Second DP salvagers concept

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Second DP salvagers concept

Post by Aegon-Targaryen » Tue Jun 18, 2013 8:24 pm

"Rise, men of War, Men of Steel, Men of Death! Rise and tear apart the bodies of mortal men! Men of flesh, Men of craven, Men of fear! Bring me their souls to feast upon, and reap a thousand worlds!"

- Lord Harbinger Dentanus of the Zetoir Netikuli Greenseekers

Many thousands of years ago, an ancient race, which has been long lost to the winds of time, built machine servants. These servants provided every need and requirement for their masters (construction, military service, ect.)

The servants became self aware, and saw their masters grow soft. The servants, slow at first, exterminated their creators. The servants purged the world of all life. Lush forests, tall mountains, vast oceans, and abandoned cities were transformed into an endless expanse of dessert. The servants erected tall spires in the name of their one true god, The Purger; an entity formed by the existence of every AI in the past, present, and future.

These servants, call themselves the Keepers.The Keepers knew that the Galaxy belonged to machines, and became determined to see every organic life form in existence to be extinguished. They would rule the Galaxy by right of conquest.

The Keepers have never, and will never leave their own home world. The only way for them to wipe out species on other worlds is to corrupt AIs built by the most advanced species.

After achieving complete control of the planet's AIs (known as servants), the servants exterminate their creators. After all opposition against the servants has been purged, the servants will spend the next several years building a new generation of Keepers to reduce the planet to the Keeper home world.

Each world's Keepers are unique to that specific planet. For instance, during the great war the Keepers became aware of human settlements on the Swamp covered world of Zetoir Netikulis. The Keepers seized control of the AI programs on the planet, and used cybernetic attacks to fry human communications and advanced software.

The native machines then used the newly arrived conflict with the X'lanthos to separate and then exterminate settlements on the planet. The servants then began the long process of forging a new generation of Keepers, known as Greenseekers due to the fact that almost the entire planet was covered with green plants.

Recently, the Keepers have set their goal on consuming the last human world, Earth. Due to countless alien creatures, human resistance groups, and even more untold horrors, the Servants must build a generation of Earthling Keepers before the most advanced races are wiped out. The servants are known as the Salvagers, and death is coming for all organics...


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