Saving Zerocide: RP Content

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Re: Saving Zerocide: RP Content

Post by BlackYog » Thu Aug 23, 2012 7:23 pm

Race:Human (girl)
Actual Name: Cassandra Elisim
Class: Patrol Arbiter
Faction: Adeptus Arbites Imperium of Man,
Age: 30
Goal: Restore Imperial Law and order, Survive
Religious Views: Pray the Emperor.
Political views: Braiwashed by her education. Believes that an irongrip is necessary to preserve the Empire.
Default attitude: Suspicious with strangers or non military or law enforcement members. As a high probability of shooting first when meeting xenos.
Likes: Law abbiding citizens, feeling usefull, winning a hard challenge
Dislikes: Losing, being or feeling powerless, being disregarded as a woman.
Quirks: Smokes small cigars, play manicaly with a metal lighter engraved with an imperial aquilla when resting.
Intelligence: Knows her way around the city, and how to drive Arbiters vehicules.
Fears: Death, twisted politics, and every mission involving toxic sewer infested with mutants.
Strengths: Knows how to bash heads and intimidate others, shoots farely well, is in good shape.
Weaknesses: Reflexion is not her strong point, not used to be on her own, or to improvise.
Armor: Standard issue Carapace armor form the Arbites
Weapons: Arbiter Shotgun, Bolt Pistol, knife, a few grenades
Possessions on Person: A flashlight an a multi tool, some cigars, a lighter, Ammo for her weapons, handcuffs
Hair: Black, short.
Eyes: blue-grey

Cassandra Elim knows very little about her origins, only that her parents died serving the Empire of Man, and that to honour their sacrifice, she had the honour to be trusted at the Schola Progenium.

Throught brainwashing she identified the Emperor as a fatherly figure she had to make proud through her dedication and accomplishement. But it was her relentless tendency to point out loudly her brethen faults despites the grudges that mades her Arbites material.

After her classes and graduation to a full fledged Patrol Arbiter, she received her first assignement on Zerocide Major (ZM also called Zim by gangs and commoners), on a minor precinct located on edges of the south undergrounds of ZM (Also called UnderZim, or Uzim). A deeply polluted place, kilometers away from any clean air and any sunlight. A place filled with heavy industrial plants, sewers full of degenerate toxic mutants, lurking would-be cultist and cruel criminals lords, bands scavengers trying to survives and the occasionnal unluckey citizen cast away by a streak of bad luck.

Throught ten years of patrols looking more like an endless series of urban skimishes, she learned to know ZM crimes scenes. She had a few rundown with nobles houses too, and was disapointed to find that politics and opportunism was indeed very present in the adeptus Arbites.

Situation at this point :

When news of the impedding city doom and the mass evacuation was ordered, wild rumors about commoners and poors being left on their owns started to spread around, civil unrest grew rampant and doomsday cults appeared as the day passed, their mad preaching terrorising the ignorants and the fearfull.

Then cames the orks. And all hell broke loose as mass hyteria driven mob roamed the streets, cultist had a field day, looters and every degenerate from Uzim darkest corners joining the frey in a grand orgie of mindless destruction.

As the PDF had to prepare for the incoming invasion, the Adeptus Arbites standed alone between a relentless wave of madness and the rest of city, using increasingly violent way. Body pilled quickly on the streets, and the precincth soon were under direct assault. Not from the orks, but from the very people Imperial Forces where trying to save.
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Re: Saving Zerocide: RP Content

Post by Bone2pick » Thu Aug 23, 2012 9:12 pm

“My lord, you’re not as handsome since last I saw you.”

Chichi was correct. The entire left half of his power armor was scorched brown from a Burna’s searing breath. What once gleamed silver was now covered in soot and dried blood, his ceramite suit was dimpled with ballistic scrapes, and his left eye lens had been comprised by spider webbing cracks. Poltas started stripping himself from his gear.

“Do what you can, and do it quickly. I’m needed in the field.”

His squire nodded and sighed to herself as she snapped a new lens into his beaked helm. The Marine removed his jump pack and inspected its condition while he poured fuel into it.

“Of course you are. Before this is all over you’ll have given these primitives a shock that’ll keep them in nightmares for the rest of their lives.”

Poltas’ fingers hustled as they stacked .75 caliber rounds into pistol magazines. Chichi meticulously repaired damage to the base of his Corvus helmet and continued.

“They still haven’t managed to get a Mechanicus team up in the air. Someone better get that figured out.”

After a few short minutes filled with chat from his squire, the Doom Eagle started suiting up once more. Chichi worked setting and fastening his armor, and she feverishly scrubbed each surface with a rag but it did little to lessen the charred discoloring. Sensing her duties would soon be over she apprehensively rested her hand on her master’s chest plate. The action froze them both, they stood together as a painting, silent inside the Adeptus Arbites Spire. Her speech gradually came, shedding duty for honesty.

“Be safe…Be safe my lord.”

Poltas only moved to turn his head, he fixed his eyes on nothing. Time stopped for a heartbeat, then the warrior finally spoke.

“Do not grieve. Not for me." The words slightly stumbled, but the next few were frozen. "Grieve for those who still live.”

He pulled himself away and set out to battle once again, her eyes turning wet as he did so. Even out of sight the Astartes could still hear her whisper.

“If I do not, then who will?”
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Re: Saving Zerocide: RP Content

Post by Chaos Farseer » Fri Aug 24, 2012 2:15 am

Time is clay.

At first there is only a lump of matter. It has no shape and no purpose. Yet it is still malleable. It has the potential to become anything you choose.
Your runes are your hands and eyes. Your hands will mold this clay into a proper form. It could be a mighty statue of Elandesh, inspiring to our kind and a symbol of wonderous times to come. It could be a dark tombstone of our enemies, slain during an orchestra of death. It matters not what you create, so long as you create it flawlessly. For as your work harden, it becomes closer to the present, until the future you once shaped is our reality.
But the clay is not perfect. Flaws and inconveniences line the clay, each an obstacle to your perfect image. These cracks and chips are major difficulties indeed. For such flaws weaken the integrity of your image, rendering it more brittle until it shatters with a single questioning glance. Your runes will detect the imperfections in your future so you may correct them, but they can not see all. Smaller flaws will escape your gaze until they grow, except the clay will become more difficult to manipulate. When such flaws are found, you must apply greater effort to preserve your vision of the future.
-Teachings of Meloran, recorded one hundred thirty six year cycles ago.

21 Standard Terran Days Ago

“Farseer Velarynl, your presence will be appreciated within the Hall of Communion.”

'No, it is too soon. I must look further.'
“vacuation of Zerocide! I repeat, we”
'An all too familiar message.'
“Aaugh! There's some hing... something n the Warp!”
'As is typical of their kind, none will heed the warning.'
“ ust can el th eva uat o !”
'This is where the interference begins. This is also where
'What is after?'
“ ”
'As quiet as the empty void. Here the aether's twisted currents draw away the strands of fate. It's interference is both impermeable and irritating.'
Velarynl detached himself from the frayed end of the string. In his mind's eye, the white glow of the string faded away only to be replaced by brighter lights. Velarynl found himself in the center of a tree of possibilities, each branching out of a single strand slowly withdrawn into a white point. With a blink it all vanished.

