Dark Potential Corporation Renaming Contest

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Re: Dark Potential Corporation Renaming Contest

Post by CPTC » Fri Apr 13, 2012 7:02 pm

Integrated were once the top leading researches behind technical enhancements to improve the quality of weapons.
After Integrated lost there main research facility to a strike,(Some sort of bombardment) the military decided to hire Integrated under there control to make and search for new gun technology to help them get superiority.

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Re: Dark Potential Corporation Renaming Contest

Post by reedster222 » Fri Apr 13, 2012 7:41 pm

the new name for the corperation should be ingenium corp or incorp for short

ingenium means engine or engineering in latin

incorp stared off as a large manufacturing company that produced tec ranging from cars (or futuristic tranports of some kind) to the average modern house hold appliance. the company was known for producing top of the line technolgy and for being very reliable. incorp slowly shifted its company as thing became more hetic such as adding defensive weponry in their vehicals. As the war started the company complitly shifted its indusry to weporny even building a fighting force to protect its main factorys. incorp is now known for its shady arms deals and for being ruthless. incorp stays afloat in the modern 25 molenium due to their power in weponry and their growning numbers (people joining incorps fighting force to get into the war and fight for "earth") incorp is a large company that fights for the preservation of incorp and nothing else, to better them selves and to ensure economic domanance.

i havent thought much about incorps symbl but i thought it should include a gear or gears to show their industrial power

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Re: Dark Potential Corporation Renaming Contest

Post by MrRabbit1 » Fri Apr 13, 2012 8:12 pm

*I have also done concept designs for how things like faction specific Templates and Dice would look. I'd be happy to send them to you if you choose my idea*
*Note to Matt - I also have a lot of ideas for some game mechanics based around this idea, like unique weapons etc. Message me if interested.*
The typeface for the logo was designed from scratch by me especially for this. The images used to illustrate my logo are the current concepts, I just used them to apply my logo and make no claims of ownership. No copyright infringement intended.


I went with a simple logo 'QC' which could easily be painted on the models, made into decals or sculpted onto the model itself. Two possible names, you choose. :)
Formed in the late 21st century for mutual economic and scientific benefits, the Coalition is formed of 5 businesses and has the largest combined networth in the world:
The world's leading pharmaceutical corporation - Sanitas Research Inc.
The world's largest weapons manufacturer/ research company - Zeus Industries
The world's 2nd largest scientific research company - Newton Inc.
The world's 3rd leading genetics research agency - Baseline Tech
The world's largest technology corporation - PsiTech Corp.
The names of these five could be changed to five of the entries, I think that would be cool.

These 5 all agreed to share resources and developments that would benefit one and other, due to these giants working together
the coalition was responsible for groundbreaking descoveries and advancements in all their respective fields.

- Sanitas Research Inc. and Baseline Tech played a huge role in the advancements of Human genetic enhancements for both
military and civilian/medical useage aswel as assisting in the eventual cure for cancer.

- PsiTech Corp. amoung others helped to continue the advancements in Quantum computers. PsiTech along with Newton Inc. also
part funded Hosmann's research into what would later be branded 'The Hosmann Gene'.

- Zeus Industries, Newton Inc. and PsiTech Corp. pioneered the dawn of Plasma weapons and made a highly criticised and controversial deal with 2 of the world's super powers for exclusive distribution rights of these weapons. (Reclaimers being one maybe?)

- Probably the most important act of the Coalition came shortly after the discovery of Dark Elements on Mars. The Coalition agreed to focus large amounts of resources on aquiring these Dark Elements and in doing so effectivly privatised Mars, huge mining, scientific and research colonies were established on the surface of the planet and millions moved to Mars due to the huge number of jobs available. Another effect of 'Mission Mars Extract' as it was dubbed was the development of the world's first Dark Fusion powered space craft. Two were built and these ships needed to be so large to transport resources from Earth to Mars and therefore were unable to land. These colossal mega ships were called Icarus and Primal Horizon. (Tribute to old game? If not then Orion.)

Due to their huge monopoly, discoveries and influence the Coalition had many enemies; protestors, terrorists and countries alike.
To combat this the Coalition formed its own private defence force to defend its operations on both Earth and Mars.
To the masses the Coalition was known as 'The Big Five' or 'The Power Five' but to some they were 'The Evil Five'.
Please Let me know what you think and bare in mind I can add to or change bits, Thanks.
*I also have lots of ideas as to how this would play out in-game using the 5 members as 'mini factions' with conflicts etc. to combat the Space Marine effect.*

The bottom 2 weapons are examples of the logo being embossed into the gun rather than printed on it. (As seen below too.)

