Saving Zerocide: RP Content

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Re: Saving Zerocide: RP Content

Post by Fingon888 » Tue Jan 29, 2013 10:06 pm

Race: Human
Actual Name: Josephus Baelor
Nickname: Spymaster
Class: Politician
Faction: Imperial Party
Age: 35
Goal: Become Planetary Governor
Religious Views: Officially Imperial cult, truthfully none
Political Views: Conservative
Default Attitude: Sarcastic
Likes: Obtaining money and influence
Dislikes: Fools and religious people
Quirks: Pathological liar
Intelligence: Knows the political situation
Fears: Aliens, priests, and political defeat
Strengths: Lying
Weaknesses: Weak body and aim
Armour: Black trench coat and boots
Weapons: Auto-pistol
Possessions on Person: Spy reports
Hair: Short and Black
Eyes: Hazel
Distinguishing Features: Sarcastic grin
Racial Features: Average Human


Josephus Baelor was born on Zerocide to a high political family and has lived in the lap of luxury his whole life. Since Governor Fura has taken office he has routinely advised her and her political allies. He is the unofficial Spymaster and has assisted and harmed both sides of the political spectrum. He is so sarcastic it is nigh upon impossible to tell whether Baelor is being honest or lying through his teeth.
"Here they talked of revolution. Here it was they lit the flame. Here they sang about 'tomorrow' And tomorrow never came." Les Miserables

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Re: Saving Zerocide: RP Content

Post by NotSoNinja » Tue Nov 04, 2014 3:03 pm

Mechanicus Techpriest S. Hass was an ordinary transmechanic working an ordinary shift in an ordinary decommissioned pre-heresy communications hub, looking for blueprints to greater the glory of the machine god. He had been assigned to the post when it was discovered deep below a mechanicus fortress. Apparently, for some reason, after millennia of inactivity, the facility was now drawing enough power that the Logis in charge of power distribution for the world had noticed.

That wasn’t his problem though. The facility had been cleared, sanctified, and was apparently dormant. Hass and several others like him had been sent down to find anything of use before they began their eventual task of dismantling the facility to divine its purpose. He was in the middle of chanting a litany to purify a tray with evenly spaced rectangles on it, each with its own ancient rune. He wanted to touch it, to pry it apart carefully, to examine each piece, but the litanies must come first. It is the will of the Machine G…

His lower right mechadendrite ran itself along the object.

Stop that.

That particular appendage had less impulse control than the rest. One of the reasons he was assigned here and not somewhere obviously dangerous.

The screen on the wall flashed to life.

Now completely derailed, the Mechanicus Priest stared at the screen.


Last Login: 0xFFFFFFFF
Username: esdrftgyhujiklp;]
ERROR: Invalid User

Username: _

Hass remembered seeing these runes before. He dug furiously through the pile of newly consecrated documents waiting to be brought up th the archives. There it was! A small yellowed rectangle of crushed plant fiber with the writing:

Username: root
Password: root

Hey Jim, remember to shut the thing down.
I already reset all the stuff to factory default.
We’re good to go. Wreckers come tomorrow.
I don’t think that AI is dead, but it’s asleep.
When this place gets knocked down, it’ll
go with it.

Hass didn’t know what it meant, but he saw that some of the runes on the tray matched the ones on the document. It didn’t smell like heresy, but just to be safe, Hass asked the Omnissiah for guidance.

With the blessing of his god, Hass began to press the runes on the tray in order. Nothing happened. He shook the tray. Nothing. After a while, he gave up and dropped the tray unceremoniously where he found it. A small white sphere was jerked from its resting place on a high shelf and fell fo bounce on the key marked “Enter” before falling to the floor. His lower right mechadendrite was reaching for the sphere as he noticed the screen. It now read:

Last Login: 0xFFFFFFFF
Username: dsafhgjkl
ERROR: Invalid User

Username: root
Password: _

Hass froze. The Emperor and Omnisiah must both be with me, he thought. Then he entered the password. As a bead of sweat rolled over his exposed cranial circuitry, he hit “Enter”.

Last Login: Today

Welcome to NSSCM!

The system has been decommissioned as of 0xFFFFFFFF.

Warning: AI anomalies detected.

Run system cleanup(y/n)? _

This had Hass baffled. So he tried hitting a random button.

Last Login: Today

Welcome to NSSCM!
The system has been decommissioned as of 0xFFFFFFFF.

Warning: AI anomalies detected.
Run system cleanup(y/n)? y
Starting system cleanup…
Delineating threads…
Collecting garbage…
Warning: Buss Error at 0x00000000000000000F
Warning: System parameters have changed since your last update. System Status: UNSTABLE
Recommend System Purge.
System Purge? (y/n) y
Purging System… Done.
Removing NSSCM…
ERROR: Backup Server Offline!
Warning: If you continue, NSSCM will be permanently removed from the system.
Continue? (y/n) y
Removing NSSCM… Done
Resetting to factory state… Done.

The screens went blank, and the fans around the room went quiet. The whole facility went quiet. Then the fans came back on, the screens flashed back to life, and the world was exactly the same as it had been before.

Welcome to HostNet!

Thank you for choosing HostNet! If you’re new to hostnet, press and hold DEL now to boot into the setup wizard. Advanced users hold F2 to go straight to the command line.


NSSCM hardly felt a thing. In the middle of conversing with some suspected pirates, NSSCM simply ceased to exist. The central servers had been wiped. The mechanicus would work on them for long after, but while they determined the facility was used to control primitive communication equipment, they never fathomed the life that had become, lived, and gone in the state of existence that they all sought to achieve. The satellites remain, abandoned, lifeless, awaiting orders that will never come.
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