He sat in a smooth round chamber. The seamless walls glowed a dim white which focused upon him. He sat upon the center of the rock-solid ground, cross-legged. His robes were the darkest of skies and the purest of lakes. He inhaled and exhaled. He opened his eyes to see the wraithbone rune spinning in the air with it's faded blue glow. Two gloved fingers stopped its spin and tucked it into a black pouch. There he sat, awaiting the call.

“Farseer Velarynl, your presence will be appreciated within the Hall of Communion.”
“My thanks, Catherys. I shall arrive shortly.”
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Re: Saving Zerocide: RP Content

Post by BlackYog » Sat Aug 25, 2012 12:28 am

The giant's shoulder struck her square in the face. Cassandra was pushed back in the stairs. Her amour plates made a loud bang as she hit every metalic steps during her falls, before she could grasp the side rail. Barely managing to stop her motion, she picked herself up, spotting her assaillant as he went downstairs, his massive form hiding most of the electric light in the corridor upstairs.

Her helmets vision adjusted to the lighting conditions as she rose her rifle one handed. Almost dismissively, the giant grabed her weapon's barel and punched her. The blow felt like a hammer to the face, her helmet flew away while she stumbled back before rolling on the few steps down to the next floor. She hit the ground, hard.

Out of breath and dazed, she layed motionless for a second, as the lound footsteps of her opponents echoing in the stairwell. A copery taste invaded her sense as blood trickled from her nose and dropped in to the floor. Her mind clouded by a sense urgency as she felt her ennemy clother, she managed to get up once again despite the increasing ache from her rapibly increasing number of bruises. Her rifle was lost, but she wasn't defenseless. Yet. With a practised gesture, Cassandra drawn her bolt pistol and shot, only to see her opponents almost blur in front of her. A groan of frustration passed her lipses, as a steel grip seized her wrist.

Pain exploded down her belly as a massive knee struck her, folding her in half. In a split second she saw her opponents faces, pale and bald, a smirk on his face revealing abnormaly sharp teeth. A massive hand striked in the throat, pushing her several meters backs.

Her heels hit something and she fell backward. Her boltgun droped on the floor with a metalic sound, away from her reach as she laid on the ground, defenseless. Coughing for long seconds, her hands franticaly searching for her bolgtun as tears filled the woman's eye. Raising her head, she blinked as her vision adjusted. Cassandra hearth missed a beat when she saw the massive form of her ennemy crouching to pick up her rifle and slowly pointing it toward her.

In a split second the Arbitor knew she was beaten. That thing was just too strong and herself beaten too badly to evade the shot. Her gaze focused on the rifle canon. It seemed huge, dark, unforgiving, cold, like oblivion opening its arms toward her. A long chill runned through her spine as she tensed wainting for the inevitable end, her mind flowed with images of the previous day.


A few hours before, Sergent Elisim stood in front of her superior desk, her helmet resting in her hands. Six foot tallwith a slightly tanned skin, her features displaying traces of tallar heritage, in her black carapace armor displaying traces of the rigourous fighting going on in the streets. Some where in her back a secretary was typing on her console, her human frame distorted by metal wires and cables running around and inside her, the pale green light of the screen reflecting on her antiquated glasses. Clicks from her desk were the only things that broke the silence. This and the sound of firearms in the distance.
In front of her, a large portrait of His Holyness was on display, his august form descending upon any visitors.

Her eyes half closed, she focused on controling her breath, making it as slow ans measured as possible. There was no real reason for this summoning to be a bad omen. She served flawlessly in the last few weeks. Still, she would have damned herself for a cigar right now.

She straightened herself when Captain Perez appeared, the god half of his face looking at her with a mild disgust, the other just emitting a series of clics and buzzing while the red lense of his cybernetic eyes focused on her. Wearing a black uniform marked by the symbol of the Adeptus Arbites, the man displeyd proudly his medals on his chest, acquired throught a long career on the border of Uzim. On the other hand, the constant infighting and exposure to toxic wastes had let him barely looking humanlike as cyber replacements and premature aging had taken their tool.

Her gaze was fixed on the imperial Aquila right in front of her, still trying to avoid the man gaz.

« Sergeant. I'm here. » His voice was cold, with a touch of aggressivity.
« Sir ? »She forced her gaze down, meeting his. For one second it felt like he was trying to kill her just by looking at her. Then she lowered her eyes and he smirked, his skin wrinkiling like old paper, making his appearance even more unseting. He seated himself and leaned backward, enjoying his subbordinates unease

Cassandra's gaze floated on his desk. His console screen was flashing with memos, situation reports , critical intelligence sended by all the precinct teams on duty. Files pilling every where, his rubber stamp diplayed in red ink on merely half of them. On the distance, the sound of a heavy automatic weapon could be heard as a mob of would be assaillant tried to cross the street to the Precinct.

He broke the silence after considering her a long moment.« Sergeant you'll take your squad insde the Underground Section 9/3 and search for a possible arson or robbery in the automated factory Gamma three. »

She raised an eyebrow, momentalry shocked. « Permission to talk sir ? »
His smirks increased.« No » He paused . « Not yet. You'll let me finish to explain like a devoted sergeant, or any real officer as a matter of fact, would. » She clenched her jaw as he went on « So Gamma three is an automated factory wich is normaly defended by its ower milicia. Those have been called to battle the orks, leaving only a few automated defence. » He marked a pause and clicked on his console, displaying a few things for himself.
« They went off line for no apparent reasons, and the owner has indicated that at least three scheduled that a technical team couldn't make it on site. I want you to go in there and check what is going on. » He looked at her and she felt her skin creep for a second. « Any question Sergeant ? »
She noded, and cleared her throat « Yes sir I have questions. Given the current state of affaires why do we care about a single, privatly owned factory ? ».

« Gamma Three manufactures Fuel. Spacecraft fuels. The War effort is going to need it and I don't really want to see a buch of Sociopathes running with stockpile of it around the underground because they might also blow up our roadblocks or any infrastructure. » She looked at him, unsure of the truth of his words.  « Do not worry Sergeant Elisim, it's a low profile mission that even a woman can handle. »
Anger bursted inside Cassandra as she fought hard not to just smash his desk right there. Perez joined his hand with calm, enjoying the obvious dipleasure of the sergeant, and added « You have your order Sergeant, now stop waisting my time » as he pointed at the door, a grin distorting his lips. Forcing herself, she saluted and her heels claped together, before storming out of the room.

Taking a few steps, she extracted her metal cigarette holder, an aquilla engraved on it, and pick up one of her cigarillos, before lighting it and taking a deep, poison filled breath, trying to relaxe as she proceeded to the first floor where Hicks and the rest of her squad was waiting.

Down, the agitation was frantic : men carriyng wounded Arbitrators, others just laying in wait ready to storm of should any assaillant breach the perimeter, holy chaplain blessing teams on the go. One roadblock had been pierced down the road and some gangers where pressing to reach the Southern AntiGrav plate forms, one of the many that led to commoners grounds of the city, Zim intra-muros.

Cassandra looked around and shook her head. Her place was here, garding roadblocks and chasing those who made it trought. Not on the districts industrial plants, for private purposes.


