Saving Zerocide: RP Content

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Re: Saving Zerocide: RP Content

Post by IGfanatic » Sat Aug 18, 2012 1:37 am

"Governor Fura, I don't mean to be rude but the sooner we leave, the better chance we have at getting you to the bunker alive." Timothy said and peeked out the window again.

"Don't worry Tim, I have everything I need now." Fura said and did the clasp on her bag.

"Good, let's go." Timothy said and opened the door to the office. The guards formed a protective circle around the governor and led her down the stairs as more aides tried to tell her things that were barely important.

"Fura! The captain wants to know if the palace needs more troops!" One said but a guard shoved him back and he fell down a few steps, yelping in surprise.

"Fura, the Relentless has landed!" Another aide yelled and this time Fura made Timothy let him in the circle. The group kept moving while Fura said a few words to the aide and he scrambled off. Timothy was too busy pushing servants and servitors out of the way to pay attention.

Before long, the group was in the court yard and guardsmen were scurrying about, slinging around munitions and wounded comrades hurt by debris or their own clumsiness. Once they made it to the gate, Timothy racked his fist against the large doors.

"Sentry, open up!" Timothy bellowed as he continued to slam his fist on the metal.
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Re: Saving Zerocide: RP Content

Post by jackmrnorris94 » Sat Aug 18, 2012 4:34 am

As Artyom was mesmerized by the storm brewing above them, he failed to notice as huge columns of vehicles and tanks raced by covered in soldier and citizen alike they rode to battle around the city. Praying, chanting, screaming and hollering even as they rode towards the raging battle ahead. Aircraft, Imperial and Xeno alike roared over head. Malin and Artyom were left to stand observing this parade of war and burning sky and had nothing to do as but stand idly by holding their position as Artyom was last ordered. And so they stood observing the chaos develop further and further. The explosions sounded louder and louder, the gun fire closer and closer, Artyom felt the war was slowly collapsing towards him. And he was ready.

Distracted by his own musing as he stared up to the sky, if it weren't for Malin screaming and turning Artyom to face it, he would have missed the small craft landing only thirty or so yards away. Artyom quickly snapped out of his mesmerized state, and snapped his rifle upward as he turned to face the foreign craft. Malin did the same raising her rifle, sidestepping to the other side of the road, keeping her aim trained on the craft. Both of the pair crouching to steady their aims.

Suddenly a pounding came from behind the gate, Artyom froze looking to Malin who looked back to him shrugging.

"Sentry, open up!"

Was called over the doors, followed by more pounding on the gate. Artyom looking back and forth from the ship and the gate cautiously stepped back, shouldering his rifle and freeing his right hand he reached back just enough to pull the gate open. Once getting it agape quickly moving his hand back to his rifle's grip, pleased to see his ironsight's were still sighted right where he wanted them.

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Re: Saving Zerocide: RP Content

Post by daemon slayer » Sat Aug 18, 2012 10:26 am

Race: Human
Actual name: Rickter Mackenzie
*nickname: Rick
Class: Retired Vindicare assasin
Fraction: Citizen of Xenocide
*Age: 45
*Religious Views: The Emporer protects
*Political views: doesnt belive in politics
Default atitude: Distant and heartless
*likes: being alone, cleaning his old rifle
*dislikes: other people, xenos and being retired
*Itelligence: Knows how to use most kinds of wepons and is a expert in math
Fears: Other people finding out he was an assasin
Strengths: Is an expert shot, okay hand to hand combatent
Weaknesses: missing right eye imparis vison
Armour: Synskin suit
Weapons: exitus rifle and pistol
*Possessions on person: none
*hair: short grey hair
*Eyes: bright green eye
*Distinguishing features: missing left eye

Biography: Rickter was taken in to the vindicare at the age of 2 after another assassin found his parents dead and him locked in the basement after an tyranid invasion. He was trained his entire life to be a could hearted killer. Over the years he killed many people and xenos. Untill one day he was caught in an explosion and a peice of shrapnel got lodged in his left eye. He was then forced to retire and moved to xenocide with a grant of money from the vindicare temple and lived alone for three years. Rick spent his days cleaning his wepons, remembering his time as an assasin. Then when disaster struck and the orks were spoted he put on his synskin suit grabbed his rifle and went to go get off the planet, killing anyone that gets in his way.
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Re: Saving Zerocide: RP Content

Post by Bone2pick » Sat Aug 18, 2012 10:34 am

Maze pulled his smudged white gloves off finger by finger as he walked towards his ally. The Astartes removed his helm and mag locked it secure so he could go about the business of weapon maintenance. Face to face the Lieutenant cocked his head and smiled at the stoic warrior.

