Fool's Gold: A 40k Roleplay

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Re: Fool's Gold: A 40k Roleplay

Post by Bjorn » Sat Jan 18, 2014 7:43 am

Smudge chuckled as he turned the corner into the ships newest of seven hangars. A fleet of assault craft in it's most primordial form had been assembled, ramshackle rockets and flyers almost to impossible to stay together, let alone fly, were lined in neat (As far as Ork neatness can go) rows.

"Well lads, these 'el do real nice an propa" Smudge nodded as a burly Ork, covered in machinery approached him slowly, a toothy grin spreading slowly across his large face.

"If gettin some place is somethin yer after, these are the bestest at getting things got!" The Mekboy stated as smugly as possible.

"Well thats good ain't it, cos we need to get goin onto that planet! Little beakies, tiny little Oomies and them little blue en's as well! We got krumpin to do, now strap me in ya git or I'll krump you first!" Smudge roared, bursting into a laugh as he set off jogging toward the largest of the craft. "Biggest wif me, we're gan hard lads!" A cheer erupted from the mob, who began to split apart as they chose various craft and strapped themselves in.

Smudge grimaced as he was buckled into the front of the assault ram, just behind the so called "Pilots" seat, which in reality was an on and off button in front of a chair. "Just get us goin ya daft git! Carnage wants to bash one of them ere blue ones!" He frowned, hefting his rather large choppa.

"As you sed, dafty" The Mekboy frowned and muttered to himself, before climbing into the drivers seat and turning around. "Hang on you nobs!" He grinned, punching his fist down onto the on button, the slow whine of super heated plasma growing into a deafening roar as the craft itself began to shake and lurch forward, throwing various unfinished plates and Gretchin from it.

Smudge's facial skin was thrown back comically, his face jammed against the back of his makeshift chair, his mouth held open in a comical expression. "We're in for a good 'en lads, I feel it in me chin!" He managed to groan as the large blue orb grew larger and larger as it got closer, the landing ship zooming ahead of the Orkish fleet.

The scrap armada loomed, entering the upper atmosphere as flames licked around the noses, or drills, or explosives that were strapped to the front of whatever the Orks could find at the time began their descent. Smudge shuddered in horrified silence as the he noticed splutters and various explosions from some of the craft that had somehow managed to get further toward the planet than his. "Them gits best not beat me first" He murmured to himself. A variety of Anti aircraft weapons began to fire upon the scrap fleet as it tore ever closer to the ground, looking somewhat reminiscent of a meteor shower.

A missile, one among thousands, spun rapidly as it left the safe haven of a Orbital defense weapon based among an Imperial encampment. The payload climbed ever higher, assessing various targets before deciding upon a particularly bulky Ork assault ram. Closing at almost maximum speeds for an effective interception, the missile's payload engaged mere moments before it would strike.

"Ahh shi.." Was all Smudge could muster as his metal tube was torn apart, split almost in two in the midsection, engulfing the inhabitants in super-heated flame leaving nothing but atomized waste barreling toward the dirt.

"Confirmed Kill, Praise the Omnissiah." The Acolyte rumbled, his voice garbled slightly by his vox, a metallic twinge affecting him.

"Confirmed. Excellent work Acolyte Marius. This will be noted upon your ascension to Brother."

"Thank you Techmarine Andominus. Your praise overwhelms me."

Actual Name: Andominus Caeleg

Class: Techmarine
Faction: Iron hands
*Age: 192
*Goal:To continue working toward the Omnissah's will.
*Religious Views:Machine is what matters. The Flesh is weak.

Default attitude: Stoic
*Likes/Dislikes: Discovering STC's. Dislikes Technoheresy.
FEARS: Breaking stuff
Strengths: Fixing machines, and engaging vehicles.
Weaknesses:Will sacrifice more than what should be for the Omnissah.
Armour:Modified Artificer armor.
Weapons: Poweraxe, backpack arm things and a bolter.
*Possessions on Person: Nothing other than normal marine stuff.
*Hair: bald
*Eyes: grey
Biography:Tech priest/ marine stuff.
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Re: Fool's Gold: A 40k Roleplay

Post by Cthulu Mechanicus » Mon Jan 20, 2014 7:08 pm

The flag fluttered on the breeze, the rich red of the cloth emblazoned with the numerical code of the platoon, with a masked skull in the centre. It represented Krieg, the faceless dead giving their lives to atone for an ancient sin. He was honoured to carry the banner, to be part of the tradition of Krieg. As he glanced up at the banner, a burst of blue ripped through it, burning a small hole in the blessed fabric. Shouts echoed across the column, as their base instincts began to kick in.

