A New race or faction idea

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A New race or faction idea

Post by ghandigotpwnd » Wed Aug 01, 2012 1:08 am

I think I have come up with a way to diversify the game while it is still in its alpha stages, and would like to know your opinion. I was thinking of a race (Or Faction of X'lanthos) That are like a form of energy that has grown to become self aware. It would be stylized like a small sun. It could also be the only race without weapons, and would use itself to attack, and losing health when it attacks. That would be a drawback of playing the race, but it would be balanced if they would regain it back as they kill. I think this would add a new strategic element to the game, forcing people to use units that could take alot of damage, and can hit really hard to kill them off early. This could also add an interesting lore (I don't have any ideas on lore but it could make a diversified lore). Also better units would combine different elements to their anatomy as to create a sort of evolutionary chain so to speak. That could also be used to create variants of units, and making the race not so bland. Hopefully you guys like the idea, and please post feedback. Also i cant make Concept art or anything because i'm not good at it, Sorry

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Re: A New race or faction idea

Post by Tau+One » Wed Aug 15, 2012 9:24 am

Your Idea of a faction reminds me of the Brain Balls from an episode of Futurama (http://theinfosphere.org/Brain_Balls)
My critiques of your idea are as follows:
Non-Humaniod aliens maybe a little hard to get behind for perspective players, and are rarely seen in hobby games (at least the ones I know of). If you look at 40k for example, all the races - save Tyranids and some Chaos Daemons - are humaniod (two arms, two legs, and a head). And they only escape that trait because the Tyranids are insectziods and the Daemons that aren't humaniod are "Terrors" with scary tentacle appendage.
-Without more development of your idea I imagine a bunch of orange-ish balls on flying bases being fielded as an army and the opponent looking at them then looking at you and saying "What?"
-I don't really want to be a Simon Cowell, but my advice to you if you want to make a new faction is "Go back to the drawing board."
-It is completely possible for you to savage this idea and rework it as the X'lanthos have a gun that fires one of these sentient energy balls that the controlling player can move as sort of a heat seeking projectile, or something of that nature. But as is I can't see it working.
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