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Re: idea for new faction

Post by ashan46 » Sat Dec 22, 2012 11:52 pm

Here is some new weapon stats on some weapons I put into concept for the Highlanders.

1. The Brush Gun: A master crafted lever action rifle with a ceramic body, firing custom high powered .40 caliber "shredder" cartridges. Holds 8 rounds and is generally carried by the veteran troops.
Rn: 9 St: 6 Rof: 1 Type: Ballistic Special rules: Aimed Shot

2. The Magnum: A .45 calibre double barreled revolver, fitted with a shortened rifle butt on the rear of the gun. Resembling the size of a sawed-off shotgun, the shoulder stock allows for either a one-handed or two-handed grip. An ultimate short range man-stopper.
Rn: 7 St: 6 Rof: 1 Type: Ballistic Special rules: Double shot

3. The Pulse Repeater: A custom prototype of the Highlander armory, this rifle type weapon carries a large 80 round drum. Its ammunition is a 5.56 cartridge containing a special white phosphorus-magnesium compound, which inflicts extreme burning wounds to exposed organic tissue. While the rounds themselves lack armor penetration and range, the gun makes up for it with its high rate of fire and the catastrophic injury it inflicts on man, beast, or machine.
Rn:5 St: 7 Rof: 2 Type: Ballistic Special rules: Demoralizing

4. The Warrior Blade: This doesn't refer to one specific type of weapon, but rather a whole variety. From the machetes and hatchets of the Grenadiers to the entrenching tools of the sappers, these simple but brutal tools of war are specially designed for maximum damage up close and personal, just as the Highlanders like it.
St: +4 Type: Standard

Special rules: Double Shot- If the unit possessing a weapon with this special rule scores a hit, he may spend a command point to automatically score a second hit with the weapon.

Still developing these designs to balance them out and make them playable prototypes.
Feedback is appreciated. Support the Highlanders!! :D Happy Holidays.

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Re: idea for new faction

Post by niclebel » Sun Feb 10, 2013 11:13 am

I like your concept dude. To me, you can't have post-apocalyptic without underground people. I also enjoy the idea of a super-structured society. The hierarchy is in place and has been for generations, since it has helped them survive, it cannot be changed. This makes it almost "fanatic level".

Only thing: Underground society = Highlanders, really? Unless the families were Scottish, I don't get it.

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Re: idea for new faction

Post by ashan46 » Sun Feb 10, 2013 7:10 pm

Well, the underground bit is a small part of the faction, though they don't all live underground, so I actually am tweeking some other concepts. Also, the Highlander name is more of a symbolic gesture to their mission of fighting off their foes and restoring mankind to its former "glory".
Here are some things I'm thinking about playing around with.

The Highlanders have a strong focus on three different tactics of fighting;
1.coordinated assaults
2.defensive operations
3.close quarters.
The coordinated tactic involves utilizing the support units I developed to give bonuses to troops around them. These include ammo carriers lugging satchels of high powered bullets to buff damage, liasons(junior officers) using their abilities to pinpoint and mark priority targets as well as giving a morale bonus. As well, elite solos dish out damage harassing the enemy's flank.
The defensive strategy uses sappers that can deploy barricades to buff defenses and heavy grenadiers guarding hot zones, denying the enemy the advantage of positioning.
Lastly, the Highlanders are renowned for their skill as knife fighters. Slaying an enemy up close is considered a great honor for the highlander warband. Often, soldiers like to carry a variety of different melee weapons from dirks and kukris to hatchets and E-Tools. Plus, the Momentum special rule allows them to gain a Close Combat bonus each time they score a hit.

Stay tuned for my reveal of my beta stat lines for the Highlanders as well as the first chapter in my Bad Blood fan story.

Support the Highlnaders! :D

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Re: idea for new faction

Post by ashan46 » Sat Feb 16, 2013 1:10 pm

Here it is!!! The final stat prototype for the Highlanders!!! Go check it out at the link below! ... 5&t=102768


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