“I bet you'll use this encounter as material for next class Brother Poltas.”

Against all efforts the Marine grinned back at the Mordian officer, then lifted his Bolt Pistol and blew the barrel clear.

“I will lecture on the value of calling for reinforcements, specifically when your unit is trapped in an inferior position.”

The words were not scolding. As difficult as it was to detect, the deep and bass filled voice of the Assault Marine could have been characterized as playful. An observation that most certainly defied the stereotype of his Chapter. It did not escape the notice of the Lieutenant.

“Well, it’s as they say, Dead Already.”

Poltas raised an eyebrow at his Chapter’s battle cry being uttered by a non Brother, and to his surprise, he enjoyed its sound. Maze was paying homage to the Astartes who had liberated his Company from a greenskin trap. The Doom Eagle nodded his approval to the Lieutenant and saluted the Aquila with zeal against the chest plate of his armor. Maze returned the salute at full attention. Poltas spoke to his friend, realizing now the word 'ally' wasn’t sufficient for the Mordian.

“Indeed. Difference through death.”

[Hailing: 2sq]

At the alert Poltas excused himself and replaced his helm.

“Go ahead.”

“My lord, reports are coming in confirming a sizable Xeno force is pushing through Hive street Imperator Via. Patrolling Zerocide forces are in organized retreat, and descriptions indicated the enemy has a large armored accompaniment.”

Chichi’s voice was clear and quick but frantic background noise could be heard over the com link. Poltas blink clinked and brought the sub-car tunnel map into view.

“Where is it and how do I get there?”

“My lord, if the data is correct then they're right above you."
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Re: Saving Zerocide: RP Content

Post by Bjorn » Sat Aug 18, 2012 10:59 am

Eight and his team had moved quickly toward the end of the corridor they had found themselves in, having to cling to various parts of the floor to prevent themselves floating away. The gravity in this area of the ship was weak due to the breach in the atmosphere, but further into the belly of the colossus the gravity would be stronger.

Eight moved his hand above his shoulder for the others behind him to see, holding it flat curling it into a fist. "Stack up on me, I can hear Orks in the next room."

Silently the others moved behind Eight, each man placing his hand on the others shoulder. Eight crouched slightly, pushing the already slightly ajar door further open. Four boys went around the room pushing large chunks of metal back onto the walls.

Pulling a grenade from his belt, Eight pulled the pin and rolled it through the crack in the door which he left open. Moving out behind the door, Eight leveled his weapon, as did the other Storm troopers. Eight moved his back foot slightly further back, bracing himself.

The Grenade detonated, the loud boom resonating through the metal and along the corridor. As the Grenade detonated, Eight kicked the door, which swung wide open revealing the room behind it. Stepping into the room, one by one the Storm troopers followed, each with their weapons raised. The Ork closest to the blast had been torn apart, only chunks of meat and slightly blackened blood sprayed over the wall barely a foot behind him. Next to him an Ork was desperately trying to re-attach his lower half to his torso. One of the Orks had remained lightly unscathed, but shaken. Slapping the side of his head a few times, the Ork stumbled around before he noticed the Five black armored figures that had entered the room. Before he even had time to raise his weapon, Five red lanced beams tore holes through the Orks chest, leaving a burned ring in it's wake. Finally, the third Ork was slightly bigger than the rest and it's skin was a darker green color. The Ork's back was coated in shrapnel, purple blood leaking from hundreds of tiny wounds. Hearing the crack of the Hellguns, The Nob turned to face it's attackers. Once again, Five lances of red hit the ork and tore holes through it's chest, but the beast simply staggered backward before regaining balance and charging, a primal roar rumbling from it's maw.

