House of the Rising Sun Roster

Discussion for the WoW MWG Guild.
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House of the Rising Sun Roster

Post by Marsdreamer » Wed Dec 08, 2010 7:56 pm

First off for this thread I'd like to get some idea of how many people are in the guild or planning on joining. As of right now we have no clue how large this thing is going to be or going to get, so getting a head count first off will help us organize and get stuff moving quickly.

If you could please post here (following the template below) the pertinent information about yourself and your character.

Name: (Your name if you would like to provide it, if not, please just use your Screen name here on the forums) (Add your ID here)
Main: (Add the name of your main character, their level, and class please)
Alts: (Add the name of any pertinent alt characters, their level, and class please)
Guild Char: (Please add the name/race/class of the character you are playing or intend to play in the guild)
Playing since: (A rough estimate of how long you've been playing WoW)
Career: (Whether you were a heavy raider, PVP, or simply ran around Elwynn Forest talking to people, please post your play style here)
Guild Status: Please post whether you are or aren't in the guild yet (Say Active / Pending)

This data is very important and like I said will help us get a rough idea of who will be in the guild, what classes they will be and their play styles.

*Note* There is no need to post more than once in this thread! So lets not turn this into a discussion thread, just post the information, if you'd like to start up a discussion, feel free to make a topic within this sub-forum.

Name: Tony Gatts
Main: Zalk, Level 60, Human, Paladin
Alts: A few 40's and 30's, nothing special.
Guild Char: Marsdreamer, Forsaken, Priest
Playing since: Vanilla, off and on. Haven't played since BC except for a little bit in Wrath of the Lich King
Career: Pretty basic stuff. A little Arena play and a little Raiding, but nothing hardcore.
Guild Status: Active

*Edited for content because Mr. Sizzle likes to "Draw outside the lines" and break all the rules :)*
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Re: House of the Rising Sun Roster

Post by yoyomansizzle » Wed Dec 08, 2010 8:13 pm

Name: Tyler
Main: (gonna be a troll shaman)
Guild Char:
Playing since: A few years, quit right when bc came out and just getting back into wow
Career: Pve so I'm not that skilled at PvP
Guild Status: Pending until christmas
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Re: House of the Rising Sun Roster

Post by Ashran » Wed Dec 08, 2010 8:16 pm

Name: Tyler (first name James on
main: Ashran lvl 80 troll hunter
alts: Ashran lvl 2 goblin rogue, honsou lvl 70 BE DK, Ashran lvl 37~ troll druid Queldenith lvl 47 BE mage
guild char: ashran lvl 2 goblin rogue
playing since mid/late vanilla (right before AQ's release)
career: barely any raiding in vanilla, some raiding in BC, lot of raiding in WOTLK but didn't have much fun save Ulduar and some of ICC (in fact, I stopped paying multiple times)
guild status: active
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Re: House of the Rising Sun Roster

Post by Valandil » Wed Dec 08, 2010 8:38 pm

Name: Andrew
Main: Jaing lvl 80 Undead Mage
Alts: Fether lvl 80 Undead Rogue, Skirata lvl 66 Orc Warrior, various assorted classes
Guild Character: Fwoody lvl 9 Blood Elf Paladin (Fwoody as in the merry way of saying fruity)
Playing Since: Vanilla
Career: Heavy ICC Raider, Casual/Intermediate PvP in Battlegrounds
Guild Status: Active
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Re: House of the Rising Sun Roster

Post by IGfanatic » Wed Dec 08, 2010 11:02 pm

Name: Alexander
Main: I forgot
Alts: also forget
Guild Char:Intending to play a Blood elf Paladin or Hunter.
Playing time: aproximantly 6 months on and off.
Career: Raiding those little cave dungeons helping people kill things. Melee and healing.
Guild Status: Pending (need 9.5 GB left.
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Re: House of the Rising Sun Roster

Post by crocketman » Thu Dec 09, 2010 2:00 am

Name: David Cox
Main: Skapegoat 80 priest cenarius
Alts: couple 70's, and a bunch of mid lvls
Guild Char: Crocketus troll druid (Waterfull the guild master or holder if you will)
Playing since: Been playing since a couple months after release(pre MC)
Career: Everything from 40 man raiding guilds to intense high warlord guilds
Guild Status: Active
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Re: House of the Rising Sun Roster

Post by Marine » Thu Dec 09, 2010 5:53 am

Name: Daniel
Main: Kelvarno, 80 Hunter, Magtheridon
Alts: Rickcheney, Dunno Warlock, Magtheridon
Guild Char: Fenriswolf, 7 Orc Hunter
Playing Since: Vanilla
Career: Dungeons
Guild Status: Pending
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