Rules So Far (Version

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Rules So Far (Version

Post by miniwargaming » Thu Aug 25, 2011 4:15 pm

Basic squad:

Number in squad: 3-6

Movement: 6"
Shooting Skill: 2
Armour: 5
Experience: 7 (i.e. Leadership)
Defense: 10

Weapon: Pistol
RoF: 2
Strength: 1

Basic Turn

1. Roll to see who goes first.
2. Each player takes turn activating one squad. A squad can only activate once per turn.


1. Shooters roll 2d6 + Shooting Skill + # of men in squad
2. Subtract target Defense.
3. Result is number of hits. This can't be greater than the number in the squad.
4. Roll a # of d6 = # of hits times RoF of weapon.
5. Target number is Armour of Target - Strength of gun.

E.g. Squad of 5 fires. Rolls 7. Total roll is 7 + 2 + 5 = 14. Compare to Defense of target of 10. Scored 14 - 10 = 4. Rolls 4 x 2 (RoF) = 8 dice. Needs to get Armour 5 - Strength 1, so 4 or higher to kill.


Light Cover (shrubs, fence, etc.) = +3 Defense
Heavy Cove (wall, building) = +6 Defense

Experience Test

1. Roll 2d6.
2. Must roll equal to or lower than Experience.

Suppressing Fire

1. Roll as for shooting, but ignore cover bonus.
2. Wounds inflicted don't count, but instead are a negative modifier to an Experience test.
3. If target fails Experience test, loses next activation.


1. Squad forfeits movement and shooting.
2. Chooses direction to face. Has 90 degree arc for Line of Sight.
3. During an opposing squads activation, if they move or shoot in the LoS of the overwatching squad, the overwatching squad can interrupt and shoot at them (as normal). They can interrupt at any point of the movement.


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