Weapon Systems

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Weapon Systems

Post by Longlance » Tue Apr 10, 2012 8:46 pm

Hey guys and greeting from Ireland :D

been following DP development for a while and have some ideas id like to share regarding a few weapon systems that could be used in the game, the first idea was to be used like a stun grenade but using gravitational manipulation which Matt mentioned way back in one of his eariler vids.

GDG's or Gravitational distortion grenades basicly pinn attackers to the floor by making the gravity in an enclosed space much heavier. the grenade itself doesnt explode but instead emitts a magnetic field to contain and focus the dostortion to one area. the user can set the level of distortion and the lenght of time of the exposer. thats one idea :)

Another thing that came up when talking to the GF who is in second year physics mentioned A particles that if inhaled or enjested would systematcilly break down all the particles within body, it can turned in a gas or lqiuid which make for a cool special weapon for assassin characters

Also some manner of a dark matter bunker buster or area suppression weapon would be cool. Im still trying to figure out how this thing will work propper, but what i got so far is something like a Javalin anti-tank missile. Which is man portable one chap carries the dark matter warheads and the other carries the launcher. The basic idea for the missile is that it has a two part charge, one a normal explosive to punch through the traget and a small anti matter charge that explosively anniholates within the traget.

have a few other ideas too, but these are the strongest so far, had a lot of fun looking into the possible science behind them,

hope some of these may prove usefull,

keep up the great work lads !



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