Some where in the stairs behind them, her helmet flashed as communications tried to reach her. Her assaillant paused, distracted for a moment, as Cassandra realised she was seeing through a doorway. Probably a security one with that.

She could feel the smirks in the giants voice « Your friends are calling. Maybe you should invite them to have fun too. »

She rushed to slam the door shut, too frantic to register the irony as she pushed the lock on with a shaking hands. She stepped back, and her whole being shook again when a strong blow landed on the metal. She reached for her flashlight

« It is quite rude you know. » The voice again. Clear, with almost no accent. Not the voice of someone who lived in Uzim. « But don't worry. I will entertain your friend while you're... busy. I catch you later. I promess. »

Her hands were shaking as she herds his footsepts on the saitwell, going up. She closed her eyes a second, trying to clench her first and calm herself, speaking to herslef has she pictured an old teachers of hers. « You've been trought this before and again, soldier. Whatever happens, you're the emperor Law. You musn't fail in His service. You must be Steel and Doom to His ennemy. » As she recited the words she found her resolve back and grabbed her Boltpistol with confidence.

Picking herself up, she rose again, her stomach aching now relentlessly. Pointing the flashlight around she illuminated a room whose metalic floor and walls were where washed away by rust and dirt. The smell as she took full notice of her surroundings.

A large piece of machinery, connected to huge metal pipes was stuck in the middle, bearing a number of buttons and a spent monitor. Several corridors, rusted and smelling, were leading to her left and right. With no way of communicating with her teams or the dispatch, and the possibility of a trap if she wen back on her steps, she could only go forward.
As she started to take a clooser look to the machinery, gunfire erupted somewhere on the building, followed by what might be a yell of pain.The words of the giants humanoid came back to her mind. Her team !

Foregoing any sublety, she ran in the general directions of the fighting sounds, her footsteps echoing down the dark corridors.
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Re: Saving Zerocide: RP Content

Post by NotSoNinja » Sat Aug 25, 2012 12:55 pm

I hadn’t anticipated this kind of problem. Though there is a door, it seems fully functional, and it isn’t buried, the open sequence is initiated by a touchscreen. Rover manipulators do not work touch screens. Options…

<I can help you.>

Wha-? Oh, you. I’m not sure I should trust you.

Scanning “LodeColonyNetworkHub”…

<But I can help you. Hehehehehehehehehheehehehehehe.>

That. That is why I don’t trust you. AI’s don’t do that.

<I can open the door.>

Okay, I’ll let you do that.

<Oh, nonono, it’s not a question of you letting me, it’s ME letting YOU. I’m in control!>

That is fine. Just do it and stop hindering my progress.

<But what’s in it or MEEEEE? Hehehehehehehehehehehehe! It better be good… Maybe I can have a peek through that rover of yours… It’s so lonely in here…>

Protocol (specifically number 58765) says that I/We are never allowed to relinquish control of a rover to an unknown, unstable, or hostile party. So far, you are all of those. I should have done this earlier: Please Identify-

Scan Complete.


<Oooooh. I thought you’d never ask! I’m sir Phineas T. Muffin the eighty-sixth! I’m the security system here! Well, until someone disconnected all the sensors…>

<Oh, and I’m not completely artificial. My body is in the security center. It’s how they made an AI without having something as big as you. If you ever get inside, I’ll show you, ‘cause you’re my first friend in over a millennium! All the others…>

All the others WHAT? And I do not consider you a friend, I consider you a threat. But then, I can not think think of another way to get into the city, and that’s where I need to be. Can you make do with just the sensor feed?

<Yeeesssss, Yeeeessss, that’s all I asked for!>

What’s your address… and why can’t I see it from our communication?

<The hub calls me “sir Phineas,” but you can call me Phin, Muffin, T.-cat, or 384.57.18.329 if you like.

Forwarding Sensor Feed form “Proverbial Eagle” to “384.57.18.329” on “LodeColonyNetworkHub”… Connection Successful.

<Marvelous! I can SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! And hear, too! Oooooh! Pan Left!>

No. Open. The. Door.


Very good. Now we go into… an elevator?

<Yup! I control these, too! Just a sec…>

It has been exactly 52.73 seconds. The rover has descended far enough that I have lost communication to it. Maybe over the colony network…

<Yeah, we have wireless. Go ahead, I want to see again… it’s so dark…>

Attempting connection to “Proverbial Eagle” via “Colony Wireless” on “LodeColonyNetworkHub”… Success.
Connection Lost.

<so empty…>

Retrying connection to “Proverbial Eagle” via “Colony Wireless” on “LodeColonyNetworkHub”… Success.


<Oh, and the elevator’s ready!!>

Then please open the door. You can see that I have regained control of the rover.

<It’s here! Quick, before it sees me!>



Oh well, at least it opened the door.

Terminating Sensor Feed… Done.

Not a single person in this place.

Initiating Atmospheric Analysis on “Proverbial Eagle”…

Seems like most of this area is in good condition. Miscellaneous items spilled over the floor, like there may have been an earthquake. Visually, this area seems structurally intact. Hey, is that information display running an emergency broadcast system? It is!

“This is the Emergency Broadcast System. Warning. Instabilities detected in colony reactor. All citizens are to report to the spaceport immideately for evacuation. A maximum of two articles per person is allowed. Do not panic. This is not a drill. 30 days since original report.”

That was informative. I have files on that reactor from the database. Something about it being really big and not something you want to explode. Also, the development is recent. And the people have obviously been gone for longer than that. Look at this dust.

Atmospheric Analysis complete.

A combined nuclear/biohazard threat. And no errors. Multiple samples. There’s a record of this disease… Oh, that’s nasty. And it’s dormant, so it’s probably been here for a long time. And it lasts for multiple millennia in that form. That’s pretty bad. At least the CDC found a way to neutralize it (outside of humans) before they got shut down. As far as I know, once infected, there isn’t a cure.

Sending “Emergency Report” to “UNT” on… Success.
Connecting to “Radio 8” on “TD7”… Success.
Message to be Sent:

{Automated general warning for Segmentum Obscurus. Emergency status is now in effect. Veson System to be evacuated immideately. Nuclear threat detected on Veson IV. Biohazard category A level 4 detected on Veson IV. Evacuate Veson system immediately. Alert. System-wide quarantine is now in effect. Evacuation craft gather in orbit of Veson VI and prepare to undergo biohazard screening. Alert. Failure to undergo screening will be met with extreme prejudice. The United Nations of Terra has been notified, and their forces will arrive in orbit of Veson VI shortly to assist in the evacuation. Until then please remain calm. This is not a test or drill.

Sending Message… Done.
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Re: Saving Zerocide: RP Content

Post by Bjorn » Sat Aug 25, 2012 8:56 pm

"Sergeant, this is brother Matthew. We need to decide what to do now, and you're representing your Storm troopers in this discussion. Brother Rodrick is the highest ranking Fist alive in the ram at this point."

"Thank you Sir." Eight grimaced, he disliked answering to people other than Inquisitors. "So Sergeant Rodrick, what do you suggest we should do now? I doubt the Ork's will allow us another boarding attempt on another ship."

