Custom 3.5 40k homebrew system Comments welcome

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Custom 3.5 40k homebrew system Comments welcome

Post by arixe » Tue Aug 25, 2015 9:56 am

so I'm a big fan of 40k fluff so I made a rough system. It is a work in progress and i hope i can get advice from 40ks and 3.5 fans. I currently only have space marines started and its no where close to being done and I'm hoping to find people to spur ideas or give advice to rework the jumbled mess of thoughts that i put to paper. In future up dates I plan on adding races like orks, tyranids, eldar, Tau.

Right now I'm working on the gray knight class. I modeled it after the psionic warrior and next on my list is librarian which will be very similar to a psion. ... KHepI/edit

No need to be gentle with criticism i want this to actually to become a system and eventually become its own standalone system rather then depend on 3.5 books to function


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