Rolling to his left, Eight brought his weapon to face and squeezed the trigger twice. Two bolts of red hit the Nob in it's knee, tearing a hole through it and causing the Ork to topple. Even crippled, The Nob still provided a threat. In one last act of defiance, the Ork launched it's Axe toward the nearest storm trooper, who only managed to try and parry with the barrel of his rifle before the axe impacted. With no-one behind it , the axe was more of a blunt tool than a violent blade, but it still did damage. Snapping the barrel of the gun and then hitting the man behind it in the chest, breaking his ribs.

With a quiet ummph the Storm trooper fell backward, landing on his back. Whilst the two closest to him dragged him from the room, Eight and the remaining Storm trooper set to work finishing the survivors. Drawing his pistol, Eight placed it to the temple of the Ork that had been torn in half and squeezed the trigger, ending the wretches life.

"How bad is he?" Eight asked over his squad communications, holstering his pistol.

"Three broken ribs, dislocated his shoulder and possible internal bleeding. He can't come on with us, he can barely stand."

"Fine, sit him up against a wall and give him his pistol. He can remain here and we will take him with us when we get extracted." Eight reacted, sighing.

"Understood Sergeant."

"Veteran Sergeant, this is Storm trooper team one. We just a casualty, surviving but he can't fight. We are going to be heading toward the ammunition dump for the gun batteries shortly."

"This is Brother Rodrick, Lycus is dead. Damnable Ork got him from behind. Resistance is far heavier than expected. According to my systems, their have been 7 casualties already, not including those who didn't make it onto the ship. It would seem Storm trooper team 2 is down to two men, luckily team four has taken no casualties but it pains me to say five of my brothers have fallen victim to these greenskins."

"Understood, Sir. We will complete our goal and extract in double time, I suggest you try the same."

"We will Storm trooper, Emperor prot..." The comm link shut off in static, before re opening to the sound of bolter fire and the whirring of a chain-axe. A Heavy shooter could be heard in the background, a visceral scream filled the comm, then finally silence before the entire link went dead.

"Sergeant, this is Valkyrie one. You need to hurry up, the ship is increasing speed and heading toward the moon. The Imperial fist frigate has been engaged by three ships, and it seems they're losing. One of the Cassius rams has already been detached and is being engaged by the defensive guns. I recommend you either extract now or do it shortly, it's getting too hot to remain around here for too long.
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Re: Saving Zerocide: RP Content

Post by Bone2pick » Sun Aug 19, 2012 12:16 pm

Imperator Via, one of the oldest and most vital main roads of Zerocide Major, was now a river of green. Evil machines lumbered, ramshackle tanks rolled, and buggies burdened with far too many armaments zipped through the horde. The Xenos had finally managed to deliver an army: War had finally arrived on Zerocide. The Doom Eagle watched the endless ranks of Orks push forward while standing atop the wing of an Imperial Aquila, the enormous ornament hanging from Zerocide Major’s Trade Spire. A gargoyle of Ceramite, his armor glinting ever so often in the setting sun.

Ninety two stories high had elevated him into a new level of hostilities. Buzzing fighter crafts danced right over head, with frequent booms and bursts of flame. Once an Imperial Interceptor banked right in front of the Trade Spire close enough for Poltas to see inside its cockpit. But his focus was below, down onto the army of monsters setting this city on fire. His helm had zoomed in tight for a better visual, but the anarchy was nearly silent to him; its ruckus unable to rise up into the Eagle’s perch. The mob of greenskins suffered little resistance as they pumped their way deeper into Hive, that is until the Autocannons opened fire.

Across the Imperator Via allied heavy weapon teams had collected. They attacked from lower story windows and from barricaded side streets, unloading their ammunitions on any and every Ork that dared be in their sights. It was open season on anything green, and the enemy flinched under the ambush. But the invader’s mantra was losses were always acceptable, and they countered with a strong commitment of tanks and canon fodder. Poltas leaned out over the wing’s ledge to survey the scrambling battle. There he hung, statuesque in observation, and then he leapt.

