Knights, Knights and more Knights!! Of the Titan Household!

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Knights, Knights and more Knights!! Of the Titan Household!

Post by TSS » Wed Jul 18, 2012 8:13 pm

As some of you are aware, we are is branching out into hiring out sculptors and designers as running a 1 man show and doing everything myself is rather difficult.

That being said, we are is proud to bring some very nice kits direct from a designer we hope to get on the team full time.

S far he has designed 3 kick @ss 7 inch tall, multi part resin kits that can easily count as various variants of knight titans.

For right now, I only purchased a few of 2 of the sets to see if the demand is there. If it is, the plan is to hire the designer full time and bring more exciting kits to the store!

Without further blocks of text: ... robot-mk4a



Paladin: ... 5a-paladin


Please do note these were not cast by me and are not cast on order. I simply ordered a few of each as an other stop gap until my own version is ready for release. :good:

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Re: Knights, Knights and more Knights!! Of the Titan Household!

Post by BewareOfTom » Wed Jul 18, 2012 8:18 pm

well I dunno about knight titans, but if you could make a good counts as warhound I'd definitely be interested, and heck, their only 3~ inches taller :P

I think those would get more interest cause GW/FW never put out knight titan rules so I dont see alot of interest (I mean, there will be some, but alot more for full titans)

and if your selling those for $100~, guessing full size ones being $150~ would be cool :P
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