A Humanity with much Dark Potential: Beauty and Power

Post images that you think represent Dark Potential here (i.e. not Concept art).
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Re: A Humanity with much Dark Potential: Beauty and Power

Post by saltinerunner45 » Sat Dec 17, 2011 11:49 pm

trooogdooor wrote: This stuff is literally my job, I'm a bioinformaticist.
you sir, have absolutely no idea how jealous i am of you.
that being said, it brings back an earlier mentioned problem: what traits are really desirable?
i assume allowing your blood to carry more oxygen would be a bonus no matter what, more energy and what not.
id say longer legs to run from any attackers, but if we could just fight them off it wouldnt be necessary, or they would make it harder to hide.
increased brain activity (not necessarily larger, just smarter)
greater joint rotation? only drawback i can think of is it would be easier to dislocate something.
saltine runner thanks you for reading this post, and is sorry for his ramblings.
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Re: A Humanity with much Dark Potential: Beauty and Power

Post by Kris Knives » Mon Dec 19, 2011 9:51 am

If you are worried about the children and long term change rather than on an individual to individual basis wouldn't it be easier just to mod the parents reproductive material to the produce the ubermen rather than go to all the trouble to produce of ton of would-be gattica babies and then reimplant one?

That way the parents and subsiquent generations could go on to breed without having to go to a gattica clinic each and everytime and you avoid the messy problems of "mistakes".

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Re: A Humanity with much Dark Potential: Beauty and Power

Post by Ygds » Thu Dec 22, 2011 3:23 pm

Well I hope this thread is not straying too much from the title of "inspirational images". But I have to say, I am somewhat in favor of good eugenics, so long as we know WHAT is good to select for. At the same time this may open the door for the Corporation and Reclaimers being good eugenicists and the Bandits being bad eugenicists.

Now onto what is good. Honestly, if you just take a look at what we popularize as good form, is in fact bad function, especially (and perhaps exclusively) when we consider the female ideal (egad!!). 5'2" - 5'6", a bust to waist ratio that has back problems and herniated disc written all over it. Or in model mags (what I would give not to have that stuff thrown in my face at 7-11) where skeletal facades of human beings are staring with gaunt expressions as sickly as starving children in Africa. And for males, how about heart enlargement from too much muscle to pump blood to!

I personally think that modification would be rather moderate, after all there is far more same between the genders than different, and what often turns out to be good (healthwise) for the goose is good for the gander. Therefore, I think the place where a good eugenics society would focus, would be directly on cellular function, and indirectly on physical form. That is, modify some biochemistry to make a person have better disease resistant, and indirectly cause them to grow larger and healthier. I think a wise eugenics program would employ only modifications to reduce ailments (however defined). As "real" ailments decrease in the population, "improvements" start being made. Soon everyone has characteristics that prevent most common diseases, well adjusted bodies, but still display a huge variance in looks sizes and shapes, like we do now. However no one would have what we could call ugly bodies, as such things would be done away.

For example, a high degree of adipose tissue is very bad, eugenics would import genes that reduce adipose tissue build-up. Highly efficient hemoglobin is good (both in its ability to release oxygen when needed and uptake when required), better blood is therefore implemented. Disruptions in neurochemistry cause mental illness, increasing neurotransmitter efficiency would then take place. The immune system is ill equipped in some individuals to deal with cancers, changes in ability to recognize cancers by the body must then be implemented. Irregularities in eye shape, bone shape, skeletal proportions and tooth arrangement are a few others.

Though the corrections would target molecular causes, the end result would be very apparent and physical. However most anatomical problems have more to do with proportions (in tissue ratios, skeletal proportions etc) than actual sizes, I still think we will have short people and tall people, but all people would have the same proportions. We would still have people of difference skin colors, because color is highly subjective, based on ones environment. However all would be the best a human could become, as far as proportional strength, senses and intellectual capacity.


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