IrunJaaw » Thu Jan 03, 2013 4:06 am

Basic Lore: The Outcast are survival experts, consisting of mainly Special ops assault and defense tactics along with any of the survivors they deem able bodied, these new recruits are trained to Stay calm, Stay quiet, and go for the quick but unseen kill. Most Special ops are trained to use a silenced side arm, a sniper rifle on hand, and the basic combat knife. to graduate and be fully accepted, a outcast initiate must take down three of his brothers, non-lethally without them seeing him or one of the others. The initiate must use his strength to subdue and hide outcast warriors in any near by cover, or hide them within the plants that spread throughout the forested lands. If they complete this, the initiate joins as a full warrior, he may rank up through other tasks none of which are as easy as the first, to reach to final rank in Outcast society, one must take down one of the most deadliest Mutated beasts of the wild, with this he is granted the gift of the Outcasts, which grant him a set of customized Stealth armor, and a choice between an two handed battle axe, or two lethally quick daggers. Since Outcast are trained in stealth, taking the axe is a sign of betrayal, and will net the user a quick and accidental death. None but the best may join the outcast.

Outcast weaponry:
V6-M4H2K: Silenced select fire pistol.
777-H3DS40T: Silenced Mk.II Cross terrain Sniper.
Verdict Knife: A very sharp knife.
Twin Mk.II Silence blades: Does this really need a description?

Day - 1 - Time: 7:43 AM - Location: Unknown - Name: Christopher 'Six' Quake - Status: Wounded

This is really the end isn't it, wounded, bleeding, staring death in the face. a lone bandit stares down at me wondering if I'm worth the bullet. Not how I wanted to go out but maybe if i beg for my life he'll make it quick, beats begging for a bullet and him wanting me to suffer. He eyes my pack, my gun barely within my reach, another inside the bag. only one of them is loaded and its in the place he is watching currently. We both hear a ruffle in the bushes and he shouts some kind of word of which I cant even start to understand. waiting for a reply he then receives it, as a purple haired girl with red eyes and sharp teeth steps out. he bows, much to my surprise, didn't think bandits had someone higher up, although they may not be bandits, no definitely not bandits, I rule that out when I see the symbol on her arm, its a Cross with fire behind it, with three under readable words in a different dialect, most of us out here know them as cultists, but cultists only have the Cross and fire, not the three words. she nods at him and approaches me with a large smile on her face, her sharp teeth showing. she kneels down in-front of me and looks at my wound, and with mock surprise pretends to act like a mother and fuss over how I got it looking worried then disapproving, then finally sits back and smiles.

"You ssshouldn't have run, thisss could have been ended much quicker." almost like a snake she hiss's and elongates all the S's. She then with lightning fast quickness presses her hand against my wound and pushes lightly, the pain is still unbearable but who knows what will happen if I fall unconscious, at least awake I know my fate. her fingers now covered in my blood still new from her last actions, she inserts her fingers into her mouth, hungrily drinking the small taste of my blood. When her hand is removed her face is almost crimson, like she is in ecstasy from the taste of my blood. I notice her eyes turn purple, as she lunges towards my face, Im helpless as she just holds me, her forehead against mine looking like she wants to eat me up, quite literally, she kisses my nose. "You, are too good to passss up, im going to take you back to the camp where I will drink from you for days on end." She hiss's gleefully almost jumping up and down pushed up next to me.

As if in defiance her minions head explodes out one side as a shot rings out in the near forest, she spins off me but I grab a quick glance of her eyes going back to red. "Curses! I Will find you again my love, for your blood is the tastiest of all, you shall be my plaything, one way or another!" with that she sprinted with amazing speed into the depths of the jungle, leaving me there, unaware of the situation, next to a corpse, bleeding out. My vision starts to pulse when a Silhouette of a man enters my vision, nothing but blackness remains now.
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