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Amael's 30lb Tortur-er, Challenge Acceptance

Posted: Wed May 25, 2011 11:46 am
by Amael
Like it says on the tin, I'll be trying the 30lb Weight Loss challenge. I've been a Wargamer since I was 12, and I'm now 24. Those 12 years have seen me put on a fair amount of weight, and I'm now heavier than MWG Dave (But not by much, which surprised me!).

I've been meaning to try and lose weight for a fair while, and now seems like as good a time as any.

So, the goals and what-not;

I'll be losing weight by:
1. Cutting out a fair amount of the bad stuff in my diet. I could always stand to eat healthier, after all.
2. Jogging each day. I'm no track-runner, but building a bit of endurance would be good
3. Sparring once a week with my flatmate, who does Ju Jitsu. Even the basic exercises are good for Cardio, as I found out the first couple of times we sparred ><

My goals:
1. Lose 30lbs or more within the allotted time period (so before August 26th, seeing as I saw the video on the 25th of May)
2. Drop a couple of waist-sizes. I'm about 44" (Oh Gods... ><) or so, so any loss there would be good!

My rewards (Obviously not cakes. I swear my trousers are all like 36" waists...):
1. Given the state of my Imperial Fists, I think I need to cut off the models as a reward. Maybe one Razorback kit per month or something, because otherwise I'll just end up with lots of unpainted models again.
2. At the end of the 3 months I will reward myself with either models for a different game to 40k, or a new tattoo. About time I got another one anyway, I've only been holding off for the last 6 years...

Anyhow, that's my Challenge, and I'll be posting Vlog links (maybe) on Youtube and links in here.

Starting weight: 111.3kg, or 245lbs
Goal ending weight: 97.5kg, or 215lbs
Actual ending weight: __._kg, or ___lbs



Because my flatmate and girlfriend (and me sometimes) keep bugging me about finishing the models I have for my Imperial Fists before starting a new project, I will also aim to finish the following within the first month:

10 Tactical Squad Marines
10 Terminators
5 Assault Terminators
1 Drop Pod

Pictures will also follow in this, with (hopefully) more regularity than Vlog entries...

Re: Amael's 30lb Tortur-er, Challenge Acceptance

Posted: Wed May 25, 2011 10:37 pm
by Amael
And now with Authentic Vlogging! Gods, I hate talking to Camera...

Re: Amael's 30lb Tortur-er, Challenge Acceptance

Posted: Thu May 26, 2011 10:11 pm
by Amael
So... today was alright. Not an Epic Duck Mike kind of alright, but fair enough as a start I think.

Got up, drank water, 10 press-ups and 10 ab-crunches (I swear I used to be able to do sit-ups... That moment of realisation was horrible) before a 5-minute jog on the spot as a warm-up. About 30 minutes later I slipped on some 1kg ankle-weights and walked from my apartment to the mall and got groceries (I bought about 5 or 6kg of stuff for £20, and all of it healthy!) before wandering for a few minutes. I headed upstairs in the mall (on foot, no elevators) and eyed-up the range of Vallejo and Tamiya stuff in ModelZone, along with a few bits for terrain-making. After that, a rather sedate walk back (albeit carrying a bit more than usual) and then another 4-minute jog on the spot with the weights on.

I ate pretty well today too. I cut out the usual "Meh, eat whatever" attitude and actually planned some meals for the next few days. Also, breakfast. I usually can't stomach it, but I managed a few spoonfuls of Pro-biotic yoghurt before the press-ups and what-not. I think I managed about 3 litres of water for a change too, not just a single glass of it and Gods-only-know how much over-sugared juice...

Anyhow, so far I'm on track, and later today (27th) I'll give A Luna's Evil Russian Push-up Regime a start. It sounds pretty decent and low-intensity for a beginner, as it seems to work on personal limits rather than "Do this many; if you can't, work until you CAN!"

Re: Amael's 30lb Tortur-er, Challenge Acceptance

Posted: Sun May 29, 2011 7:56 pm
by Amael
Good evening everyone!

So, today I shocked myself. I got out of bed, had some cereal and then did my morning warm-up of 10 push-ups and 10 ab crunches. Except something weird has happened within the last few days...

