My Dark Heresy Adventure

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My Dark Heresy Adventure

Post by BewareOfTom » Fri Feb 07, 2014 12:46 pm

So, just making a quick recap for you guys to read for your enjoyment :)

Just a preface, I'm playing a adeptus mechanicus gunslinger (just runs as a techpriest) and I have a servoskull. Also I got paranoia(the void/space) so I have medication I take to relax, but little did I know this was a controlled substance planet so my medication was illegal.

So, just leaving an adeptus administratum building I got no help from (had an adept with me but he was AFK this session) and I decided to go buy myself a pict-recorder to I could attach it to my servoskull, I mean thats always handy right? Anyways, I go up to a store keep and ask about one but fail my influence roll so its out of my price range, so I try to charm him by slipping him a single pill. I rolled a 1. So it turns out he was a user that got out of rehab and that just made him start relapsing, so I just grab the camera and walk slowly away as he closes up shop.

Now, walking around town back past the admin building I was taken into an alley by an adept, he wanted help finding his boss and in exchange I would get a key to contraband kept around the landing area for ships/police area, so I was recording the whole thing and tried to get the key now and passed. Him freaking out I get taken into his office and he said he wants to see me inspect his bosses office for results before he hands anything over.

So, as we get to the door he tells me its locked since he was caught snooping around before hand aswell, so he pulls out this crowbar and fumbles (it was aluminum) so making all this noise alarm servoskulls come in and he just crumples into a ball and cries about losing his job, so I try to force him up to run but he wont move, so I just pull out my gun and force him to run back outside. This time he starts to book it, and I start running after him trying to look like im chasing him out (my idea was im an investigator and he's a suspect).

So, as we're running full sprint down the hall he gets close-lined by a guard's shock maul and just gets knocked out, I try to fumbly explain myself, but as he asks me "How did you get in here?" I yell "MAGIC!!" and throw a handful of pills at him and getting a 7, so that gets one down his throat. So I run past him dodging his flailing maul and run up some stairs. I come up to a flight of stairs going left and one going right (both upwards), so I tell my skull to wait until it sees the guards and I take the right.

So, after sprinting around the building for an hour or two, I come stumbling into a mess hall. A helpful adept comes up questioning me and asking if I need help, I say "er... yes! Wheres the...uh.... bathrooooom?". So he starts walking me to the bathroom and I start coming up with a story of I need to find the exit because my boss wants 40k starbucks coffee not the cafeteria coffee, he doesnt buy it and says "you dont work here do you?" so I do the obvious this to do and try to clock him. I obviously miss, and he yells "I'm a boxing champ 3 years running!" and he critically fails so he slips and knocks himself out.

Then, my servoskull flies in with the two alarm skulls following and gives me a wink with his new shutter lens. So I grab the 2 skulls and disable the alarms off them, then I shove a pill into the adept's mouth (basically everyone I come into contact with will have drugs in their system so their all hallucinating so I was never here :P ) but it happens that was a defective pill so it killed him. I then carry corpse into an empty room, take all his stuff and trade robes with him, and then I pour the rest of my pills all over him to make him look like the drugged out crazy guy.

I then disable the 2 servoskulls and shove them in my bag**, use the adept's dataslate map to get out unnoticed. And as I walk out I throw on sunglasses and strutt out like I meant that to happen and finally I microbead everyone else and say "Well, theres another place on our "never visit again" list".

The End..... for now.

** - my back up plan for if they didnt want to be disabled, was tie ropes to them, shoot out a window with my handcannon and jump (from like the 30th floor)
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