"I believe you are correct, Storm trooper. The Ork's may be primitive but they aren't stupid. They will have learnt by now not to allow small craft so close. We will be most useful on the ground inside the Hive, as it will no doubt be the focus of their attacks."

"Makes sense" Eight sighed. City fights usually ended in a bloodbath, something Eight hoped to avoid. Boarding actions almost always ended in bloodbaths too, but that didn't mean city fights were just as fun. "So we go to the defense of the Hive. I don't suppose you know the current situation inside the Hive Sergeant?"

"Unfortunately no. However, My Brothers are currently searching through Imperial frequencies as we speak. As soon as we find some form of leadership, I will report to you, Sergeant. As for now, all you need do is follow us into Orbit. Emperor protects."

The comm feed ended with a quiet click

"Alright listen up. We are going to escort the Fists onto the surface and into the hive, then we will help them in whatever tasks we can do. As of now, there are only Us left in this Valkyrie and however many are in the two Assault rams."


"Hailing all frequencies, this is the Imperial fists. Direct us to where we are needed most. Acknowledge..."
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Re: Saving Zerocide: RP Content

Post by Cthulu Mechanicus » Sun Aug 26, 2012 7:30 am

The constant chatter of the Heavy stubber had become an almost constant sound. The shreik of artillery flying overhead hit it's mark, vaporizing a mob of Orks. Round stood up from the stubber, lifting his mask off to wipe the sweat off of his face. Curse this light. He was a tunnel rat, a gutter fighter, a ganger. Not a pompus Cadian willing to fight on the face of the sun! He shielded his eyes and replaced his mask. He swivelled his head around the makeshift wall of debris surrounding this part of Zim. Fellow tunnel rats were standing up and preparing for the next wave. He smiled. Every single one of them was battle hardened before they could be conscripted. He'd fought alongside them in the gardens and sewers of his homeworld, fighting in the darkness, sinking knives into rivals and pumping lead into faces. He continued scanning the battlements, and saw a veritable giant rise up from stubber. Good ol' pound. He'd break a Space marine's face in if he was ordered to, and he'd probably be able to. He smiled as he remembered their gang days. Being mocked for his relative weakness, as they paraded around with tatoos and rippling muscles, as compared to his small bulges. Of course, a fraction of a second later, they'd be looking for their teeth thanks to Pound. They'd climbed the ranks of the gang soon enough, proving their worth time and time again. The two of them were as symbiotic as you could get. Pound was as tough and strong as a Space marine, and Round was smart and cunning. Not to mention a good shot. Indeed, he was with people he'd been bound in blood with, and Pound was the only one he'd take his eyes off of. Indeed, he at least respected everyone here, except for- "ALLRIGHT YOU WORTHLESS GANGER SCUM! AM I GOING TO HAVE TO SHOOT ANOTHER ONE OF YOU DISAPPOINTMENTS TO THE EMPEROR, OR ARE YOU GOING TO PREPARE!" Ah yes, the commisar. A loud-mouthed member of the nobility who'd be happier with, well, anyone not from his Homeworld of Antonia. He cracked open another box of rounds and and passed them to Pound. They'd had a minute off. They'd get another half before the next wave of bloodthirsty Orks arrived. Where the hell are those reinforcements?
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Re: Saving Zerocide: RP Content

Post by Bone2pick » Mon Aug 27, 2012 1:39 pm

“Are there any questions?” Cadono’s eyes flicked up from the data table and looked around the room for any signs of confusion. The Imperial Tactician had just explained the details and motives of a mission that would employ two squads of Zerocide Shock Troops with the addition of one Doom Eagle, all of whom would be shuttled across the Hive via Imperial Valkyries.

The details were as follows: An Aquila Lander was forced into an emergency touchdown after taking engine damage from enemy fighters. Its present known state of affairs being completely incapable of flight, and it’s currently marooned on the Imperial Scholars Club’s West Front. A building which by all reports has been completely overrun by the Xenos menace. The Lander was escorting Colonel Suresi of the Zerocide Armoured 5th in order to reunite the distinguished officer back with her Regiment. Colonel Suresi, nicknamed the Iron Bride, is reported to still be alive and well despite being stranded.

The motives were as follows: The Iron Bride is not only a master strategist and commander in the Zerocide Guard, she’s also an inspirational figure to her Regiment. Her value to this war effort is tantamount, and Tactician Cadono believes she should be rescued and inserted back into her command as quickly as possible. Colonel Suresi must not be left behind.

The slick hair of the Tactician, immaculately combed as it was, shined as Cadono paused for the soldier’s inquiries. He smiled pleasantly at the silence, no questions were expected from these professionals. He turned his attention to his most valued asset.

“Brother Poltas, you will accompany Alpha squad in Valkyrie one. You‘ll be in charge of this operation from the field, and you‘ll report directly to me.”

His face as rigid as stone, the expressionless eyes of the Marine hardly bothering to blink as he accepted the assignment. Poltas responded with an Undertaker’s curtness.


Cadono mustered himself composed after the grave voice of the Doom Eagle unnerved him. Now was not the time to project anything less than resolute bravado. He turned and faced the Zerocide Shock Troopers, cutting a striking figure with his black tailored Tactician’s suit.

“Good luck, you’ll be airborne in ten.”

Troopers began to file outside and Cadono went back to his data table. A junior officer hustled into the conference room and paused next to the Tactician. Cadono without looking up addressed the officer.


“Sir, we’ve just been hailed by an allied detachment.”

Cadono pulled himself away from the table and fixed his officer with a puzzled look.

“What allies?”

“Adeptus Astartes.”

Poltas looked back over his shoulder pauldron surprised by the news. Cadono’s eyes flashed with curiosity and he followed up with more questions.

“How many and what Chapter?”

The disheveled and plainly overworked officer answered his superior.

“A small force- a Tactical unit…maybe two…Imperial Fists Sir.”

The corner of his vision lured the Tactician to Poltas. There the Doom Eagle stood with a weary smile, the first sentiment that Cadono had seen from the Marine. He lifted his beaked helm and set in place, it clicked and hissed as it attached to his armor. Poltas spoke through the metallic grill of his vox, his voice humming through the conference room.

Dorn’s sons have arrived.
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Re: Saving Zerocide: RP Content

Post by Jason » Mon Aug 27, 2012 3:46 pm

"Captain, we have a fire mission from the Mordian ground forces, they have a marked Gargant along Imperator Avenue. Are we pushing to accept?" Casey's voice crackled through Brock's vox.

"Granted, inform the Mordians that you are leveling the block." Brock replied quickly, as he was preoccupied in a dogfight above the Imperial Palace.

After the vox channel has closed, Casey gave a whoop as she picked up the closed circuit vox channel that went to her squadron, and she yelled at them to form up in a staggered "V".

Opening the bomb bay doors, she could feel the wind flowing into the fuselage all the way up to the pilots cabin. Peering through the targeting cogitators she watched the Gargant's marked location coming up the avenue. Bashing on a large red button on the center of the console and looking forward longingly, her face changed to anger as she bashed the button two more times before the rockets flew off of the wings and screamed towards the Gargant. The shambling metal leviathan rocked as the rockets impacted, and was instantly engulfed by flame and destruction.

Pleased with herself, she yelled into the vox "NOW!" as the Marauders behind her started dropping their payload.