When I started the Challenge, I resolved to start slowly with changing my diet and following A Luna's 'Evil Russian Push-up Regime' instructions. Now, since I started, my arms have felt weak and puny and ached a bit, but no more than when I was going to the gym and working out a little to try and lose weight over 9 months ago.

I won't lie, I found it a bit of a struggle for the push-ups because not only were my arms aching from the activity, but also my stomach muscles felt like they were clenched pretty hard. I could move, eat, etc and not feel ill or anything, but even sitting up from my bed felt harder than usual.

This morning (29th of May) I dropped down and blasted out 10 push-ups within 5 seconds, and no complaints from my arms. I was a bit freaked out, because I distinctly remember hitting my bed on the night of the 28th and aching from doing push-ups all day (and carrying groceries)... Anyway, I shrugged a bit and figured 'meh, maybe I just got a lot of rest or something'. I laid on my back, faced the ceiling, put my knees up and did an ab-crunch.

I ended up looking at the wall.

I had just done a sit-up, with NO trouble. This is after three days of feeling like my guts were giving their best impersonation of Ah-nold flexing. Being down-right surprised, I tried again, and blasted out 10 sit-ups with no real problem.

I'm honestly amazed. I know I shouldn't be, because it isn't that impressive, but I thought my bulk wouldn't allow me to do a sit-up for a month or more. Most of my weight is held around my gut and thighs, so you can imagine how weird it was for me to be able to do that after straining for days and not even managing to come close.

Anyway, enough "Oh my Gods, I forgot my body could do this!" crap. I should be sleeping (for it is 01:11hrs GMT on the 30th of May) and I start the Couch to 5K program. 9 weeks of jogging three times a week until (apparently) the trainee can run for 30 minutes non-stop. If I manage this along with keeping up on my healthier eating and improve more with the Evil Russian, I think I just might surpass the 30lb goal I set myself. Hell, I might even make this exercise thing an actual habit. I'm enjoying it a little, moreso than the constant assurances that I would -eventually- enjoy going to the gym and doing an hour of Cardio once a week.

Well, goodnight all, and keep up your good work!!! It might suck at first, but I think we can all achieve these goals we've set ourselves.

Re: Amael's 30lb Tortur-er, Challenge Acceptance

Posted: Fri Jun 03, 2011 7:58 am
by Amael
Well, here's my first Video Update, and once again many apologies for looking like a Spaz when I talk to camera...

Addendum: Just did my 100% Test, and I can do 40 push-ups in one go. Oh joy. That's an improvement of over double... :S

Re: Amael's 30lb Tortur-er, Challenge Acceptance

Posted: Sat Jun 04, 2011 8:18 am
by Amael
So, today is going to be a killer. I got up, had breakfast, did my morning warm-up and then realised that, not only do I have my Couch-to-5K jogging session, but according to the Evil Russian Push-up Regime, I am meant to do 22 push-ups every 20 minutes. I get the distinct feeling that I am going to be more in-need of a shower today than at any other point of this week... Hopefully when I get back my Tyranid Battleforce box will have arrived, and I can get on with assembling some Nids at the end of all of this! (Oh yes, and painting up all those Marines too... I haven't forgotten, I just need a break from painting yellow!)

Re: Amael's 30lb Tortur-er, Challenge Acceptance

Posted: Sat Jun 04, 2011 9:38 am
by Smartah
Owch! good luck! Sounds like your kicking butt and taking names though. Keep us posted!

Re: Amael's 30lb Tortur-er, Challenge Acceptance

Posted: Sat Jun 04, 2011 9:58 am
by Amael
Well, I did my 22 push-ups, got ready and went for my 25 minute jog session... which ended up being closer to 30 minutes because of traffic meaning I couldn't get across the road during a jogging portion (which sucked, because about 7 buses went by, and then I got honks of recognition from a couple of Bikers... Anyhow, as soon as I got back, another 22 push-ups, cooked my food, ate, 22 more push-ups, and I've just had a 20-minute break so it's time to do 22 more before I head out and finally buy my Digital Scales and check my bank balance. YAY!!! ><

I'd like to think I'm doing well, but obviously I will only really find out once I weigh in... an Update to that end will come VERY soon... Like, as soon as I get back from the Mall :D

Re: Amael's 30lb Tortur-er, Challenge Acceptance

Posted: Sat Jun 04, 2011 11:20 am
by Amael
Well, it's better late than never. My weigh-in is 107.3kg, or 236.5lbs...