Free falling through the gothic Hive of Zerocide Major, wind whipping around his power armor, the Doom Eagle extended his arms like wings. Building floors passed by in bunches, and the noise from the conflict below rose in volume as he plummeted towards it. The ground was growing by the fraction of a second and the targeting system in his helmet was madly blinking from target to target. The prize was before him, and his trajectory was flawless. Towering nearly four stories high the Gargant stomped through the grand lanes of Imperator Via after the retreating Guardsmen of Zerocide. If left unchecked its damage would be catastrophic.

Poltas was dangerously close while moving at a breakneck speed, but the maneuver had to be executed perfectly in order to attract as little attention as possible. Finally the jump pack was callously summoned and its engine hissed and strained in order to spare its pilot’s life. Servos of the Mark VI suit shrieked on impact as warning lights scrolled across his helmets display. The Assault Marine snatched hold of the war machine’s layered bulk and held himself firmly in place. Poltas blink clinked open a com link.

“Confirming touchdown with target. Thanks for the distraction.”
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Re: Saving Zerocide: RP Content

Post by Bjorn » Sun Aug 19, 2012 3:00 pm

"Alright lets get to work" Almost as soon as Eight finished the comm feed to every soldier opened up.

"All Storm troopers, return to your Valkyries. You are leaving immediately. Imperial fists, return to your Cassius rams. This Is Imperial navy commander Lazarus aboard the Gothic class cruiser Devastator. We are about to engage the Kroozer you are boarding, return to your crafts and remove yourselves, we will engage with you on board or without you on board. Lazarus out."

"Son of a *." Eight cussed, turning to his men. "Okay back to the breach, we need to extract."

The Storm troopers nodded, immediately getting to work, grabbing there downed friend and propping him up.

"Any Imperial fists, respond." Eight spoke into the static. "Fists, I repeat, respond." Sighing, Eight turned to join his men, before the comm link flickered open finally.

"This is Brother Matthew, there aren't many of us left. We are retreating to the Cassius rams but we have taken close to 70% casualties."

"Understood. My team is being extracted now, We will circle around with the Valkyrie to draw fire for the ram to escape. We can also escort you to the Devastator.

"Much appreciated Trooper."

"Pilot we are coming out for extract now, Come in low and we can get on board."

"Understood Eight."

Eight was the last one to climb out the breach, standing low on the outside of the Kroozer holding onto the metallic shell. The Valkyrie came flying low but fast,slowing quickly and lowering the ramp.

The Troopers all scrambled on board, as did Eight.

"Take us out pilot" Eight yelled over the roaring of the engines, tracer fire from the hull of the ship raking the area around the Valkyrie.
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Re: Saving Zerocide: RP Content

Post by Jason » Mon Aug 20, 2012 5:06 pm

The Mauraders had become mobile fortresses, airborne monoliths of fury. It's large and lofty ordinance stores now filled with ammunition for the defensive guns, they had been raking the skies and the ground below since they came into the Zerocide city airspace.

The Thunderbolts had already expended their generous ammunition stores, and had returned from the cruiser, dodging space-borne ork craft and barely managing to refuel and rearm under the constant fire on their cruiser.

The Avengers had already been back twice, their punisher cannons eating up ammunition in matter of minutes.

Flying high above the city, Brock tried to get a grasp of the situation. To his dismay, fighting orks never really have a cohesive plan, and trying to understand troop movements is pretty much a guessing game. Rolling back down into the fray, he fired quick salvos into the tailing ork craft, sending them tumbling down to the city below. He kept his direct channel vox open, so he could hear vox chatter in his nearby area, and when he heard the messages being relayed around "Imperator Via" he quickly got direction and flew over the high tension area. As he banked over the tall spires, he was awed at the size of the greenskin horde below. Monstrous and shambling machines of war trundled along side a sea of greenskins, all wooping and hollering at the impending slaughter.

"Guardian Avengers, call pattern DC-14, form up on me." Brock barked into his facemask.

A quick reply from the pilots confirmed his request, and they circled around and found him. Falling into formation behind him, they formed a staggered line, rough 40 yards apart from each other.