Shas'Vre Kais J'Karra was pleased with his work. He watched his small Cadre, 50 fire warriors with a trio of Devilfishes for support, executed the maneuver on the Gue'la. While he was unfamiliar with their uniforms and heraldry, they would run all the same. Their disorganized state would result in an easy defeat, with minimal losses, hopefully for both sides if they had the sense to surrender to the truth of the Tau'Va. Pulse fire ripped through their ranks, felling many Gue'la. They were about to break, he was sure. What happened next shocked him. The men stood.

"In life, war." This echoed along the remaining Death Korps as they advanced, lasguns firing, cooking the Xenos scum inside their armour. "In death, peace." Several men were delivered to the Emperor, those words on their lips, the heretical Xenos weapons blowing apart armour and flesh where they struck. "In life, shame." The men continued advancing, flesh and plassteel flying from their bodies as they moved forward, the air filling with both pulse and las fire, as blue flesh sizzled and men fell. "In death, atonement." 583 fell, his head blowing apart, his finger spasming, sending wild las bolts towards the rapidly diminishing Xenos lines. The men broke into a run, their inborn disciple giving way to hate and contempt of the foe. 584 threw aside his lasgun, noting its location for recovery. He pulled forth his combat knife from his belt, the platoon flag still held high. The few remaining Death Korps did similarly, pulling forth knives and grenades, punching through Gorgets and wrecking Xenos vehicles. Pulse fire was sporadic, frequently felling the few Death Korps left. 584 stabbed the platoon flag into a struggling Xenos warrior, pinning him to the ground. With his hands free, he tackled another Warrior struggling for a small knife, which he was never to reach. His hands were quick, driving the knife into the Xeno's gut, as its foul blood sprayed over his greatcoat. He glanced to his left, as he saw the Major fall, a Xenos walker pumping shot after shot into his flailing body. Screaming in righteous anger, he ripped the Flag out of warrior, charging the machine. He leaped off a small boulder, sailing through the air as the Machine turned. Its guns began to fire, as he plunged the shaft of the flag into the chest. A shout came from inside, as the Xenos inside was stunned. He moved quickly, ripping the power sabre from the Major's severed hand. Quickly finding the power stud, he activated it. The Xenos machine turned, the guns prepared. Around them, corpses littered the ground and smoke rose from the wrecks of the alien machines. 584 turned sideways, preparing for an overhead strike against it, trying to minimize his profile. Shots ripped through the earth around him, two cannons rapidly rotating, filling the air with fire. Shots ripped through his flesh, his shoulder and leg bursting into pain. His mind filled with the Emperor's righteousness, he struck. The powered blade tore through the machine's armour, exposing a blue-skinned Xenos inside. He struck again, the Xenos too close to effectively fire, its engines apparently damaged by the Major before falling. The Sabre punched through the armour, as a sizzling noise accompanied by a gurgle emerged form inside. The armour slumped to the side, the Xenos inside lying dead. He looked around the battlefield, as the land burned and men and Xenos laid dead. No man lived. 99 men had atoned. He ripped the platoon's flag out of the torso of the machine, as blood seeped from his shoulder and leg. 1 sin still walked. He resumed the march of the 98745125.
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Re: Fool's Gold: A 40k Roleplay

Post by Bone2pick » Mon Jan 20, 2014 9:14 pm

Opinions tend to vary throughout the galaxy. Each intelligent species has their own values, their own fears, and their own ideas of what is truth. Too often these differences are so insurmountable, and so completely uncompromising, that genocidal war has been the only historical conclusion. But there is at least one area where alien minds find common ground. A miniscule island of solidarity that survives dispite a rising sea of diversity and debate. And exactly what idea or construct has the power to unite the stars? Only the horror and awe that is an Ork spacecraft.

How they function at all is a total mystery. Their distorted constuction mocks every engineering study ever undertaken. How can something so careless, so crude, and so unschooled manage the elegant task of interplanetary spaceflight? The answer may forever be out of reach.