Re: Amael's 30lb Tortur-er, Challenge Acceptance

Posted: Sat Jun 04, 2011 11:47 am
by Smartah
congrats on losing weight! I haven't lost anything since my last weigh in and it's starting to make me angry.

Re: Amael's 30lb Tortur-er, Challenge Acceptance

Posted: Sat Jun 04, 2011 1:13 pm
by Amael
You'll get there eventually Smartah :D I was actually surprised with the amount I've dropped, but at the same time I'm not too sure whether or not what I've lost over 8/9/10 days is decent or not... It's a half-pound more than MWG Dave's first week, which is awesome, but it's taken me 8/9/10 days to get there as opposed to 7... and we're doing surprisingly similar things. Of course, I could just be trying to find an excuse to work harder... this is actually the most gung-ho I've gotten towards losing weight pretty much ever, and it's mainly thanks to the MiniWarGaming guys and the challenge... I actually feel like I am working towards something and have to remain accountable for it, rather than "Well, I guess I can skip out on the diet today, and try that awesome-looking Cake of Chocolate Uber-Doom...".

I'm surprised I lost at all, because as I've said, it's usual for people to actually gain in their first week because of their metabolism not going through it's cycle (of about a week, strangely enough) or because they've put on muscle mass which has actually outweighed the amount of fat burned...

Don't get disheartened by remaining at one weight, Smartah :) All it means is that your body's scales have hit a nice balance and you are eating and exercising enough to maintain your weight. Now you have an advantage, because you have lost a little and hit a maintenance level, so you lower your food intake a little more or bump-up the exercise a little extra, and you should start seeing losses until you hit the next maintenance level. These are awesome plateaus to reach, because you know that what you're doing is working, and you're not losing weight too fast. If you lose weight slowly, you're less prone to loose skin and other such blemishes, and also you stand more chance of not putting your weight back on at the end of your weight-loss period because your body will have adjusted to having smaller meals, working harder, etc, and you won't be prone to going out and splurging on portions like you had when you started your weight-loss, but rather larger portions that were probably 'normal' for the maintenance level you just surpassed...

Good luck, Smartah! Keep it up, no matter how disheartening. You've been on MWG's Forum for a lot longer than me, so you surely have at least a couple of Regulars you're in touch with (Sunstar for one, I assume?) who are also working towards a weight-loss. If things get you down, talk to them, or even PM me and we'll have a random "Get your butt in gear" pep-talk :P I try to be as positive as I can on here because I hope someone will be at least that little bit inspired to carry on, even if it's hard... Don't get me wrong, I won't sugar-coat the hard parts (like 22 push-ups every 20 minutes AND doing 30 minutes of a jogging work-out thing AND going to the stores AND then cleaning up my apartment a little) but I'll put a positive spin on them to keep myself motivated. Like hey, I did all that hard work, but I feel better for it, and yeah I might be a bit 'urgh' about the push-ups, but I know that each time I do them I only think it sucks for a minute or two and then I'm alright again and recovered for the next bunch! :D

Anyhow, enough of my rambling, there are push-ups to do!!! (Oh Gods... :() Good luck!!!

Re: Amael's 30lb Tortur-er, Challenge Acceptance

Posted: Mon Jun 06, 2011 9:45 am
by Amael
Hello again everyone!

So, before my laptop decided it would die (stupid technology...) and I would have to recharge it before updating, I had just finished my jog and was feeling pretty good about it, because for all that this was the beginning of week 2, and the first step-up in the length of time spent jogging per section, I didn't actually feel that bad from the exercise. So, in the mean-time I have had a quick wash, ate food, drank more water (I am averaging about 2.5l per day) and shaved and changed ready to go and meet up with my girlfriend who has her final exam of University today. I am treating her to Pepsi and Ice Cream (she is cutting out the first one almost completely because she had a major caffeine addiction, but still has a glass a week. It's only a day early, but she was stressing about the exam, so she gets a reward for doing well :D heh) and I will just sit back and sup on my water. No ice cream for me, not with the other random splurges that have been happening...