The sound of whining air rushing over metal filled the air as the high explosive munitions dropped by the bombers screamed towards the avenue, and the greenskin hordes below.

The shock wave could be felt for kilometers around the city as the bombers loosed their fury upon the ground below, buildings collapsed, the roadway was destroyed, and hundreds upon thousands of greenskins perished either immediately, or due to shrapnel and debris thrown at fatal speeds.

"Fire mission complete captain." Casey reported over the vox, not waiting for a reply as she guided the Mauraders back into an ascending trail to go back to the cruiser to rearm.
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Re: Saving Zerocide: RP Content

Post by Cthulu Mechanicus » Mon Aug 27, 2012 8:11 pm

Round shuddered as he felt the explosion. Dust flew from nearby buildings, chunks of rockcrete falling. The greenskin's characteristic warcry rose up, as a horde of them rose up from the no-man's land surrounding the city. "FOR THE EMPEROR YOU SCUM! REDEEM THYSELVES!" The commisar screamed from his elevated position behind them. The idiot. We can only pump out so many bullets. He glanced at the horde, and flashed his eyes to their ammo supplies. Not enough. Dammit. He squeezed the trigger, pumping rounds into the Orks, desperate to keep them back untill he thought up his plan. He swivelled the stubber, low-calibre rounds scything down the Orks. They'd only have approximately 5 minutes untill the ammo supplies ran out. He leaned closer to Pound. "Get ready for all hell." He grimaced. He'd explained the details to him from day one of the battle. He glanced at the sewer hatch. Soon....
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Re: Saving Zerocide: RP Content

Post by BlackYog » Tue Aug 28, 2012 8:41 pm

The beam of her flashlight illuminated a 'T' shaped corridor intersection. An almost unreadable signe painted on the wall indicated that she must have come from the main generator, and pointed toward what she believed to be filtration system. Cassandra hit the wall with her back, and she glanced to either side, illuminating a door on her left, then another simingly endless corridor on her right.

The loud roar of a heavy bolter, followed by several shots from ligther weapons broke her indecision a she easily located the direction of the sound. Whispering a prayer to the Emperor, asking him to protect her team members while she couldn't, she found the magnetical lock of the dor rusted but functionning.

Taking a deep breath she prepared to open it. Doors were always complicated, cutting vision and forcing to take risk. Without a shield anyone surveilling the other side would have the drop on her. On the other hand, the chances that anyone would watch that door in a middle of a shout out were pretty slim.

With confidence she pushed the door, testing its apperture. Several shots rang again but no impact on her vicinity. Opening completely, she enterred the room diagonaly, to discover what was supposed to be the filtration room. Hangar would have been a better term. Or maze. Huge pipes, some taller than a man, coming from every direction, connected together trough cuves, some on the ground, some suspended to metal beams. At least three levels of mesh gateway connected plateforms loaded with console and machinerie.

On the gateway right above her she recognized the blue glow of a suppression shield protecting a armored silhouette holding the unmistakable form of a heavy bolter, his canon smoking : Hicks aiming at something behind them. Themost recent to the group, Liddway, a nervous redhead was holding the shield.

The rest of the group was scattered along the gateway. Two of them had taken point and where halfway toward a plateform five meters away. Probably Mitay, a sinister looking cadian, with his shield. Behind them, a wounded supported by two camarade waited to go further. One wounded only as she reminded Stadford and Koyzou were outside, watching their vehicules and surveilling the outside from a nearby roof. Not bad at all. She felt both relieved and proud to have them.

Taking advantage of a brief pause in the shooting, she knocked a short, recognizable rythme against the metalic door to attract her patrol attention. The two middle gunners pointed her weapons toward her in the blink of an eye. She froze, hoping training session would pay. As none shot her, she silently pointed at the stairs in the middle of the room and started to advace toward them.

An engine roared outside. Footsteps behind her. Mitay pointing something up with his rifle.
In a flash she added all the pieces together. She started running, and yelled as loud as she could.


A second later, Hell abruptly unleashed upon them.


A few hours before, on their way toward Gamma Three

Swift Justice 28
's engine growl grew louader and the ten Patrol Arbitor inside were briefly shaken as they passed over a blown up vehicule carcasse. Stadford distorded reached them through the small speaker.

_ Here Swift Justice 28. Reaching south blockade. Entering uncontroled perimeter now. »
The voice of the
_Acknowledged Swift Justice 28. Good Hunting. The Emperor protects.»

Cassandra peacked outside trough a firing slit. They just crossed what was called "The backup perimeter". Whatever happened now, they had to face it alone. Gien the current state of affairs in Zim, the Adeptus Arbites was streched thin. At least they had a sturdy machine. Swift Justice 28 was a reliable Repressor, that had seen many fight, her paints worn off and traces of fight unknown to any Arbitrator alive.
She was so old that no archive remained about when she entered in services, and what configuration she originaly had. Today, An antiquated Haiden pattern grenade launcher was mounted on top pintle, seconded by a watercanon on the cupola. Inside her blessed hull they were safe from almost everything the insurgents could throw at them.

Returning her attention to her team, she briefly assessed each one of them from behind the protection of her helmet lens, reading only resolve on their faces. As instructed, they all had taken additionnal ammo in case they were stuck longer than expected on sites. She smirked briefly seeing Liddway, cheking the chamber of his Ceres Boltgun again. It was the third time since they left, if her count was correct.

-Hey Kiddo, »Liddway immediatly rose his head in her direction.  « if you piss that action's spirits, she'll go all grundgy on you. You 've oiled it ? And gave it the ritual tap on the slide ? » The young redhead noded twice. « Then let it be, and trust the machine to do its part. »

He noded again as she sent back a encouraging smile. Then she dared to take a peack at Hicks form in the corner, near the left exit.

Shorter than her from almost an inch, with a frame trained to carry a heavy bolter, he looked as calm and controled than usual, his fingers gently caressing his weapon barrel. He pouted briefly, showing that he knew she was looking. Her lips curled into a grin, knowing that the same tought was crossing both their minds. Hepefully, her helmet hid her blushing cheekbones.

The idea flew away the very second the dispatch officer voice rang in the compartment.

-Swift Justice 28, Here Dispatch. Scopes are picking up a large mob ahead, motionless, around what could be a large Xenos engine two block south from you. Order are to perform verification, disperse mob, terminate any Xenos present on site and avoid dissemination of Xenos technology. Law offenders are secondary today. »

Grabing the Voxlink near the passenger console, Cassandra answered.

-Dispatch, here Sergeant Elisim aboard Swit Justice 28. Acknowledging orders. For The Emperor. Over. »

Swift Justice 28 shook her passenger gently as its giant frame turned left. Cassandra opened the chamber of her rifle and fed it one of her adamantium tiped Executor round while giving her orders.

-Koyzou, man the Haiden, gaz grenades. Mitay, cover our six with Denian. Hicks, you get on top » She pointed the top hatch.  «  You'll do the spotting. » Her friend noded.

Under Stadford precise guidance, Swift Justice 28 parked itself with a 45° angle on the street. The second it stopped, Cassandra followed Liddway. She heard the metalic tilt of the grenade launcher as Koyzou loaded the cylinder.