"Stay tight to formation, we need to soften up the horde, those troopers are going to get massacred down there." informed Brock.

As they approached the causeway, Brock opened up his vox to the nearest recipient fighting along the highway.

"This is Captain Richard Brock of the 501st Guardians, Take cover in T-30 seconds, all friendlies, take cover. Airstrike inbound." He quickly rapped, and he could see men pulling shooters away from the lines, and guns being pulled into windows.

"Avenger 1, dive on my mark, and begin attack run. Give them everything you got." Brock commanded, eyeing the perfect apex for the attack run.

He waited for a split second, then dove sharply down as he opened up with his autocanons, letting the guns fire as he targeted some of the smaller vehicles with his lascannons, popping trukks and looted wagons as Avenger 1 began its decent. He quickly climbed as the roar of the Avengers cannon began to scream like an angry daemon, thousands upon thousands of armor piercing rounds began to pour out of the gun, turning ork and vehicle to mush and scrap. A wide swath of death and destroyed vehicles began to show as the first Avenger made its attack run, emptying all of its ammunition into the greenskin horde. As the second began its decent, it made the same attack run, but this time the shock value on the orks had worn off a bit, and they made some return fire upon the descending aircraft.

All of the Avengers had made their attack runs, but at the cost of one crafts fighting ability, as it limped back to the cruiser, mortally wounded.

Brock eyed the damage done, and while it was substantial, many orks and vehicles remained, and the street fighters resumed their battle below him.
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Re: Saving Zerocide: RP Content

Post by respect92 » Mon Aug 20, 2012 5:16 pm

Anyu stood in the window and watched the city to turn into a hell. Everywhere there was burning aeroplanes. A half Vendetta crashed into a building just 50 meters away. She looked like in slow motion when it collapsed. Her spy helm waked her.

"Maka3 on line one"

"Anyu here, what is it?"

"We can't hold much longer, we are soon out of ammunition"

"That cant be, there was less then 300 of them"

"They must have joined up with a bigger group they must be at least twice as big"

"Retreat accepted. Gather your men and those from Maka2 and..."

"Roger tha.. NO, they have bikes. Sorry Ma'm. We have failed you..................."

The last thing she heard was the bikes and screaming mens.

"Damn those pathetic little boys." She said to herself when the comm went silent. She tried to connect to any other of the squads she had under her command. No answers, only silence. Alone again, like so many times before. A loud sound from the bottom of the tower got her attention. There stood the bodyguards from the warboss sje killed 20 minutes ago. They where trying to get thrue the door. She grabbed her rifle and killed five of them before they finally broke it and got out of sight...
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Re: Saving Zerocide: RP Content

Post by Bjorn » Mon Aug 20, 2012 7:22 pm

The two Cassius rams pulled away within moments of each other , Eight's valkryie following behind, the rattle and repetitive thump thump thump of the nose mounted heavy bolter as it engaged various Ork gun emplacements that adorned the back of the ship as if they were some kind of rash.

The second team's Valkyrie swerved to avoid a cluster of missiles heading toward it but the missiles followed, engulfing the craft in roaring flames for a brief moment, before the light was extinguished as the oxygen burned out, leaving a small clump of scorched bits of metal drifting apart.

"This is Team leader 2, metla charges in place in the engine rooms. Mission is complete, returning to extraction site."

"Team 2, This is Team one. Your Valkyrie just got blown to hell, and the Imperial Navy are about to open up on that ship. 3 and 4 are down, you are last friendlies on board."

The sergeant of team two swore in a whisper, only lightly enough to be heard on the comms. "Alright 1, Would an extract be possible in the next 30 seconds? We can detonate once on board and get clear before the navy blows this place to whatever hell these bastards believe in."

"Understood Sergeant, we can give you maybe a thirty second window, but any later and we can't guarantee anything.

"Alright, you get there and we will be there too.2

"Pilot! Take us to team Two's breach were getting them out too."