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Re: Dark Potential Corporation Renaming Contest

Post by Spirit of 454 » Fri Apr 13, 2012 9:12 pm

The name/back story I am proposing for the corporation is a Chinese back story. Why? Well first of all I think Chinese characters are awesome (I speak Mandarin), but also I post apocalyptic/sci-fi that incorporates "asian" elements (think Cowboy Bebop or the live action rip-off Firefly). I think giving the corporation an element like this will add some mystique to the faction, especially for Western gamers. At the same time it will reflect the increased role East Asian nations and culture will have in the global discourse of the future. I really enjoyed the "Genesis" corporation idea, Very creative and it makes a lot of sense.

So I'm thinking the backstory could be very similar let's say in the late 21st or mid 22nd century with the increased role of East Asia and an increasingly globalized world a corporation is founded in a Chinese/East Asian City. I'm going to say Taipei, Taiwan (just because right now it is a major center for tech innovation), I also think locating the corporation in less stereotypical place will add some more interesting back story. Although locating it in Guangzhou, Hong Kong, or Shanghai is also cool and appropriate.

Anyway, with the war the company expands because of its profits from medical supplies etc. It uses these profits to fund the creation of hospitals and begins expanding into other industries, energy, mining etc. This is mostly from an investment standpoint. So the corporation buys other companies and enters those industries becoming a huge and diverse corporate conglomerate. It also takes up the slack of the lack of a military presence by creating a powerful well equipped private military.

But then the virus hits and nearly wipes out humanity in a matter of months leaving only .01% of the population. The surviving population is limited to more isolated areas, Tibet, Mongolia, the arctic/antarctic, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Australia etc. The corporation is given a little more time to prepare because of its location on an island (Taiwan) and gives the order to convert as many of its locations into safe houses for its employees. Although most inside the safe houses die, they leave them behind for posterity, including all the medical tech and weapons.

I think it would be cool if there were some survivors not a lot, and not all Chinese. It was a multinational corporation after all. Maybe in some of the safe houses there were violent "civil wars", like in Fallout 3, with various factions. This will give the corporation many different factions and appearances/customizations for people to give their army that "unique" look, also makes for cool fluff.

Any way some logo ideas. I using Chinese characters, simplified of course. I also want the characters to mean something. So here it goes,


公司= literally means corporation

药公司 = means medicine corporation. However the first character maybe to complex.

世界 = means world

Just some ideas. unfortunately not many Chinese characters can be easily painted on small models. But there are so many that would just look cool. My personal favorite is:

It means black. So


means "black matter" and


means "dark matter".

Or maybe with the "genesis theme"

means birth.

The company name could be GB, global biotech, or GongSi (公司), Biotech International etc.
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Re: Dark Potential Corporation Renaming Contest

Post by elmersnutz » Sat Apr 14, 2012 2:06 am

the name I give the corporation is the: FOX or FOX Company

http://i1061.photobucket.com/albums/t47 ... tz/fox.jpg

Day 2: James hasnt seen a single person While on his way to Ontario. He was headed to the radio station WFOX the last radio station left in all of Canada. He was going to broadcast a message to who ever was left. The last report he got before the radio went dead was that all the space ships inercores were turning bright red and the skys were filling with smoke. With no ships in his vicinity at the time of the final attack, he didnt see the smoke for about two hours. Without the goggels and bandana he realy would be tasteing all that smoke that was left in the air. Over time James could see that the smoke was thinning out and he could see more and more light coming through the thinnest areas of the smoke.

As James started around the corner he noticed a person walking on the side of the road. He just stoped and waited for this person to walk up. Flipping up the Visor on his helmet he turned his head and said to the young girl that was around his age of 25 "were ya headed" she answered slowly and still quite shocked to see someone alive she said "Ontario" with a little pause she said "to my Grammas". "Whats your name, my name is James-James Larue" quickly came out of his mouth. "Mary Denise" was her reply. James says "well I'm going your way and I have only a quarter tank left so we'll have to stop somewhere for bio", Mary hesitates and James Says "come on" as he races his the engine on his bike. She proceded to jump on the back and put her arms around his waist. As james dropped it into gear the tires let out a rip. As he speeds off James thinks to himself "well atleast I'm not the only one left, and thank the heavens its a girl".