The Runtherd hiked through the crooked halls of the Kill Kroozer Bleeda like a wolf through its den. All around him were the familiar elements of ork craftmanship; things like eerily flickering overhead lights, the shrill electrical hum from oversized wiring that veined throughout the ship's walls, the drizzle of oil drips that fell from the endless spiderweb of the ship's ceiling cracks, and the inescapable scraping sounds that came from below the floor grate that he walked across. Each nuance went unnoticed, because Meggah Wyze had someone occupying all of his thoughts. A valuable someone to him. A slave. A man.

He hurried into the five way junction that would lead him to his slave quarters. His path was to the left, just past a group of huddled orks. Meggah Wyze was so deep into his own mind, so engaged into what he and his slave would soon discuss, that he failed to take note of those lurking beside him. If he would have only noticed their klan markings, tatoos of swirled red serpents, the emblem of the Snakebite orks. He certainly would have remembered his recent ruthless attacks against a particular tribe of theirs, and the terrible contempt that they now held for the Freebooter and his Sly Guyz. If he had noticed any of this, he wouldn't have attempted to walk right past them like he did.

The first blow merely clipped his shoulder but the second took him cleanly off his feet. It was during that short flight, that brief suspension in air, that he managed to steal a look at his ambushers. He simultaniously uncovered two things, the first being the indentity of his attackers, and the second being his mistake of being imperceptive. He crashed onto his back against the floor grate and coughed out a struggled plea.

"Hold et!"

Ork laughter erupted around him, evidently they found the Runtherd's words amusing. A heavy boot then pinned the hand closest to his Kannon against the floor while his gun was ripped from its holster. Meggah tried to lift himself up but a fist snapped twice into his face and that put the Freebooter back against the floor grate. He draped a hand over his face and peered up through his fingers at the many green faces of the orks towering over him. A Snakebite nob finally spoke up.

"Aye remimbuh yew. Yer da Freeboota who poizened argh fave'erit squiggoths. Yew tink wee fergot?"

Meggah Wyze couldn't help but smile tiredly back up at his attackers. All the while blood trailed from the corners of his mouth.

"Don't bee bitter boyz, doze squiggoths weren't dat empress-uv."

He closed his eyes and chuckled while he listened to the angry snorts coming from the circled Snakebites. Only a few heartbeats had passed before he felt the two barrels of his own gun press into his temple. Meggah Wyze kept his eyes shut and slowly and clearly voiced the next words.

"Hold et."

When he opened his eyes again the ork holding the weapon to his head was now leaning directly over his body. The Snakebite's flesh was shaking from the terrible wrath boiling inside him and he snarled down at the Runtherd.

"Shaddup! Wee don't take ordas frum yew!"

Meggah nodded then explained.

"Aye know Snakebite, aye wazn't tawking to yew."

Faces slumped in confusion. The reply had been as cold and disarming as a bathtub full of ice water. The Freebooter continued.

"Okay guyz."

The floor began to slither. Dozens of grate tiles creaked, squealed, and then lifted up inside the hallway junction. Eyeballs and gun barrels, that's what the Snakebites now stared into. The gretchin had come from below, armed to the teeth, and ready to kill. They had always been there. They always followed their Masta.

Spoon slowly rose out from under a grate tile next to Meggah and pulled the weapon that had threatened the Runtherd away from the hands of its attacker. He then turned its twin barrels back in the direction of the stunned snakebites. The ambushers were now the ambushed, with three aimed and loaded shoota guns for every enemy ork. Meggah Wyze took the liberty to stand and collect himself. The room had fallen completely silent in reaction to the turn of events. The Freebooter then moved to stand face to face with the ork who had used his own Kannon against him.

"Now, Aye tink yew owe mee en apologeez."
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Re: Fool's Gold: A 40k Roleplay

Post by destuctir » Tue Jan 21, 2014 12:48 pm

tension. tension didn't describe it. the boarding craft had to maintain a perfect speed. desperately trying to slide between 2 imperial warships with its cloaking fields. it was a tricky balance, Salo'tekh didn't want to stay hanging under the ships for any longer than necessary should they move and obliterate the vessel, but to much speed and the field would be nullified and they would be obliterated by the ships weapons instead. once they had reached a far enough distance from the ships they disabled the cloaking fields and gunned it into the atmosphere, hoping they could slow down before hitting the ground but get under radar level A.S.A.P.

off in the distance a tau soldier spotted a giant hunk of metal plummeting to earth, he saw it disappear into a mountain range but saw no signs of it crashing. he immediately turned and ran for his commander.

