X'lanthos: what does matt want them to look like?

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X'lanthos: what does matt want them to look like?

Post by irendlikecrazy » Sun Apr 08, 2012 10:44 pm

I dunno if matt covered this, but what exactly does he want the xlanthos to resemble? Does he want surreal, multi-armed/tentacle-like monsters? humanoid alien-like creatures that are commonly depicted as the generic alien (big-head, 3 fingers, etc)? When I imagine the X'lanthos, I imagine a kind of a squid-ish base, where they scuttle around with pseudopods or shift forwards like caterpillars? I like to imagine a starfish-esque base, with tentacles or snail-inspired eyes protruding from the top, with some other limbs coming out next to these snail-llike eyes for constricting the enemy/causing general harm to the enemy. What does everyone else imagine?

heres what im picturing:

This big guy could mimick a caterpillar. He would be slow, and hit hard. Hes got the tentacles to act as limbs, he is basically just the big slow dude. I forgot to give him teeth. I was also picturing, like, a big bundle of tongues squirming about in his mouth to act as a kind of grabber, like how chameleons are slow and gobble up flies with their lightning fast tongue, well this guy would be slow and surprise the enemy by grabbing them with, like 6 tongues at lightning speed! Very scary thought! even scares me! Q_Q ..ugh

The first encounter of a "slugger" as I call him. (above) :P

reclaimer 1: look boys, that ugly thing is moving so slowly! ha!
*slugger opens its mouth*
reclaimer 1: holy sh*t, captain! look at that! theres, like, tentacles coming out of his mouth! what the f**k??!
reclaimer captain: OMG hes got my leg! :O
*the tongues retract and the reclaimer is gobbled up*
*the slugger just slowly inches forward as if nothing happened*
*other reclaimers run for it*

he could also have grabbed multiple reclaimers with each tongue or something. O_O

this guy is my original thought, possibly the basic "warrior" for the x' lanthos, to give it a role. It could also just be very small, like 40k scarabs/rippers and be a swarmy kinda leech/bloodsucker/ thing.


these rough concept sketches make it look like the x' lanthos are relatively slow, so hopefully down the road, someone will think of a speedier variant. maybe some kind of spider concept or even a winged alien or something. All just ideas here. Im a bit bored. haha.

I also reaaaaally! want a x' lanthos starter set. :)
and to see the X' lanthos get at least some ideas out there. everyone seems to just be going to video games and getting screenshots of alien-like creatures and posting them saying "this looks like a x' lanthos!", and it turns out its just one of those "humanoid-esque" aliens with 2 arms, 2 eyes, super skinny bodies, luminous eyes, etc.. so I wanted to break up the pattern of "find a scary monster from some old FPS video game and post it" that seems to be going on.

The X' lanthos units shown in the pictures would most likely use sound to find an enemy, or some other kind of sense. Eyes just seem too simple to me. Some units would find the enemy purely based on hearing, for example. Others use sight, so everyone excels at something. The slugger would probably just lash out with its tongues at anyplace that they detect movement or smell an enemy.

The starfish-warrior things would use eyesight, obviuously since they have the snail eyes on them.

well, whaddya think??? :D

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Re: X'lanthos: what does matt want them to look like?

Post by darzinth7 » Mon Apr 09, 2012 3:54 am

Well the little that I know about X'lanthos is that
a. they have a brain, but is still alien in structure and function in comparison to a human brain
b. they have a gamma(?) wave sensitive organ which they use to "hear/see" radiowaves
c. they must also have an organ that can emit gamma(?) waves as a sort of "voice."

Otherwise, I have no idea. However, I like the idea of the X'lanthos not having eyes. It would also be neat if they didn't have a bone structure, nor a jaw-like mouth, but instead perhaps a proboscis. Add in chitin and suddenly the X'lanthos resemble insects a tad too much. Ah well.

At any rate any of the classic video game alien designs would work for me.

Also as I remember it in the FPS game 'Perfect Dark' by Rare the "evil" aliens, the Skedar, were slugs/snakes that wore battlesuits. The X'lanthos could do something similar.


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