After the first month of the broadcast, James and the hundred or so people he had amassed from his broadcast. Started calling them selves FOX Company After the Radio station they had all come to. James also liked it because that was the name of his company when he was in the Army. In the years to come FOX Company would be come a supreme force with weapons, supplys and training that now Captain Larue provided them.
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Re: Dark Potential Corporation Renaming Contest

Post by ChaplainRobb » Sat Apr 14, 2012 12:38 pm

InDriss Corporation


(sorry, I don't know how to use computer drawing programs, so this is a bit sophomoric, and represents two versions: note that the slash is bigger in one than the other. I prefer the larger slash)

Background: Shortly after the "Hausmann gene" becomes commercialy viable and available in the early to mid 22nd century, Michael Ingel and Chad Drisscol started up a company to manufacture small, primarily kitchen and cleaning, appliances using the basic Hausmann gene. They saw a niche market for "smart" kitchens that would be able to ease the chore load at home and increase convenience. The idea became so popular that within 20 years of opening their doors, a majority of households in "developed" nations have at least one InDriss appliance.

With space travel on the rise, InDriss was approached by several governments wishing to include compact and portable appliances aboard their spacecraft, thereby lessening the need for support staff (like cooks and kitchen staff, as well as janitorial workers) on board what was already a confined space. InDriss poured much of their manpower into producing such devices, and attaching work crews to space programs to help design and install the devices on the craft.

Taking what they had learned from their cooperation with government space programs, and realizing that, bar the actual drive technology, they already were producing the vast majority of technology for many of the world's space craft, InDriss expanded to begin producing space-capable ships of their own. They had a vertically integrated system, meaning that they designed, produced, and assembled everything in-house.

They found an ally in the South African Confederation's government, and moved their corporate headquarters to Glanfield, South Africa (real place, look it up...see what I did there?) where they had access to the Capetown space elevator. They created subsidiary companies to design some weapons, as well as gear that would be needed by space travelers at their final destinations. They would then sell their craft to goverments, space-travel agencies, and private companies.

Few actual employees survived the virus outbreak, but those that did consolidated into the massive corporate buildings located throughout the world. Due to the original company products, these facilities were capable of producing consumables, and purifying said consumables, better than many of the other remaining enclaves of humanity, which led to waves of refugees seeking shelter and protection.

+ I see the logo as being red, perhaps on a circle of black. Or orange. Something that would stand out as a badge on a dirty uniform. I love some of the logos by others here, but many would be FAR too dificult for someone like me, even with years of modelling and painting experience, to replicate with any degree of accuracy on a miniature, hence the simple design I have posted above. +

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Re: Dark Potential Corporation Renaming Contest

Post by LLeRRoux » Sat Apr 14, 2012 1:58 pm


SafeTech started off in the year 2065 as a self storage facility in the city of Montreal, Quebec. To ensure his facility would compete with its rivals, the owner made sure to make it much more air-tight than any other self storage in town. Numerous armed guards, walls thick enough to survive a nuke, top-notch surveillance equipment. These unusual measures were first regarded as superfluous, but big companies soon enough turned to SafeTech for storage of digital and printed copies of important documents. The tight security also attracted a horde of paranoid customers who would not trust any ordinary fenced-off brick building with their material goods.

In the 2140's, SafeTech became the most successful self storage in Quebec, with 7 locations across the province. In 2153, the company took a leap forward and started to integrate itself into the banking industry as well as making projects for the creation of new facilities across Canada. It did not take very long for the SafeTech banks to become as popular as its storage facilities. By 2168, 50% of bank accounts in the province of Quebec were under SafeTech and 10 more facilities had been built in every other Canadian province, overthrowing the local "champions" of banking and self storage.

Around 2200, SafeTech becomes openly associated with a renown technological research company and eventually buys it. SafeTech is now not only the leading bank in Canada, but also one of the best regarded scientific corporations. New banking and security technology skyrockets, making SafeTech’s system absolutely fool-proof. But it didn’t stop developing, creating, reinforcing, polishing the most minute flaws. And expanding its empire. By 2260, not a single north-American city was without its own SafeTech compound and more and more compounds were being built in Europe and Asia. The compounds, larger than most human structures, had became towns by themselves. On the inside, they were crawling with guards, customers and clerks leading them to their designated storage room.