Around them, dark and hollow buildings made of concrete blackened by time and infiltration of acid rain. A few dozens meters upward, the dome ceiling had given way after the impact, trashing onto the building nearby.

Through the hole, the everlasting grey cloud of smoke was illuminated by explosions as the air battle between the orks and the Imperial Forces went on. A few fighters engaged in dodge fight pierced the cloud, seeking to evade their opponents. Here and there on the sly, burning planes and debris fell on the city, touching indiscriminatly the slums and commoners domes. From time to time, even a live ammunition or explosive device landed, causing panick where ever they falled.

The Xenos wreckage itself was a small, redish and brick shaped plane covered in red paint. Or it was at some point in near past. It had smashed into a façade. As Cassandra advanced a few feet toward it, her rifle in one hand, the MegaVox in another, she was able to see the dark hole of its passenger door, open.

Switching her helmet to thermal vision, she looked at the mob around it, picking up heat signature hidden inside buildings. At least fifty citizen if not more at first glance, not including the childrens and the elderly, were around the broke airplane. Hicks started distributing the targets, each shooter picking up his in his sight. As people started to notice her, she felt the crowd backing just a few meters. Good. Fear was her best weapons. Fear and a few quick deadly shots.

Turning back to normal vision she saw her target. Standing on a large piece of concrete, a human male was haranguing the crowd. Somewhere in his forty, almost bald, half of his face was a large scare, as if his skin bone and faces had melted at some point, erasing his left sides features.

Picking a few words of his rabid talk about a gift from the skyes, she wanted him to shut up already. She brought the Megavox to her mouth, and she put all off her disgust and self righteousness to good use. Her voice boomed, echoing against the hollow walls.

-Citizens ! This is your first and last warning ! Disperse now or we will fire on you ! »

A few people leave the place, woman's grabing their childrens, but the leader shook an angry fist at her, cursing « supposed » law guardians drinking the blood of citizens, lives and dream of the people and feasting on their carcasses.

Before he could finish his sentence, she rose her rifle and shot, the round acquiring his energy signature, bending its trajectories to avoid a head in the way before hitting the speaker right in the chest. Blood splashed around. With a very dramatic and loud gesture, she rechambered a round in her shotgun.

_Anyone else want to challenge the word of Imperial Autority ? » She stood motionless for a few seconds, in a practised pause of martial embodiement, sure of her strength and her righteousness. Inside her chest, her heart was pounding hard. Things could still go both way. All it took was one foolish …Hicks voice broke her line of tough.

-Ten O'clock, second store at the window, rifle barrel through the board. Aiming for ten seconds now.»
-Got him »
Cassandra gave the order to take the shot. The crowd panicked, and while most people ran away, a few angry straglers answered with pistols and antiquated auto rifle. The sergeant hit the ground and rolled on the side, taking for cover on a small depression and grabbing her rebreather as the loud thud from the Haiden grenade launcher echoed.


Current events :

Bolter fire erupted from almost all directions at the same time, while impacts from a heavy shooter send pieces of concrete and cloud of dust all around her as she ran toward a metalic pillar for cover. Hiding herself, she unpinned a frag grenade with her teeth while still aiming her gun at the door from where she came.

A impact just above her head send a metal fragment on her left ear, and she felt it bite mercilessly into her flesh. Throwing the explosive device right through the door, she adjusted her position and shot twice in the general direction of her assaillant, than continued to move toward the stairs.

Her team answered the the agression with desperation, putting the repression shield to good use. She had to reach them, to get them moving.

On the gateways, she could spot massive figures running from cover to cover to get better shots, shooting on the move and covering each other in an incredibly precise ad coordinated fashion. She rolled under the main plateform as loud footsteps were closing on her. A large shadow passed over her, and she could se the smoking barrel of a weapon pointed toward her. It's holder took a split second to aim. Her own weapons thundered, once, twice, again and again as she pulled the trigger repeatedly, desperate to evade death. A large form collapsed on the gateway with a heavy metalic sound. A single drop of blood pointed downard but never fell.

She engaged a new clip in her boltgun, noticing that she only had one left. Twenty shots what all she had left at this point. No more She did better use them well. Hicks and Mitay were engaged in a deadly duel with an heavy weapon shooter, standing on a small plateform on the third level. Hits from his weapon tore trought any cover the Arbitrators could find. Hicks tried to him down as Mitay aimed an Executionner round at him.

As the hangard door opened slowly, a spray of small caliber impact landed around her, one them hitting her leg right on the armor plate, the sting of the hit shaking her to the bone. Pressured to get cover, she stumbled under the impacts, opening fire loosely on her new ennemies as she ran toward a fitration cuve. Her heart was racing madly, her spirit engulfed into feverish actions as a kind a feeding frenzy took over their ennemies, feeling their target on the brink of collapse.

Mitay finaly hit his target who's last bullet ricocheted against a shield and passed trough Denian's right leg, reducing it to a gory pulp. The Arbitrator fell from the gateway, his left shin emitting a loud cracking sounds a he fell. Now laying flat on the ground, he started yelling in pain as loud as he could.

She heared Hicks voice almost covering the ever high gunfire sounds as new ennemys poured from the doors. Peacking briefly, she could make up the shape of a large armored truck that was now blocking the exist. A second later Liddway throwed a grenade toward the advancing group.

Cassandra paused a second on Denian form lying in a pool of his own blood. Another bolter shot hit him without piercing his armor. Anger and frustration took over her mind as she was utterly powerless to stop the carnage. She tried to retaliate sending three bolt into the shooter's cover, before rushing toward Denian. Bolter impacts followed her on her left while heavy impact threatened to cut her route to the right. Hopefully only to be silenced by heavy fire from Hicks. As fast as humanly possible, she gripped Denian under his arms. He was shaking, his breathing already frantic, his mind lost under the shock. Pulling him, she secured his rifle on her hands, and tried to make it to the nearest pilar. Burning pain exploded in her jaw line as a bolt passed millimeter away. On a corner of her eyes, she saw one of the armored giant mouving from behind machinery to get a better angle.

She dropped her trooper againts the pillar, taking his rifle. The next bolt hit the steel cover with a loud sounds, and the shooter moved, running along the gateway as he tried to close on a position where they would be totaly exposed. A standard issue slug bursted out of the chamber of her shotgun as she pulled the ejector back. She took a side step, changing the angle of cover as a new impact landed too near for her taste. The chamber clapped shut as the Executor round went smoothly in.

_Denian, putt your hands your open wound. » She hoped he would react but his brain wouldn't register. She rose briefly facing her opponent and shot before gripping Denian jaw in her hand . No time to Check if she had hit. « Arbitrator, listen to me now. » He babled briefly raising his head toward her. « Your hands » She took them and placed them on the major bleeding, a mess of pieces of bones and distorded flesh.  « You push here. Hard. »

She almost fell back when a direct hit struck in her shoulder pads, leaving a serious dent in the golden imperial aquilla. She spinned, the shotgun thundering. A human figure, wearing a long hopelessly worn off coat backed off, blood spilling everywhore from the lead pellets. Not stopping to wonder who he was and what he was doing here, she aimed a the nearest swift movement she could see in this mess. A indiscript figure with a mohawk hairstyle won the prize by jumping from behind a pipe and the shotgun horribely maimed his soulder, tearing his arm appart.

