House of the Rising Sun Structure and Rank

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House of the Rising Sun Structure and Rank

Post by Marsdreamer » Thu Dec 09, 2010 3:24 pm

Here is how the structure and ranking systems of House of the Rising sun operate. It should be noted that promotions are privileges and they can be revoked if misused.

The ranking system is separated into 4 Tiers, each Tier is allowed increasing amount of power within the Guild.

Tier 1 Ranks

Guild Leader, Crocketman - This is your Guild Leader, he controls all functions of the guild and should be given the utmost respect.

Generals, TBD - These members are essentially the 2nd in command to the Guild Leader, they hold the same responsibility that the Guild Leader does, and should be consulted when the Guild Leader is unavailable. Their responsibilities extend to organizing and maintaining guild structure and events.

Tier 2 Ranks

Commanders - These lucky few individuals are the most trusted members to the Teir 1 Leaders. They are responsible, mature, and possess good leadership abilities. They know the game mechanics as well as class mechanics extending beyond the class they play. These members will be Raid and Arena Team Leaders as well as holding the power to Add or Remove Members to the guild.

Tier 3 Ranks

Veterans - These members hold no special privileges, however they have earned the trust or respect of the Teir 1 and 2 members. These members have been a part of the guild for a long time and are inclusive and active parts of the guild.

MWG Originals - For those of you who were here at the beginning you receive this inaugural title as MWG Original. You should follow all rules that a Teir 3 member does, however your special perk is the ability to access and use Officer Chat.

Members - These are the general rank and file members of House of the Rising Sun, they harbor no special privileges, however they are essential for the guild. Polite, mature, and knowledgeable members will more quickly earn the respect of Teir 1 and 2 ranks!

Initiate - New members in the guild will be given the title Initiate. Initiate's will struggle to prove themselves within the guild, but a proper attitude and friendly demeanor will get you everywhere. Initiate status will last as long as Teir 1 and 2 leadership decides, however this trial period usually only lasts a couple of weeks. Stay strong!

Tier 4 Ranks

Dreadlord's Handbag - These unlucky members have angered the gods on high and as such are being punished. Dreadlord Handbag status will be given to any members who frequently and blatantly disregard guild rules or the Teir 1 or 2 leadership. You don't want to be here!

Also, it warrants further explanation that promotions are entirely up to the discretion Teir 1 ranking members; If you have to ask for a promotion, you're not ready to receive one!

This is still tentative at best and I still need approval from Crocket. But these are the ideas I've set forth -- Those of us in leadership will discuss them and inform the rest of the guild of our decision.
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