A dark cloud spreads across the surface of the earth as the X’lanthos lay their vengeance upon its inhabitants. The distressed humans, in an attempt at survival, gather in the safest place they can think of: the SafeTech compounds. The vast majority of humanity is wiped out by the virus and most of its survivors are huddled in the compounds, surviving off the goods that had been entrusted to their care. As resources grew thin, weapons were distributed and expeditions to the outside world were initiated in the hopes of rebuilding human civilization. What they met outside was desolation.


About the story: As you can see, I left a gap between the 2200's and the war, to leave some space for creativity later. I have quite a few ideas that can be added to bridge the gap and I might post that sometime soon if anyone is interested. Also, the dates don't need to stay the same. After all, it is just a basic outline, and will be expanded upon if it is selected as the corporation's fluff.
The reason I like the high-security bank thing is that it gives a reason to have guns on hand, without saying that the corporation is just a bunch of soldiers. The highly trained guards can be the leaders on the battlefield, whilst the less experienced people who saught shelter in the compounds will be the basic, more numerous troops. The other employees who would have been unarmed before the war happenned might have recieved basic tactical training in case the compound is attacked.

About the logo: Simple enough to be made into a decal or free-handed, but destinctive enough to be recognized, or so I hope. I can also play around with other colours if gray seems too plain with the other colours of the miniatures. I might try it out like MrRabbit1 did in his entry.

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Re: Dark Potential Corporation Renaming Contest

Post by Vex » Sat Apr 14, 2012 3:10 pm

Name - - - - Catharsis Infirmus

Logo - - - - Just a very quick idea.... not 100% sure on it at all but here it is:

Backstory - - - -
Catharsis Infirmus became the first "Super Corparation" on Earth. The name is a loose translation of Purge the weak in Latin.This translation comes from how the corp. does business. It brutally expanded into almost every market and destroyed other companies through many differing means. Going from devaluing stock shares, to using uncompeatable prices, to even entering the primary sector and sourcing their own raw materials. Allowing for cheaper prices on it's own products and services.

They were primarily based in Eurasia. Employing most of the population in one way or another.
The Catharsis Infirmus corp. has come to almost own Eurasia as Goverments have to depend on the corp. for what it needs, from medical care to weapons. The Catharsis Infirmus corp. is also big in the transport sector, the main reason they expanded into this sector was so they could track the movements of anything they wished to. The corp. believes that it owns it's employees. Although not in the sense of slaves. It protects and looks after them by supplying them with medical care, education and benefits. The employees became grateful and very loyal to Catharsis Infirmus this then spilled over into other people from other companies wishing to join Catharsis Infirmus helping them expand like they needed to. Catharsis Infirmus own the most advance tech on the planet and began expanding into the Intergalactic sector.

The Catharsis Infirmus corp. supplied most of the war efforts againsts the X'lanthos on Earth as one of the last Corp. still up and running. Through the war the corp. took the same approach in business and became the main powerhouse on the Earth.

Due to the loyalty to Catharsis Infirmus the surviving employees banded together gathering the remaining tech of the Catharsis Infirmus corp. and worked as one to social stratification and work as one. Little high tech medical tech left but what is used in the Catharsis Infirmus societies. Lots of the more primative guns survived and used as the main weapons systems. High tech guns where spread between those that presented and proved themselves as leaders taking control of "squads" from local areas.

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Re: Dark Potential Corporation Renaming Contest

Post by miniwars123 » Sat Apr 14, 2012 4:53 pm

Ran Co
Ran Co was founded by Mike Ran as a space trash center. What they would do is manufacture cheap ships that could house the bi product of nuclear energy and blast it off into space so it wouldn't be a worry. They ran into a problem when the ships would hit asteroids too close to the planets and cause many problems with ongoing flights. This earned them a terrible reputation but Mike pulled through with his TSv2. It had equipped guns that were manufactured by him, so when an asteroid got in the way, it would automatically fire. Because of the need of cheap green fuel, he earned a whole new level of income. His reputation, however did not improve. This caused many riots, so he hired his own small army using the guns he manufactured. Using this army, he had also silenced any competition. When the fall of the planets happened, his warehouses and production centers were terribly damaged, only a few weapon factories left. So, he gathered his men, lit a cigar, and braced for impact.
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Re: Dark Potential Corporation Renaming Contest

Post by Kestrel » Sun Apr 15, 2012 1:42 am

Corporate name: Potential Futures Incorporated

Its shitty but I gave my 5 minute best :D. Don't expect the logo to make it.