Anyhow, I figured I'd come on and update, mainly because I am enjoying a well-earned sit-down after my work so far (I also cleaned out the bathroom before I jogged, and scrubbed the floors on my hands and knees... Couldn't find my mop :() but also because hey, it's a Monday! Why not?

So, anyhow, enough rambling... If you're on a challenge, good luck and keep working hard! Even if you aren't seeing much improvement, you're still seeing an improvement. Keep it up and you'll see the benefits soon :)


Re: Amael's 30lb Tortur-er, Challenge Acceptance

Posted: Wed Jun 08, 2011 11:28 am
by Amael
Hi guys!

So, I hate to be a disappointment (and I hate being disappointed with myself too) but I am failing today... and yesterday too.

So, lets have the list of circumstances that screwed me, and that I screwed myself with, and then I'll go over my method of correcting said issues...

1: Monday evening I met up in Newcastle city centre with my girlfriend and we walked for a while before heading to her apartment and getting ready to go out. Her mother gave us some money to go and try a restaurant out in order to assess its suitability as a venue for a Graduation Celebratory Dinner. We went, which took about 45 minutes of walking, ate some AWESOME (and I hope it was healthy, seeing as I filled out mostly on veg) Chinese food before walking for another hour and a bit around the Tyne just to look at the landmarks and enjoy the night... Then we got home and ate chocolate and drank diet cola. Also, because of the night out, and the time it took, I skipped out on something like 3 or 4 Push-Up instalments from the Evil Russian Push-Up Regime.

However, Monday wasn't a total loss as before this I had been doing my push-ups and also jogged, ate a small but filling lunch and then walked a lot on the night, which I don't usually do...

2: Yesterday (Tuesday) was almost a complete write-off. I got up, did my push-ups (but not sit-ups) and then started out alright. I didn't have breakfast, snacked on chocolate throughout the day, and barely drank any water whatsoever. On top of that, my girlfriend pointed out that my Push-Up technique technically wasn't a Push-Up. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't being an all-out spaz with it... Basically if I try to keep my back perfectly straight then I actually sag forwards at the hips, sort of like a flattened-out V. I was doing push-ups, therefore, in a flattened-out A. According to my girlfriend, and a video she made, I wasn't actually keeping my back in a fixed position and, although I was doing push-ups and wasn't getting winded, I wasn't doing them properly. So, I did as she suggested and did them with my back held as straight as I could...

I was managing to do 26 push-ups with only slight difficulty the new way I barely managed 15 before I collapsed. I tried my damnedest and did a few half-hour-spaced reps of 15, but soon couldn't manage anymore. I basically ate crap and didn't end up exercising or drinking water...

3: Today (Wednesday) I got up at 8am with my girlfriend and got ready before heading out to jog. For some unknown reason, my left shin aches when I jog, but today was especially bad. I pushed through and managed it, and I think what's happening is I'm not going for a long-enough stride when I jog and thus my calf-muscle is actually just getting abused. Throw in setting off on a jog portion of the route on a weird angle, and now my right ankle feels odd too. Basically, I've broken myself. Followed that with breakfast at about 9am while my girlfriend went to shower and get ready for work, and did my normal 10 morning Push-Ups before I ate and the milk soaked into the cereal a bit. When I tell you that doing just those 10 made me feel like my arms and spine were about to rip themselves from my body, you might be able to get an idea of how much of a struggle only 10 was...

Since then, I have noticed that today I haven't been thirsty (and thus haven't drank any water) and nor have I been particularly hungry (which means I ended up feeling more tired and napping instead of eating lunch, which is a no-no because now I won't be able to sleep tonight as well). Throw in the weird feelings in my legs and not exercising all day, and I'm feeling pretty annoyed with myself and my own determination. I think I've hit my wall, and I need to figure out a way to convince myself to go on.