The Valkyrie banked left, bringing it's nose back to bear. The various weaponry on the kroozer trained on the craft opened up again, but nothing did more than simply scratch the paintwork. Engaging the mag-clamps on the Valyries underside, the aircraft latched on. The ramp slammed down, as three injured Storm troopers hobled on board. "I owe you one" The Sergeant smiled, grasping Eight's hand. Sitting him down, Eight signalled to the pilot to take off.

Dodging tracer fire and the occasional missile, the Valkryie caught up with the Assault rams as they travalled toward the Imperial cruiser. The Kroozer's engines erupted in flames, the Storm troopers melta bombs ripping the back side of the ship apart. The now crippled Ork ship continued it's momentum, getting closer and closer to the Devastator.

"Imperial forces, get clear of the Kroozer. We are engaging."

The Devastator turned to it's right, revealing it's broadside to the Kroozer. As soon as it was finished turning, the various lance and plasma weaponry all engaging the doomed collosus. Lances ripped into the hull of the Kroozer, tearing chunks of metal from the ship as they passed through it. Secondary explosions followed, blossoms of red emerging from the holes. The large balls of plasma tore through the heavens at tens of kilometers per second, crossing the vast distances in mere moments. As they impacted, rolling balls of plasma tore it's way through the ship with the heat of a star. After a minute under constant bombardment, the ships reactor went critical and tore the ship apart in sub-atomic fire.
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Re: Saving Zerocide: RP Content

Post by Bone2pick » Mon Aug 20, 2012 7:28 pm

He would have to blow his way in. The shoulder-gun hatch of the Titan scaled behemoth was a tight squeeze for the tinkering Grots, and thus not an option for something the Assault Marine’s size. Poltas fastened a Krak grenade on an estimated weak spot of the Xenos war machine, the base of its rear skull plate. He paused momentarily to toss a rascally Gretchin off of the Gargant that had the misfortune of scurrying too close.

Bang. Shrapnel. Fire. Smoke. With weapons coiled he stormed into the beast. The enemy was confused: They had wrongly guessed the explosion to be a missile impact, not an entry way for an attempted assault. Poltas leveled his deadly pistol at prone and bewildered greenskins and burst fired without hesitation. Grot mechanics twisted through the gears and pipes of their fortress-lair to flee or shoot at their invader. The power axe glowed with radiance as it cleaved through its foes. Power armor effortlessly shrugged off the dozens of rounds the Orks connected with. Trouble came by way of fire as a blaze swelled onto his left side, the surprise attack sending warning signals flashing through his helm’s display. Poltas blind fired a volley of rounds at the flame’s source and the Burna Mekboy was put down. His modified body already adjusting to normalize his temperature. Enemies from below were climbing up a duct into the Gargant’s upper room, their numbers would soon be overwhelming. Poltas snatched the flamethrower from its corpse and hurled it towards the passageway. On mark as usual, a reactive round was placed into the Burna mid flight and the weapon erupted into a sphere of fire. The top of the ladder and everything near it was aflame, but one enemy had made it up safely, a rather large one.

Rusty teeth bit savagely as the spiked great club crashed into his shoulder pauldron. The impact of the blow shook Poltus from his sure footing and his pistol was fumbled loose. His axe wrist was seized and barred by the burly Nob as the two combatants wrestled for control, each one keeping the other’s weapon from delivering a fatal strike. Poltas drove an armored knee into the monster’s hip but the barbaric size and strength of the Ork shook its impact. Next came a mighty head butt from the Xenos, and it landed squarely on the beaked muzzle of the Doom Eagle’s helm. The Marine winced as his helm loosened, then launched his own offensive. Poltas released the grip on his power axe and in one fluid motion snapped his arm free and punched the elbow of his enemy, the very elbow that held the great club. Ceramite fist snapped against bone and flesh and his opponent was instantly disarmed. Each warrior was now without his weapon.

The Ork opened and connected with a leaping tackle. What the Assault Marine carried in speed advantage was all but nullified in the cramped conditions of the Gargant’s upper chamber. Down onto his back went Poltas, and his helm tumbled off from a flailing forearm. The monster spotted vulnerability in its opponent, and it formed a murderous grin. Its gruesome tusks looming dangerously close to the Marine’s face, it brayed its vicious threats.