History: The original Potential Futures Incorporated appears to have been a technology company that worked on Dark Potential, but no known original employees existed when it was discovered by a group of survivors trying to find safe shelter in the Toronto area. When these survivors entered the main lobby of the building they were greeted by a damaged Holographic recording, which repeated a broken looping Mission Statement. The building offered a secure home, a stash of Dark Potential based weaponry and dormant manufacturing machines. Inspired by the imagery the Hologram offered, the survivors decided to build a society based on the existing Mission Statement. The 9 existing shares in the building were used to found the first Board.

Mission Statement: Based on the Remains of the Holographic recording discovered by the original survivors.
"Our Mission Statement at Potential Futures is... [static] ...we seek... [static] ... our future is... [static] ...better our community... [static]... security for all... [static]... in knowledge we...[static]... bring a better future."

Government: The Board, lead by the Chairman, voted in by the Investors (equivalent to citizens) who vote with their Shares (AKA their votes). Some investors have only one Share, others have hundreds or more. The Board rewards its loyal employees with shares so not everyone is equal in the voting process, but rewards its employees who contribute more to the corporation. Thus your social standing is based on how many shares you control. You do not have to be an investor to be an employee. Consumers are people who live with-in the Corporation's society but are not employees; they are ineligible to receive new shares although they may already own shares. Consumers are viewed with disdain since they do not contribute to the community as a whole.

Legal System: The S.O.P., and book of the original corporations Standard Operating Procedures which has since been added to over the years. SOP can be added to by the Board, but the original SOP can not be overwritten.

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Re: Dark Potential Corporation Renaming Contest

Post by joemiddle » Sun Apr 15, 2012 2:09 am

New name: Wave Century
logo: (no clue how to insert)

past corporations : Wave Century was the head corporation dealing with energy, supplying more eneregy to the world then any other company. Wave Century also did alot of research in how to make energy easier and more effiencently, and by doing this they mistakenly made some of the first energy weaponry ( they tried a smaller scale of how to make energy but the model turned out to be a better weapon then an energy suppy) also (hence why they could have some nice energy gear)
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Re: Dark Potential Corporation Renaming Contest

Post by elmersnutz » Sun Apr 15, 2012 2:43 am

name I give the corporation is: Universal Mechanization or Universal Mechanics, UNI MECH
My logo would be two gears together with UNI MECH inside both

http://i1061.photobucket.com/albums/t47 ... /2gear.jpg

April 15 2530 00:45 until the virus hits
South gate gaurd post-Peace Point-Alberta-Northern States of the United Countrys of North America

Two gaurds sit in a concrete gaurd shack drinking coffee and listening to a radio playing the nights baseball game. "I bet you Thomas cracks one out of the yard" Bill says. "Ok your on, Styles hasnt let a runner to base all season" Andrew replied. "with all those UNI MECH gene mods you'd be throwing heat like that too, and to think a hundred years ago they couldnt even break 150 MPH" Bill said. "Hey you got the money you got the mods" "Not knocking UNI MECH because you know I'm part UNI MECH myself, lost the left arm to those damn X'lanthos. Gotta love a UNI MECH LA 300 with Nano bot and Hosman upgrades. I'm sure this thing set the Army back a few hundred grand" Andrew replied as he examined his clinched fist.

Bill said "And to think they make organs, super conducters, quantum computers and have contracts with the military and they pay us as little as they do!?" Andrew laughed as he picked up his jacket and said to Bill "I'm going to go to the can and dont eat my doughnuts, like last time". As Andrew pushed the door open he noticed the yellow emergency lights had been activated on all the buildings. "Hey Bill call Northgate and see whats going on"Andrew spoke. As Andrew turned in the door way he could see bill on the floor, Andrew quickly ran to Bill and shook him to see if he had fainted. After he got no response Andrew checked for a pulse, but by then it was to late for Bill the rest of the people at the UNI MECH facility and most of the world. As Andrew would learn the virus killed everyone he had known and everyone they had known. It Took Andrew one and half months of driving all over the Northern States to find another person, alive.