"you ever cut it that close again, i might respect you" Salo'tekh removed his hand from the pilots shoulder and entered the back of the vessel. the lychguard came to attention as the squad master spoke to the cryptek. "estimated deployment time for the fitting force is 30 seconds after landing", "good, we move out as soon as the sight is defend-able."

the vessel landed noise to cave back, opening the door the lychguard stormed the underground structure, throwing vision sticks with unnerving accuracy for a full sprint. the 3 annihilation barges followed out and moved behind cover for an ambush, the doom scythe was being moved into the center of the storage unit as the door was sealed again. Salo'tekh exited near the front of the vessel and walked the breadth of it. "LYCHGAURD! we move in 5 minutes, prepare yourselves. the tomb world has not granted us access yet."

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Re: Fool's Gold: A 40k Roleplay

Post by Lionic » Tue Jan 28, 2014 6:58 pm

A shadow was cast over the small desolated outpost. The devil fish slowly rotated as it came to landing, kicking up dust around it. one by one 10 fire warriors departed, their hooves making muffled thuds in the dirt.
"this was the location of the distress beacon," said a fire warrior, as he intently studied his scanning device.
"readings show 12 compromised units." a light blinked on the scanner.
"wait.....there's something alive in there"
Metal began to creak confirming the reading, and several fire warriors crouched down, aiming their pulse rifles. A hand emerged from the rubble, and they all stepped back. All who had not previously readied their weapons, now had their sights fixed on whatever might be the owner of the hand. Soon a distinctive head popped out the torn metal, and there was a collective sigh of relief, as a figure, bruised and cut, but no doubt a fire warrior, stepped forth.
"identify yourself" the Shas'ui commanded.
His request was answered with an unsettling gurgle, and he lurched forward.
"by the greater good identify yourself" the Shas'ui commanded once more, this time more sternly.
"The....The humans...the humans are...."
"what about the humans?" "do you need medical assistance"
"The humans...they are must..."
He was cut short by the panicked words of the fire warrior who held the scanner.
"something is jamming our signals, i just ran an adjusted test..." He gulped "we have life signals all around us"
"Whats Going on here" the Shas'ui said, this time with a hint of panic in his voice.
"no...the" The battered fire warrior fell to his knees.
"life signals are popping up everywhere"
They began to slowly back up.
One fire warrior, who was already in the ship, screamed back.
"the pilots dead!"
the fire warriors began to chatter in panic, and search for a target, rubble shifted around them, the lone fire warrior gibbered and screamed, and a sand storm began to blot out the sun

"Quickly, send a beacon for support, we hold our positions to what ever comes out of there!"

The fire warriors felt nothing but paranoia and fear, and just the sky darkened, so did their thoughts, thinking about what would surely burst out and slaughter them. This increased until when broken piece of metal finally gave out, falling to the ground, they all broke into a run. But already there were hunched figures hiding in the doorway, and the slumped figure of the fire warrior who was in the ship, fell to ground before them. Before they could react the figures dashed forth....

+CONTACT LOST+ flashed across the scene.

"this footage came from the visual sensors transmitting from devilfish unit 1-315. we have yet to understand the unknown beings in the video, nor the fate of the unit. We are dispatching a battle suit squadron to investigate . Shas'o ta'kaii out.
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Re: Fool's Gold: A 40k Roleplay

Post by destuctir » Thu Jan 30, 2014 5:37 pm

Salo'tekh slowly paced forward through the rock canyon, turning his head left and right. he spied the crest of the canyon carefully, he couldn't mention a word to his lychguard lest the game be given away. but tau fire warriors weren't exactly the stealthiest trailers. they had been following them for around 4 hours, he spotted them immediately, he knew they would have to be dealt with before they reached the mine, but he needed a moment to warn his guard.