All of the above aside, I want to lose weight. I need to. I was diagnosed with high blood pressure (scarily high, actually, even though I'm only 24) about a year and a half ago and was told to exercise (mainly cardio) in order to bring it down. I managed for the first couple of months after that to get on with it and go to a gym at least once a week, but then got a job and ended up falling back into bad habits. I was walking for 7-12 hours each day delivering leaflets, and thought that I was safe... Nope. I quit going to the gym because I had a job and thus wasn't entitled to free sessions, and then ended up eating-out when I was working because we were constantly away from the office and I was always so tired and hungry after work that I didn't leave leftovers, or cook myself something for the day after. Six months of that job, plus a stint as a Delivery Driver for Dominos Pizza (and their snazzy uber-discounts and Shift Special) meant I ended up gaining back weight I had lost before. I went (over 9 months) from 108kg to 111. Before I started my last weight-loss thing, I was 118kg. Now I am down to ~103/104kg, and I'm happy to keep going and lose more.

But that's the thing. Am I happy to keep going? My body seems to be complaining a lot about even the most basic fitness routine, and I honestly don't know why it's happening. I'm not pushing myself into anything too intense, and I've actually been enjoying the stuff I'm doing! Hell, I was actually eating sensibly and enjoying my food until this week began! What the hell has happened?

So, I need to rectify the situation.

First off, tomorrow is going to be a GOOD day. I'm going to get up and not sleep in, I'm going to actually go for it and start the Evil Russian over, doing the 'proper' push-ups now. This will, seeing as 'proper' ones are harder to do, hopefully show even more improvement than my 'improper' ones did. I will also try to go out for an hour walk each day, even days when I jog, in the hopes that the constant work will sort out my legs a bit. Tomorrow would be a break from jogging anyway, so hopefully...

Also, I will be looking into the pain in my leg. Hopefully it isn't anything debilitating, and it actually started before I started jogging I think, so it might just be that the jogging is aggravating a very easy-to-cure problem that probably just requires an extra day off jogging or something... Or longer strides. :D

So, with that, I'm going to go and make myself something to eat (because I have no idea when my girlfriend will come back, and we usually eat at about 9 or 10pm anyway), and hopefully lodge the determination to succeed back into my brain.

So, good luck with all of your challenges, and I hope you see that even the Crazy Psycho-People who enjoy their Challenge have bad days! :) Hopefully I will bounce back from this little stall, and once I get back to Sunderland I'll do another weigh-in on my scales and see how badly this lapse has affected me...

EDIT: Well, that was stupendously quick. Turns out it's most likely to be a Shin Splints problem in just one leg... Oh joy, Anti-Inflammatories and an extra day of sitting about ¬_¬

EDIT EDIT: Caused by Oversupination (not enough of my left foot absorbing shocks from jogging and walking) and can be solved with a variety of methods. Hooray for the internet and actually looking at my own damned foot for once :roll:

Re: Amael's 30lb Tortur-er, Challenge Acceptance

Posted: Wed Jun 08, 2011 1:46 pm
by Epic Duck Mike
Hey Amael,

Just finished catching up on your Log here. That definitley sounds like a string of bad days :/ I had a few recently, but I tried to throw some positives in them. I had a last-minute road trip out of town, two really late nights, and a few meals out at restaurants... and last night, I took the night off from working out to finish playing Heavy Rain. This morning I was determined to have a good day, I got up early, went biking immediately (I usually do it in the evening), and have kept on-track with food so far.. though I'll admit I'm fairly hungry at the moment and would willingly devour a Baconator or Big Mac, given the chance.

I'm tossing back a lot of green tea, as it supposedly helps you "feel full"... I'll let you know how that goes ;)

Hope you have a good day today!

Re: Amael's 30lb Tortur-er, Challenge Acceptance

Posted: Wed Jun 08, 2011 3:06 pm
by Amael
Thanks Mike, and congrats on both the cycling and reading the log... I tend to go on a bit :S

I've given up on today being a good day, but am determined that tomorrow is the start of something awesome. I did fairly well in my first week-and-a-bit, so hey, I'll try to recapture some of that glory and hope that I haven't screwed up my attempts completely!

Green tea is a good one for the fullness-feeling, but another good one is plain water and some kind of carbs, generally a piece of toast or some kind of pasta (unrefined if possible!). Basically with rice, pasta and bread, the browner (and smaller the portion) the better, as long as it's followed with water to pad it out... :)

Nearly time for the Chicken Casserole with Rice (and a bucket-load of veg) that my girlfriend made, so I shall sign off for a bit :)