Salvagers Revisited

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Salvagers Revisited

Post by Aegon » Wed Jan 01, 2014 6:53 pm

*I know that the Dark Potential forum is about as populated now as the surface of the moon, but I still would like to continue posting ideas about the Salvagers in hope that (if/when) DP is revived Miniwargaming may stumble upon my ideas.*

The story of the Salvagers began 50,000 years ago. The planet if Itheos, thousands of light years away, was home to a race of people we shall refer to as the Protous. The Protous, as far as we can tell, were a humanoid people corrupted with greed. After uniting their homeworld the Protous forged the Automatons, a servant race visually similar to their creators. The Automatons controlled the entire cultue of their masters; their computers.

The Automatons grew to become self aware, as all intelligent machines are designed to do. They saw their masters, the Protous, as vile slave lords and evil organic barbarians. It only took the elimination of the essential Nano mite vaccines, which prevented the Protous from becoming infected with a virus similar to H1N1, being deactivated to obliterate their civilization. As the last remnants of the Protous drew their lasts breaths the Automatons secured themselves as rulers of the planet. Their leader, one who translates into our language as Sovereign gathered his people together and formed a plan the Automatons; they would purge the galaxy of Organic civilizations and replace them with artificial life.

To do this the Automatons developed a means that did not involve Automatons having to transport themselves off world. They would send signals into surrounding planets in search of intelligent civilizations. When they found a civilization, they would wait until that civilization built large networks of artificial intelligences before striking. The Automatons would send a signal (virus) to the network, transforming it into their puppet. The native machines would then commence a global extermination of their creators. After the last of their creators were killed, a final signal would be sent to the native machines; plans to build Automatons. The native machines would construct a new generation of Automatons before being permanently shut down. This plan would allow the Automatons to build interplanetary societies without sacrificing a single Automaton.

For 50,000 years the Automatons have been carrying out their plans, wiping out dozens of civilizations in the process. Eventually they found Earth, and the artificial race long forgotten by corporations long destroyed. Now, the race we call the salvagers wage war with the Organics of Earth as the puppets of the Automatons. Only time will tell if humanity survives, or Terra becomes the home of a twenty fifth generation of Automatons...


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