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Genso6's 2-in-1 benefit Challenge (Lose 20 pounds)

Posted: Wed May 25, 2011 3:39 pm
by genso6
Alright guys, so I plan on losing 20 pounds by the end of August. Though its not as much as most people, I am 141 pounds which is about 10 pounds over where I should be.

To motivate myself, I have (you guys!) as well as a special bonus. I am forbidding myself to buy any product from GW until I lose 3 pounds. So, if I lose 3 pounds or more, I will buy something. Then I cannot buy something until I lose another 3 pounds!! Its my ingenious way to lose fat and save up money for other nice things

Now what I plan to do is the following:

1) Stop drinking soda. I drink 1-2 sodas a day. At first I may just go to diet, but I plan to be completely off the stuff in awhile.

2) Work out more. I have a gym membership, but I haven't gone in months. Plan to renew it and go at least 2 times a week.

3) Walk. I can walk 20-100 minutes a day, but most of the time I commute. Well that's going to change!

4) No chips, candy, etc. JUNK FOOD MUST GO!!! Im pretty good about this stuff already, but it never hurts to cut it all out

Anyways, thats my plan. Good luck and hope it inspires you!

Re: Genso6's 2-in-1 benefit Challenge (Lose 20 pounds)

Posted: Wed May 25, 2011 9:04 pm
by Eillas
If I can suggest one thing to you it is this, do not switch to diet soda. The reason being is that it messes up the chemicals in your body that breaks down sugar. The aspartame inside diet pop tricks the body into thinking sugar has entered the body. When this happens the breaking down process happens and then suddenly the body realizes there isn't any sugar in the system. After this happens a few times when sugar finally enters the body the body assumes that the aspartame has entered the body and refuses to do the break down process so you just store that sugar.

Re: Genso6's 2-in-1 benefit Challenge (Lose 20 pounds)

Posted: Thu May 26, 2011 5:14 pm
by genso6
Huh, thats interesting! So should I completely give it up, or keep drinking it down? Thanks for the tip!

Re: Genso6's 2-in-1 benefit Challenge (Lose 20 pounds)

Posted: Sat Jul 02, 2011 11:05 pm
by genso6
well alright, I'm too self-conscious to put up pics yet, but in the time since I started this challenge, I've lost exactly 5 pounds within just over a month. While this may not seem like much, I've gone down three pants sizes and my arms have started bulking up.

But now I have a new task. My girlfriend is coming to visit 2 weeks from tomorrow and so I'd like to surprise her by losing even more weight. At least another 5 lbs, but more is good too :wink:

Anyways here are some tips which have helped me lose fat and gain muscle:

- ... 12&t=61638
Luna's exercise habits are quite excellent, initially i only wanted to build lean muscle but after doing the push-ups I am quite happy with the bulking out of my upper frame. I plan on restarting the whole program for the next couple weeks (along with sit-ups too, they help the abs AND strengthen your back and core) and should be able to finish a whole nother cycle of the program in my time frame.

- ... 12&t=61614
smurfgoblin hit the nail on the head. I actually ran about 4 miles the other day in under an hour, and taking small but frequent bits of water kept me going the whole way strong

-Muscle protein builder
Ok, so some people may think that muscle building proteins are a hoax, or that they can be hazardous when incorrectly used. But one product, called Cytogainer, has really stood out. I read lots of reviews for different products and decided to try this one. By mixing it in protein shakes or even a glass of milk (already a source of protein) for a nice healthy chocolate flavored treat, I have built on at least some muscle fast.
Here's a link to where you gain buy it:

There may be some -gas trouble- the first day or 2 while the body absorbs the protein, but after a week i had put on 5 pounds OF PURE MUSCLE :twisted:

Hope these tips and tricks help you all out too!