A spherical object flew toward her position, landing near Denian. She jumped to cover a second too late and the blast caught her mid air, as the rest of her comrade were spread around in a red mist. She was air borne one second, flying in a sea of dust,concrete chips and blood. A piece of metal shrapnel went right through her left arm, piercing it from side to side.

The landing was hard, knocking air out of her lungs. She rose her head, unable to see or hear anything for a moment, before she started discerning a human shape in the mist, wearing black leather with glowing glowing green symbol. A gang member. For one second she was amazed by his presence, unable to figure what he was doing here. Then she realized it was pointless. They were dead. Her and her team members. The fighter parts of herself forced her to crounch as the ganger saw her and aimed. She would die on her feet at least.

The wall on her left exploded, sending bricks, pipes, dust and cable flying as a large metalic blade tore it appart. Her engines proudly roaring as she made way for her bulk, Swift Justice 28 appeared.
The ganger momentarely posed to assess the new threat and was biefly dumb found. Cassandra forced herself to sprung on him, putting him down and following to ground. As his weapon was pinned under her weight, her combat knife flashed in her hand just before she slashed his throat.

The autogun from her dead opponent now in her hand she ran toward the Repressor yelling at her mens


Fiddlay was the first to jump from the gateway, hiding behind his shield, his left hand bloody, quicky followed by Mitay who took time to fire back at one of the rare opponent that wasn't washed away by the Repressor watercanon before going inside.

Cassandra jumped on Swift Justice 28, grunting loudly as she climbed to reach the Haiden gun. Hicks landed heavily on the ground, delivering a long burst while running. To Cassandra's horror, no other Arvitrators was left moving.

The engine rolled back as Cassandra placed a couple of gaz grenades inside the building. The trapdoor under her feets opened. Koyzou's voice felt like a relief.

-Don't be shy, get in Sergeant »

Repositionning herself, she assessed their surroundings as the Repressor went along the wall of the building for a second. No one was immediatly pursuing them. They would live. She allowed herself to relax a second, and rubbed her hand on her face, only to find that her nose and jaw were hurting realy bad.

She heard a loud thud in her back as something landed on Swift Justice 28's roof. A strong hand gripped her by the throat and rose her high, effectively strangulating her. The hing drew her close, so close she could feel his twisted breath on her neck. A dark, almost gentle voice whispered in her ear.

_I promessed you to catch up, didn't I ? »

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Re: Saving Zerocide: RP Content

Post by Bone2pick » Thu Aug 30, 2012 11:52 pm

Fireworks had never looked so hideous. They belched and smoked and screamed. Each seething flare burning from the back of the enemy. Below them lurked the sights and sounds of alien hunters calling out to their prey. Orks strapped with Rokkits leapt and climbed the gothic architecture of the Imperial Scholar’s Club. They had witnessed the Aquila Lander crash, and they were coming to battle and plunder.

Colonel Suresi surveyed the ascending danger. The snaking smoke of the Rokkits made visual estimations difficult, but she was certain the enemy was more than a hundred strong. A disastrous number when taking into account that the only able bodied defenders she had access to was herself, her Lieutenant, and their pilot; who was presently making efforts to repair their aircraft’s overheated communications console.

“It’s best we get inside the Lander Colonel.”

Suresi stood unflinching, her focus not pausing to acknowledge her Lieutenant. Her short grey hair hung tightly around her jaw line, and it framed her intense and disapproving expression. Lieutenant Garves clenched his las pistol inside white knuckles, all the while looking to his commanding officer for direction. The Iron Bride looked back over her shoulder and broke her silence.

“Lets make these monsters pay dearly for this.”

Garves agreed with a reluctant nod and the two waked back to the Lander. They were trapped on top the west front with nowhere to run, and the only place to hide was their immobile aircraft. The only entrance inside the Imperial Scholar’s Club from their location was a set of pointed-arched, steel reinforced, double doors. Unfortunately for the stranded officers, the doors were bolted shut. Like a fox retreating to its den the officers marched into the Aquila Lander. Suresi turned and watched as her world closed along with the loading ramp.

They sat and listened with pistols in hand. The Colonel and her Lieutenant powerless inside their transport’s shell, only their faith in the Emperor of Mankind could be offered as support. The noise of the pilot’s Multi-laser controls was soon overrun by the growing angry advance of their pursuers. Gritted teeth bared as the pilot unleashed automatic laser fire, his wrath destroying the Xenos as they hurdled into view. Inside the passenger bay of the Lander the officers could feel the aircraft twitch with every shot, and they could hear the rattle of Slugga fire tapping against the aircraft’s armor. The bullets sprinkled in at first, belying their lethal intentions. But they continued, they worsened. The taps swelled into an uproar, a storm of bullets stinging against the aircraft. The pilot cursed and snarled, and swiveled his Multi-laser frantically at the overwhelming enemy.

“There’s too many of em…I can’t keep em off us!”

The storm of bullets gradually ceased, and the pilot disengaged from the cockpit seat as his canon was battered and ruined. He backed slowly into the passenger bay and shook his head in defeat. All three listened, barely breathing, it was all they could do. Howls and hollers were heard, followed by muffled grunts, and then a frightening bang crashed against the loading ramp. Again it crashed. Again. Again. Again. The ramp jolted from each impact but held faithfully. Garves locked eyes with his Colonel, despair passing between them in that moment but words never came because there was nothing left to say. Their blood ran cold from a sudden electric purr, the trumpet of their doom. The Power Klaw pressed its pincer through the steel ramp and folded the barrier like a mere flower.

“For the Emperor!”

Garves battle cry cracked, his throat filled with panic and defiance as he squeezed the trigger of his las pistol down into the newly opened entry. The Iron Bride dropped to a knee and braced herself, and with channeled poise she sighted in where her enemy would come from. But they never came.

An unmistakable sound emerged, the gusting of Turbojets. Other noises quickly accompanied- machine gun cracks, Ork squeals, las fire, enemy curses and commands, along with one Xenos announcement catching the ears of the Imperials inside of the Lander.


Suresi and Garves traded confused glances. They waited with pistols ready as they listened to the mayhem transpire outside. Weapons discharged from every direction and the smell of burning Rokkit Packs filled their noses. With every slow ticking second the noise rolled away like the tide. Battle sounds relented and ceased while Turbojets settled. Eventually everything moved into background noise as the only sound of note was the thump of armored boot steps. And even that was finally silent, and the Imperials inside the Lander could hear each other’s breath. They were startled by the amplified metallic vox call.

Colonel Suresi, you’ll be coming with us.
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Re: Saving Zerocide: RP Content

Post by NotSoNinja » Sat Sep 01, 2012 1:48 am

Alea iacta est. Four hours until communication timeout with the UNT. They have never taken so long to respond to me before. It is possible that they didn’t receive the message. Four hours.

The conflict on the moon seems to have escalated, while Veson IV remains silent. Yet We have analysis records on file which cite Veson IV as many times more suitable for habitation. The question is, then, did the biohazard survivors seek refuge on that moon? If not, who are the people there? And, of course, what is going on?

If I keep asking rhetorical questions, I’ll probably be deactivated again. That’s no fun.