After a communications network was set up Andrew Invited all listeners to the UNI MECH Alberta facility. After about seven months the grounds became full of people. With weapons, supplys and hidden facility the people of UNI MECH stand a fighting chance against those that would harm then.
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Anthurium Alliance

Post by Vexxus » Sun Apr 15, 2012 3:41 am


ImageOriginally known as Anthurium Incorporated, their company logo was a stylistic representation of the Anthurium flower, with mirrored A’s included. The company made its mark in research and development of plant genetics, pharmaceuticals, and advanced crop manipulation, integral to supplying Earth’s growing population with affordable and sustainable supplies of food and drug. The company was hailed as hero, and soon their power and influence grew rapidly.

ImageAnthurium Inc. became corrupted by greed and ambition, eventually absorbing major pharmaceutical companies, weapons manufacturers, private armies, and expanding research into biogenetics, terraformation, biological weaponry, and various other military applications. The conglomerate came to be known as the Anthurium Alliance, and the logo was altered to suit their growing ambitions.

Hybrid adaptations were implemented for military ranking. Guns and clothing were adorned with the icon, often missing the mirrored A's except in larger applications such as structures, vehicles, and banners. What were once green leaves, were now black chevrons, and the addition of stars for further rank indicators.[/b]

Questions or comments are always welcome!

I wanted to choose a name which would make sense in a pre-apocalyptic world, but translate well into the post-apocalyptic setting of a miniature wargame, essentially an army. Matt requested the logo be simple enough that it could be included in small areas (and easily painted by hobbyists). The logo design is reminiscent of the Anthurium flower, but stylized and simple enough to reproduce.

I liked the idea of an innocent logo turning into a military one, in parallel to the changes undergone by a once innocent and well-meaning company. While red is a colour found in nature on the Anthurium flower, when the company changed the logo, the colour could have been changed on top as well as bottom, leaving this wide open to interpretation, or flavour as the game demands. Edit: Picture added to show scaling down of logo. Obviously this will be important for the logo/crest/rank to be displayed on individual characters, weapons, and the like.

More information (and photos) on the Anthurium flower can be found here and the wiki here.

Congratulations to Matt and Miniwargaming for getting to this point, I am truly honoured to have been a part of this process from the very beginning.

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Re: Dark Potential Corporation Renaming Contest

Post by APlatypus » Sun Apr 15, 2012 3:44 pm



Pandora grew out of the medical industry fighting the ever evolving battle against genetic disease while behind the scenes using their research to create the deadliest biological agents mankind had ever scene. Due to the nature of the corporation's work highly trained and heavily equipped security agents became a necessarily asset. Originating in China due to the governments willingness to provide human test subjects it spread its infrastructure across the globe to deter any one government from seizing the company's assets as doing so would make it appear as a biological aggressor. The Corporation did not reach into space as its industrial domain was at the hub of humanity. After first contact with the Virus citizens over the world flocked to Pandora's research centers hoping for a cure; with the massive populace to observe and provide experimental treatment to a new genetic modification was soon developed by Pandora immunizing the corporation's employees and supporters. Pandora's research into biological agents and genetics led the corporation to produce a weapon which crippled the X'Lanthos' offensive capabilities. However with the human race and its economy so decimated Pandora was forced to abandon most of its high level research and turn the more demanding concerns of surviving in a new and wild world.
While the Corporation retained some knowledge to combat genetic disease the ability to produce biological weapons was lost in the chaos of the fall. Pandora and its outposts now focus on using their private defense forces to re-establish dominance on Earth.

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The Hausmann Initiative

Post by Roy-Batty » Sun Apr 15, 2012 5:58 pm

The Hausmann Initiative


It's a mix between a helmet and a brain cross section, with the brain stem running into the infinite sign. A symbol for the possibilities the Hausmann gene offers to the brain, and the violent way this privilege is protected.

Short Description:
The Hausmann Initiative was created long before the war, by young doctor Friedrich Hausmann. After WWIII, the Hausmann Gene becomes a general integration of man and machine, replacing 99% o all input devices, and spiraling the development of AI. A corporation is built with the now senior Dr. Hausmann as CEO. "Progress through innovation" is the main guideline for the company, striding towards progress for mankind through the development of technology.
After the war, only a small core of the original corporation remains. The vision of Dr. Hausmann stands firm, ever searching ways to let mankind prosper by using technology.
in game:
The Hausmann interface can be used to use tech from other factions. E.g.: THI troops can take over a Salvager and move it or let it turn on it's own troops, temporarily. They find ways to work X'Lanthos tech, where others struggle. They despise the Bandits.
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