Reclaimer technology idea

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Now we're getting somewhere...
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Reclaimer technology idea

Post by warchirf » Mon Apr 02, 2012 2:57 am

unsure where to post this. so here it is.

I've been thinking about what type of technologies would be available for the reclaimers. Now, before I continue, I have only just recently looked up all the dark potential fluff, read a few fan fiction etc, so If I've missed the mark here ... mybad :P

Ok, here we go.

I felt that the reclaimers would be wasting resources if each exo-suit acted as self-contained vessels (the way I pictured it that their suits artificially reduced gravity around the wearer to compensate for the difference of the moon and earth) than if they had a specialized hub that did it for them (also centralizing the power source).

So here I introduce the Mobile Dark Potential and Mobile Gravity Manipulation unit (or the MDP-MGM unit).

(Naming things aren't my speciality).

Apart from acting as a centralized hub for a squad (or more) reclaimers to draw their power from (for their own suits, or for whatever reason (which in my opinion reduces the 'clutter' no their suits thus increasing stealth)), it can emit a field of effect in combat (or not) situations where the wearer or operator can manipulate the gravity within it. For example, an elite team of reclaimer warriors launch a blitz attack on a bandit caravan. The MGM user activates the field's effect thus encompassing the battlefield under its 'bubble'.

The 'suit' itself may not be so sleek to go unnoticed, but I can't see why it cannot use its own power to bend light around itself to be invisible to those not looking for it. The suit cannot be too sleek as it needs to be protected with armour and may have weapons to defend itself in case things go south.
The user can manipulate the gravity within, limited only by the power levels and the field of effect. This limit would deny the operator to 'turn off' the gravity in the affected area and other large actions (it would be too costly and serve little purpose). But ultimately is has free reign over the area.

Some thoughts of what it could do is to create repellent fields around the warriors (kind of acting like a personal shield, but it's more of a field that repels projectiles (a bullet would fling or veer/skim the field at twice the velocity it entered (using the kinetic energy to repel)). Also, the operators can generate bubbles in the field. These bubbles can be zero-G to immense gravity. This would allow the reclaimers complete battlefield control.

Think of the example above. The squad of 5 launch their strike. The operator hangs back, but close to the battle so to cover the area in its area of effect, the remaining 4 advance. One lays down a covering fire with his HMG (or whatever) while the others advance and flank. The operator creates a protective bubble (repulse-gravity) around the three for the brief time it takes for them to get to the target. An unseen grenade lands near the HMG which is quickly removed by an attract-gravity bubble created near it, flinging the grenade towards the bubble and at a safe distance.

An armoured vehicle closes in on the blitz team. The operator waits for it to enter the field then creates an atomic sized super dense 'black hole'. This would drain the power source considerably. But the vehicle poses a real threat. The 'black hole' is created inside the vehicle for the briefest of seconds, sucking all those within and the vehicle itself into the singularity. From the outside the vehicle looks to have blossomed - crushed, but from the inside out; the inside... you don't want to imagine.

Drawing from the field's energy, the other reclaimers take what they came for and 'blink' back to safety, after which the field shuts down, power sources recharge and the reclaimers leave a decimated caravan, distraught bandits and without a trace.

So to summarize:
The technologies and tactics available to the reclaimers

- a machine/unit, or as I imagine it: a battle suit type thing, which generates a great amount of energy which manipulates the forces of nature. This can be used passively to reduce earth's gravitational effect on exo-suits worn by reclaimers
- it can also be used as a portable charger so the reclaimers can act for longer periods of time outside the need of external help
- in battle this suit/machine/whatever creates a field which can affect the gravity within
-this can be used offensively and defensively
- Other technologies are to be able to 'blink' in and out of reality and
- to bend light to appear invisible

What you guys think?



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