Idea for the Corporation

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Idea for the Corporation

Post by KabalitesWrath » Wed Apr 18, 2012 4:09 pm

Hey guys, the idea just sprung into my head as I watched Matthews latest update on DP (The one where he decided to go Corporation and not Reclaimers for the starter set)

The idea is mainly fluff based but can have implications on player's models as well. The corporation isn't a single "Corporation" as it were, but a group of them. The richest and most powerful companies (before the Virus arrived via X'Lanthos bombing) set up alliances with each other, making themselves a lot safer and richer in the process. They began trading tech, information and war materiel. They started to hire mercs and other people willing to fight for a good paycheck. Each company would still appear to the public as just a business, each being individual to each other. This meant, when humanity crawled out of the mess they had hidden from, the Companies managed to get communication with each other again. They saw what they had to do to survive, alone they would die quietly in the night like so many before them. The united under the banner of "The Corporation", a conglomerate of Companies and Businesses that each traded and bargained with each other yet kept it's on unique fighting style, tech, armour configuration and colours.

This is kinda like in 40k and Fantasy, where each army is given a collective name then they have separate groups. E.G. Space Marines have separate Chapters, The Empire in Fantasy has it's own States etc.

I hope you like this idea, though this was just a quick spark on the spot so I don't mind if you don't either.

But I must thank you for reading this, happy days my friends :)

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