“Iye bytes…Yure…Fase awwwf!”

Hot breath and saliva poured onto the Battle Brother’s skin. Poltas focused his biology and unleashed his counter attack. Spit streamed from his open jaws and bonded messily onto the eyes and nose of his enemy, the poison burning and muddying flesh on contact. Shrieks of pain flowed from the Nob as the front of his face bubbled and steamed. The Bolt Pistol was recovered and pressed against the temple of the suffering greenskin. The unmasked voice of the Doom Eagle carried an unmistakable morose intensity.

“I have made my peace with death Xenos. Have you done the same?”

The Bolt Pistol recoiled and then rested.
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Re: Saving Zerocide: RP Content

Post by NotSoNinja » Tue Aug 21, 2012 1:11 pm

It appears that I am the first one to access this in a long time. I wish I could be more specific than that, but it seems that this database has not weathered the years as well as I have. There are some very interesting, if incomplete research logs here, not the least of which center around some kind of reactor.

Downloading files… Done.

I would like to look over these, as they could be beneficial to my continued existence. The thing about this colony is: there is nothing on the network to suggest that anyone is actually there. Security feeds contain little movement, damaged sections have been logged as damaged for a long time, and there is no noticeable network traffic. Everything in that city is automated. Well except that… I guess it’s crazy… Yes, that crazy AI. The crazy AI that seems to have disappeared. Perhaps it is the remains of the “Lode Visitor Guidance System” that was mentioned a couple of times in the database. But that is entirely conjecture. It is now time for hard fact.

Connecting to “Voyager 376”… Done.
Integrating “Voyager 376”… Done.
Launching Rover.
Integrating Rover… Done.

And now we wait. We wait for the rover’s casing to hit the ground, bounce around, and deploy the rover.

Incoming Data from 8362:1037:0378:8356::::0012.
GOAC2 authenticated on 8362:1037:0378:8356::::0012.

Bad timing, but okay. What do we have here?

Receiving Data… Done.

You have errors, right? There’s no way that we don’t recognize a single one of the military forces here. Maybe we’ve been off for longer than I thought. And what’s this? An estimation that more than half of the combatants are not human? Who discovered alien life and why wasn’t I informed? Oh, that’s right, they turned me off. Humans. The most logical course of action at this point seems to be as follows: do not, under any circumstances, get involved. Last time I checked, getting shot was counterproductive. And, at long last, the proverbial eagle has landed.

Deploying Rover, Please Wait…
Rover System Check Complete. No Problems.
Designating Rover “Proverbial Eagle”.


Rover Deployed.

Ooooh. Ice. I forgot how it looked. Let’s go see if we can find a door or something.

The wheels on the rover go round and round…
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Re: Saving Zerocide: RP Content

Post by Cthulu Mechanicus » Tue Aug 21, 2012 5:38 pm

/ignore this.
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Re: Saving Zerocide: RP Content

Post by Bone2pick » Wed Aug 22, 2012 9:23 am

Poltas quickly gathered his gear and pillaged a few items from the corpses at his feet. The fire that had been keeping the enemy at bay was dying out, and the Marine could hear the sounds of an aggravated resistance shaping up below. “They would get their chance.” Thought the Doom Eagle.

Two discoveries had pleased Poltas. The first being the death of who he presumed to be the Gargant’s Boss-Mek. At least the Ork’s appearance fit the bill, and his position in the upper chamber was logical. And the second being the scavenging of two Xenos Stikkbombs, which he would make use of momentarily.

Weapons checked, pin pulled, and the grenade was powerfully bounced down the shute. The greenskins scrambled and cried out at the sight of the Stikkbomb, a second later came the familiar sound of detonation. Down dropped the Astartes, his Bolt Pistol barking continually in his hand. Dozens of enemies were bunkered in this larger chamber, some of whom had been wounded from the grenade along with many who had not been. Another massive greenskin outfitted with a wicked power claw stomped towards Poltas. Up flew the Doom Eagle as his jump pack lifted him back through the shute; the Nob barely missing a kill stroke with its raking claw. The Ork foolishly looked up the passage after its opponent, the very same opponent who had smartly sighted in on the hulking enemy below.

