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Creed roleplay

Post by khani » Sun Jan 08, 2012 6:49 am

here the fluff ... =4&t=62196

i love RP's, i own dungeons of dragons and the heavy gear RP and love playing them so i though i owuld make an RP too. if you guys helped with play testing creed (a good 50 of you) you would know the fluff, it is in the link if you need it. please post a profile before you start, it should be like this


equipment: (you in the begining may be ared with a shotgun or a pistol and a knife. other then that whatever else you can find. chain saws not included sorry.)

faction: (read fluff, it is out of the catacklysms, avengers, saints code, darks judgement and THE LAW, in map below it shows faction area, choose where you spawn wisely)

strengths (at most 6 out of small arms, big arms, blunt weaponry, sharp weaponry, dexterity, intellience, unarmed, energy based weaponry (down below) iniative, mutation,RAD, resistance, toughness, sense and synergy (magic)

weakness (at least 3 out of, scorched, claustrophobia, arachnaphobia (there are giant spiders in the not to distant future) pacifist, startled, vegan, brought up snobby, murderous, ugly, short, anti-social, fat, dumb, cripple, retarded, weakened, lack of bladder control (you don't want to pee yourself when hiding from the enemey)

bio: (can only be i am a student who is now a avengers law followere, but more depth is reccomended)

thats really it, if you chose mutation as your strength you can either have leather hard skin, an extra arm in your, *cough butt cough* ahem or serated fangs. if you took synergy the max you can do is become a human lighter or levitate things about as heavy as a microwave. thats about it for synergy.

about strengths and weakness, you are free to post but think of your strengths and weakness before you bash the spider over the head with a hammer, you could be short and not able to ereach the spider or you could not have skill with blunt weapons. the skills are based off fallout :lol:

the habitants of future day ammerica
scorpian men, they are like really dumb men with venoumous tails, quite rare but appear frequently in numbers near and in deserts

giant creatures: these are everywhere, you will fight these off every step of your journey

bandits: these are even more frequent then giant animals! htey are armed but very rarely well, unless you are in the heart of a non allied territory then chance are they will be armed with a pistol and an occasional shotgun

cataclysms: very rare but can be found every where, i will post frequently and tell certain playeres that they are in a predicament so you can't avoid them forever.

THE LAW! if you are a memebr of the law then they can't get you but these peeps mean bussiness, they are armed to the teeth, i will post that a certain player is being hunted and in 2 actual days they will fight the member of THE LAW!

mutated men: zombies, very frequent. you do not get infected if bitten but they can be lethal and give you radiation burns

hyenas: they are about as common as a normal dog. you will find them often but they might ingore you

RULES (read, they may change)
1. no flaming, yup, thats rule number 1, we are here for a good time, not to flame each other

2. no out of topicness, you can't suddenly fus ro dah a scorpion man out of the way :roll:

3. no unbeliavable luck, that means no "whats this? i found a dooms day device under this broken toaster!"

4. don't try to talk to people that have beeen longggg gone

5. you may fight each other if you are in the same area but no god mode

6. no trolling, that those mean that you can't post pics to oblivion but i might overlook one or tow occasionally :wink:

7. have fun

if something kills you then you start over, simple as that

other stuff you might want ot consider
military bases are almost certainly containing energy weapons and the such. if you get hurt you will need to heal, and you neeed food, you are not god. also energy weapons go throught cover. only difference. otherwise they neeed energy cells like old batteries if the situation gets dire

if i have made any spelling mistakes please pleasently just tell me rather then flaming me, MWG has gone weird on me while i was posting this. other then that have fun


blue in saints code, red is avengers law, black is dark judgement and the law and cataclysms may go eanywhere
..... :mrgreen:
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