for all of Salo'tekh's intellegence he was to busy watching the tau to see that his guard had all independently noticed his attention and seen it themselves. the crest was maybe 5 meters above them. his major, ral'roh kicked a pebble into Salo'tekh's foot. his head fired round like a gatling laser on overdrive, ral'roh simply nodded up. Salo'tekh immediately stopped.

it appeared that he simply disappeared, activating his cloaking field he had not moved a muscle, or rather a motor. he triggered his veil and teleported up to the crest, with his cloak he slowly paced through the warriors who were carefully watching the lychguard, who were casually walking around the area. he counted 20 such warriors, he deactivated his cloak field, he purposefully aloud it to make sound as it shut off, the lychguard had been moving into a turtle shape and suddenly threw there shield up into a wall above them to cover them from fire. the tau immediately launched all fire into the guard, partially out of the sudden movement and partially out of fear of the noise behind them. one warrior turned in time to see a cloaked necron with his hands in the air, then he felt something pierce his helmet and he feel to the floor, as he lost his vision he saw his allies all collapsing with weird silver bugs on them, he spotted his squad commander pull a knife to fight a lychguard and his vision faded to nothing just as the lychguard dropped his sword down onto his commander.

8 hours later a squad of 19 tau fire warriors marched in perfect harmony into a small mining community that had been isolated since the war began. they stood motionless, slide into a line formation, drew guns, loaded, re-chambered, raised. they fired until not a single living thing was left in the settlement.

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Re: Fool's Gold: A 40k Roleplay

Post by destuctir » Mon Feb 03, 2014 5:45 pm

Salo'tekh slowly walked through the wreckage, he was trying to take in what he was looking at but controlling some 18 entities at the same time put massive stress on him, one was killed by a rather brutish miner with a big pickaxe near the end of the slaughter. He had set the 18 on guard positions and in the back of his mind was watching through there eyes for any signs of retaliation, they had not been fast enough to stop any distress going out. His pilot had said it was a small settlement but by the gods, it was perhaps 4 buildings, one dedicated to mining equipment which was very basic. another was filled with maps of the mine-shafts, samples of rocks and the radio systems. the last 2 were barracks of some kind, from the broken structure it would appeared to be bunk beds.

His lychgaurd had headed down the mine to find anyone else and more importantly, find the location were according to these maps, came within meters of a ventilation pipe coming from the top of the tomb world.

in amongst all the wreckage he was losing focus on what his guards could see. he was observing what appeared to be a toy tank he had picked up from beside a dead child when it suddenly gained an uncanny lifelike quality... lifelike. like, real life. the realization hit him horribly, one of his guards could see a tank. it suddenly lost its likeness. the stress on his mind lessened.

He ordered his guards back to the mining settlement, he set about finding a position. the tau had responded already, how? it had barely been a few hours. his lychguard were gone and his guards had been confirmed as hostile. it was going to be a fun battle for sure. he pulled up his communicator and contacted his shuttle.

"Salo'tekh, was is my bidding?"

"open the cargo doors, i am gonna need an ace in about 15 minutes..."

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Re: Fool's Gold: A 40k Roleplay

Post by respect92 » Wed Mar 05, 2014 2:02 pm

"So guys, are you ready for our first mission?" Zandra Zvift ask the rest of her squad while they walking to the Valkyrie that gonna take them to the tau-camp.
"Im so excited!" James, a muscular man carrying in addition to the normal equipment was carrying a large lascutter."It gonna be so fun try this monster in real".
"I understand that." Zandra answer"There is our Valk" she says and point at a Valkyrie that is hovering a few inches above the landing platform. The 10-man (9 male and 1 female) squad enters the plane. The doors closes when the last man have got abord and they leave the base behind with 5 other Valkyries when heading west.

During the whole travel everyone sits quietly in their own thoughts. Suddenly they gets back to the real world when the speaker informs them its one minute left until arrival.
"Okay guys, turn on your respirator since information tells us they use poisonous gas. Control your grav-chutes and be ready."
The camp they gonna take is a small tau camp used for landing bigger chips that arrives with everything from battlesuits and troops to food and plates. It is defended by alot of AA-turrets. Zandra and the others mission is simply to break the communications for the tau.
"10 seconds left." Zandra says.
"GOGOGO!" one by one they jump out from the airplane at 500 meters above the ground. From 3 of the other 30 men doing the same and the 2 last planes drops 4 sentinels. Last out is Zandra.
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