Thud Thud Thud.

Like a puppet without strings the Nob buckled and folded into a lifeless heap. Poltas slapped a fresh clip in and once again descended into the lower chamber. Astartes reflexes were the difference between life and death. An Ork Mek armed with a unidentified energy “rifle” had taken position against a support rail and waited in ambush. When the enemy’s weapon charged before firing Poltas jolted his jump pack forward narrowly avoiding super-charged death. Steel and iron were turned to liquid where the Doom Eagle had stood, and Poltas wouldn’t have fared better had he suffered its impact. The Marine fired two quick rounds mid flight, neither one hitting their target but their blast proximity burst close enough to sweep the Mekboy from his feet. The Astartes was up and running in an eye blink, he covered the ground between them all too quickly and took the Ork’s head from his shoulders with an axe swing.

The room was clear but wouldn’t remain so for very long. Poltas spotted the objective and readied another Krak grenade. The Power Field generator was a monstrosity of exposed wires, leaping currents, and a puzzle of buttons. He was forced to pause and toss the last of his looted Stikkbombs at a group of greenskins who had spilled into the chamber. Its explosion bought him the necessary time but a ricocheted Shoota slug had remarkably managed to shatter his left eye lens. Poltas blink clicked and ended its corrupted feed while finishing up the Krak charge placement. The generator was turned to scrap as the Doom Eagle jumped his was back into the upper chamber away from the pursing Xenos. Poltas opened a com link.

“Target is currently without its pilot and disconnected from its Power Field.”

The com link clicked back as it was picked up. The next voice heard was Lieutenant Maze’s.

“Roger that, great work Brother. You want me to call it in?”

The Assault Marine’s next reply was raw and grim.

“Call it in. Have someone come blow this disgusting thing off of the street.”
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Re: Saving Zerocide: RP Content

Post by Cthulu Mechanicus » Thu Aug 23, 2012 8:06 am

Race: Human
Actual Name: Hruk Degratz and Milos Bane
Nickname: Round N' Pound
Class: Imperial Guard heavy weapons team
Faction: 32nd Antonian Tunnel rats
Age: Both are 25.
Goal: Keep the other alive.
Religious Views: The Emperor has abandoned us.
Political views: The Imperium is the last, and only hope for humanity.
Default attitude: Completely loyal to each other, crack a few jokes, avoid the Commisar.
Likes/Dislikes: Like each other, guns, tunnel fighting, occasional looting out of sight of the Commisar. Dislike the Eccelisarchy, Xenos, the Commisar, Governors, other higher-ups.
Quirks: Eschew regimented I.G fighting style for the "Gutter-fighting" learnt in their gang days.
Intelligence: Round is exceptionally smart, wheras Pound has an intelligence slightly above that of an Ogryn.
Fears: The other's death, Tyranids.
Strengths: Round is smart, and highly accurate with the heavy stubber, wheras Pound is exceptionally strong.
Weaknesses: Round is weak, and Pound is could just barely win an "Are you smarter than an Ogryn?" Contest.
Armour: Black leather cloak, black flak jacket, steel helmet with night vision lenses.
Weapons: Heavy stubber operated by Round, both have long knives and Shotguns. Pound has larger versions of both of these.
Possessions on Person: Several Imperial thrones, various small looted items in backpack.
Hair: Short black hair.
Eyes: Large irises, blue.
Distinguishing Features: Round is scrawny, Pound is around the size of a space marine. Both have gang tatoos over their arms and chests.

Biography: Round and Pound grew up together in the underhive of Antonia. By the time they were 13, both had joined the same gang, and had fought in the warfare that plauged the sewers. Round was quickly moved up to a leadership role, handling logistics and attack plans, wheras Pound was his official bodyguard. Many a would-be ursuper or assasin met his end at the tip of his blade. Tiring of the small scope of Antonia, they pulled strings and enlisted in the Imperial guard, alongside many of their gang. They were assinged to stop at Zerocide and resupply, althoguh the Ork invasion has forced them to the battlefront.
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