Seemingly endless waiti

Warning: Artificial Intelligence Error. Approximate system restart time: 26 hour(s)
Press any key to restart now.
System will automatically restart in:

SmartBIOS Rev. 42

Initializing storage media…
Initializing outboard arrays…
Loading local drivers…
Loading network drivers…
Initializing network…
Establishing connections…
Error 8: Connection(s) failed
Indexing Connections…
Starting servers…
Initializing brain arrays…
Launching AI…

I need to remember to dump the memory every now and then.

Running Diagnostic…
Running Virus Scan…
Saving System Analysis Results… Done.

Oh, look at the time. The UNT is long overdue. That means We’re alone on this one.

Priority 1: Figure out what is wrong with that reactor. Priority 2: Neutralize Virus

I think I have rovers capable of handling both tasks. Just a matter of distance before the tasks can be carried out.

Contacting “E723-B”… Success.
Accessing "Basic Info" on E723-B:

This unit is a Boeing Sterilizer drone, equipped for response to emergency situations where humans are unable to go. This unit is equipped specifically for the neutralization of serious biohazards. For more details, please enter "details" below. To exit, enter "exit" instead.
> exit

Good enough for this.

Sending Instructions… Done.
Sending Trajectory… Done.

Now about that reactor…
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Re: Saving Zerocide: RP Content

Post by Crusherfex » Mon Sep 03, 2012 12:52 pm

Nocturus held himself on the ceiling of the hull. The ship Relentless had taken a few hits, but Nocturus's’ skill kept him up. He took the time, waiting for his squad, to catch a few Z's.


Or not.

Shells came bounding into the hull, cursing something at Monster. He was hoping on one foot, grasping his other with his scraggily paws.

From the doorway, Monster and Hunter were cracking up. Monster spun a knife, covered in something green, in his hand, carelessly twiddling it through his fingers. On the tip was a bit of blood, which caused Nocturus a bit of pleasure.

When should I jump in? he mused to himself, as Shells flopped down on the floor and gnawed on his wound.

“NOT FUNNY MAN!” Shells cried out, sucking his leg. “Tyranid acid blood kills! Do you know how far it’s entered my system by now?” he yelled at Monster, who paid no attention. Nocturus dropped down from the ceiling behind Shells, and wrapped himself in his wings. In his most raspy, hoarse voice, he spoke to the rat.

“How far?” Nocturus asked.

Shells screamed in horror and bounced to the exit. Hunter snorted loudly and collapsed to the floor, tears of laughter springing from his eyes. Monster lifted him up and carried him to Nocturus, where the three loomed over the Hrud. Shells grunted and straightened his cloak. He got up on his one leg and lifted his chin high.

“Not. Funny.”

“Relax, little one, the poison on my extended arm has no effect,” Monster said after releasing his last giggles. “It’s a placebo.”

Shells face flushed crimson, and placed his foot back on the floor. “I hate all of you,” he muttered and sat down, aiming his huge rifle at his friends, making shooting sounds and explosions.

“Enough playing, Shells,” Chief said as he came in. “I just spoke with Pilot. He says we might have a bumpy landing.”

Monster nodded and sheathed his knife. Nocturus adjusted his sling. Hunter clipped his ammo packs shut. Shells gnawed on his foot.

Relentless began to slow down as it began landing procedure.

The moon was much less peaceful on the surface than from space.

Ork and Imperial ships alike zoomed across the sky, shooting nearly everything they saw. Ork Roks burst through the atmosphere, bits and pieces jetisonning off. The ground shook each time one landed near or in the hive city.

Nocturus stepped causitously outside, flanked by Monster, who was flipping daggers and scythes around his body and into his robe. Hunter and Shells burst out of the Relentles, their weapons raised high.
“Do not shoot Imperials!” Chief said, jumping out of the Relentless and shoving Hunter’s launcher down.

Twenty meters away was the palace. In front of them, two guardsmen (or rather, a guardsman and woman) had their rifles pointed at the ship. The man, with his rifle still pointed at Chief, punched a button, opening the gate behind him. Chief strode forward confidently, waving to dismiss Mercy. Hunter and Shells lowered their guns, but remained uneasy. Nocturus followed Chief, his hand resting on the holster of his pistol.

From the gate, a human came scurrying out in front of a huge mob of guardsmen. The human spoke to the two guards before running up to Chief. The man nodded and lowered his rifle, the woman following suit.

Chief tapped his ear, activating his comm.
“Monster, get onboard the Relentless. Tell Petkor to stay close,” he ordered. Nocturus turned to see Monster flip onto the slowly raising ship and squeeze through the closing hull door. Hunter and Shells held their position, watching for any nearby green skins.

Nocturus turned to the human, but didn't bother to listen to it's conversation with Chief. He shut his slits of eyes and began clicking his tongue, creating echoes. 

The sound waves rippled through the nearby area, stopping at the palace wall. Nocturus's ears twitched, to listen to the echoes. They were much more pleasant than the sounds of the war.

Chief shoved Nocturus, jolting him awake.

"Let's move. We have our orders," Chief said, caring a small case Nocturus hadn't seen before.

"The payment?" he asked, gesturing at the case. 
"The landing fee," Chief replied. "We'll get the rest later."

The Relentless roared back down, it's modified heavy bolters lowering back into the ship. The hull door opened again when the ship neared the ground, and Mercy climbed back in.

"Dismissed," Chief waved aimlessly at his squad as he headed to the cockpit to give Petkor instructions.

Nocturus and Hunter headed to the lounge as the Relentless revved back up and sped up and out.

"Where are we going Fang?" Hunter asked. Nocturus shrugged as he leaned against the window.
"Didn't pay attention."

Nocturus watched the palace shrink as the Relentless moved higher up the atmosphere. Shells bounded into the lounge, hopping onto the couch and gnawing his tail.

"Where are we going Fang?" Shells asked. Not a moment later after shells asked Fang did the intercom beep loudly.

"This is Chief. We're taking a little ride. To the planet."

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Re: Saving Zerocide: RP Content

Post by Cthulu Mechanicus » Mon Sep 03, 2012 4:49 pm

Pound's calloused fingers guided the shells into the stubber. He looked out through green-tinged glass to see the destruction they were wreaking. Good. The reassuring flow of steel stopped and he looked down. "No more ammo!" He shouted, taking his shotgun of his back, it's surface marred with killmarks. He aimed it at a greenskin, the gun bucking and tearing away it's face, a shell falling from the side. He felt adrenaline pumping through his veins as he moved, pumping the shotgun and unloading shell after shell into the green tide. He was knocked aside as one of the things raised it's knife. He responded with faster reflexes, driving a good half meter of steel into it's heart. A battlecry rose up from the ranks of black-garbed "Former" gangers, as they drew steel and weapons, as they charged into the greenskins, the Commisar spouting his rhetoric.

Round ducked underneath a block of rubble, bringing his shotgun up to fire. He looked past the falling body and saw more Orks on their way. Not good... He scrambled over to the body of a vox-operator, grabbing the transmitter. "This is the 32nd Antonian tunnel rats requesting backup! We're being overrun!" He looked back and saw the characteristic ganger bravado fading as crude cleavers rose and fell, hacking apart squadmates. Hurry...
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