SafeTech corporation - What do you think?

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SafeTech corporation - What do you think?

Post by LLeRRoux » Sat Apr 14, 2012 2:13 pm


SafeTech started off in the year 2065 as a self storage facility in the city of Montreal, Quebec. To ensure his facility would compete with its rivals, the owner made sure to make it much more air-tight than any other self storage in town. Numerous armed guards, walls thick enough to survive a nuke, top-notch surveillance equipment. These unusual measures were first regarded as superfluous, but big companies soon enough turned to SafeTech for storage of digital and printed copies of important documents. The tight security also attracted a horde of paranoid customers who would not trust any ordinary fenced-off brick building with their material goods.

In the 2140's, SafeTech became the most successful self storage in Quebec, with 7 locations across the province. In 2153, the company took a leap forward and started to integrate itself into the banking industry as well as making projects for the creation of new facilities across Canada. It did not take very long for the SafeTech banks to become as popular as its storage facilities. By 2168, 50% of bank accounts in the province of Quebec were under SafeTech and 10 more facilities had been built in every other Canadian province, overthrowing the local "champions" of banking and self storage.

Around 2200, SafeTech becomes openly associated with a renown technological research company and eventually buys it. SafeTech is now not only the leading bank in Canada, but also one of the best regarded scientific corporations. New banking and security technology skyrockets, making SafeTech’s system absolutely fool-proof. But it didn’t stop developing, creating, reinforcing, polishing the most minute flaws. And expanding its empire. By 2260, not a single north-American city was without its own SafeTech compound and more and more compounds were being built in Europe and Asia. The compounds, larger than most human structures, had became towns by themselves. On the inside, they were crawling with guards, customers and clerks leading them to their designated storage room.


A dark cloud spreads across the surface of the earth as the X’lanthos lay their vengeance upon its inhabitants. The distressed humans, in an attempt at survival, gather in the safest place they can think of: the SafeTech compounds. The vast majority of humanity is wiped out by the virus and most of its survivors are huddled in the compounds, surviving off the goods that had been entrusted to their care. As resources grew thin, weapons were distributed and expeditions to the outside world were initiated in the hopes of rebuilding human civilization. What they met outside was desolation.


About the story: As you can see, I left a gap between the 2200's and the war, to leave some space for creativity later. I have quite a few ideas that can be added to bridge the gap and I might post that sometime soon if anyone is interested. Also, the dates don't need to stay the same. After all, it is just a basic outline, and will be expanded upon if it is selected as the corporation's fluff.
The reason I like the high-security bank thing is that it gives a reason to have guns on hand, without saying that the corporation is just a bunch of soldiers. The highly trained guards can be the leaders on the battlefield, whilst the less experienced people who saught shelter in the compounds will be the basic, more numerous troops. The other employees who would have been unarmed before the war happenned might have recieved basic tactical training in case the compound is attacked.

About the logo: Simple enough to be made into a decal or free-handed, but destinctive enough to be recognized, or so I hope. I can also play around with other colours if gray seems too plain with the other colours of the miniatures.

Please tell me what you think of this. Any comment helps.

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Re: SafeTech corporation - What do you think?

Post by Sabet » Mon Apr 16, 2012 6:46 am

I'm (personally) really liking your background. The emblem not so much however. It seems to simplistic to me. I've seen plenty emblems in the corporation contest that would easily be hand-painted that looked better than that (in my opinion anyway).

However, your background is brilliant. Very good writing - read through and was instantly picturing them as SafeTech. Remember to post it in the contest forum.
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