Fool's Gold: A 40k Roleplay

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Fool's Gold: A 40k Roleplay

Post by Crusherfex » Wed Jan 01, 2014 2:15 am

Valaris Signor, otherwise known as Na'vail by the colonials, is a planet on the outskirts of the Tau Empire. Once a hotly contested warzone during the Damocles Gulf Crusade, the planet is now under control of the Tau Empire, who drill deeper and deeper into it for resources for their ever-expanding army. With a recent victory against a powerful and infamous Ork Warband, the Imperium spearhead an assault on the nearby Valaris Signor. Assisted by Space Marines, the Imperial side would have obliterated the meager Tau guard force that protected the mines, had it not been for the emergence of the true natives of the planet. A large Tomb World, hidden underneath the planet’s surface, has awoken, due to the rapid increase of mining. Eager to reclaim their home, the Necrons declare a war on all fronts. To make matters worse, an angry Warboss has followed the Space Marines to the planet, seeking revenge, death, and battle.

More races diverge to the planet, as more resources are ripe for the taking. The mining ports are left virtually unprotected, and the drills all vacated. The planet’s fate is unknown, only that death, destruction, and chaos will follow. Who will survive this conflict, and earn the spoils of war?

Rule 1- No Hurp and or Derp
Please, when writing an entry please make it descriptive and detailed, almost like you’re writing a story. Here is a beloved RP’er expressing his emotion on this matter.
"Unlike past RP's if your going to RP to move the events along, or contact with another player, type more than a sentence please, I hated seeing example "durpity derp derp" and that was it. Be creative, get some real material down!”

Rule 2 - NO GOD MODE
God mode is not going to be tolerated, do not make your self have an entire army under your command, or say you're Un-killable. You are aloud to command say a platoon sized force but be reasonable with your story telling powers.

Rule 3 - No Power-playing
Power-Playing is basically taking control of another person's character. This rule can be bent in certain ways, but that's usually for "having another guy's character follow yours if they're moving to a different room" or "finishing up a conversation", but that's about it.

Taking control of someone's character in a more extreme way is only allowed if the owner of said character allows it. As such, you may not kill off characters that don't belong to you. It just makes people mad and tempts people to bash your post with corrections till next week.

Rule 4 - No Stupidity
This can be identified as a number of things:
The first is that you should have no dumb stuff in your posts, such as "Billy like, decided to go kill the girl at the Castle because she was hot" or using borderline crap grammar and spelling. (which directly ties with Rule 7)

The second is that you shouldn't utterly screw up the plot. For example: A wizard meets with a dwarf and goes to find a dungeon with treasure in it. Then they meet an elf and then go find the Legendary Iron Ore in the middle of Eastern-African-Asia-Country-istis-land.

That just ruins the RPG.

Rule 5 - Respect Others
This should seriously be a no-brainer. No flaming, insults, or any kind of crap that goes unloved. It ruins the fun of RPing.

Rule 6 - There is no Rule 6
In other words, at least have fun without having to screw things up.

Rule 7 - Have proper grammar and spelling
Not exactly enforced, but I (and just about every respectable Person here) for one would enjoy being able to understand what the heck is being said. As such, type in complete sentences, use proper punctuation, no Chat/1337-speak. Take time no rushing.

Rule 8 - No double-posting
No posting a second time... ever. Seriously, there's a blatantly obvious EDIT button on your posts. The exception for this is if the writing doesn’t fit on the page, but I don't think you will be able to pass the limit. ( 60,000 characters)

Rule 9 - No Necro-posting
If a topic is dead and/or complete, there's no point to post in it anymore. If an RP is obviously dead or complete, Don't pop in at random. For those that are difficult to determine, We'll have to ask whoever involved if the RP is dead.

10. Please ask all questions, make all comments and all ect. in the Fool’s Gold OOC


Race: [Please choose one of the Warhammer 40k Army races]
Actual Name: [Please make it fitting to the race, and not something stupid.]
*Nickname: [Once again, don't make the character's name stupid...]
Class: [Don't choose special characters, C'tan, monstrous creatures etc.]
Faction: [which chapter, klan, kabal, merc etc]
*Age: [Please be smart with picking this... Don't be a 1 year old or something like that...]
*Goal: [Does your character have a goal in life? Explain.]
*Religious Views: [how does your character perceive religion?]
*Political views: [Is your character political?]
Default attitude: [How does your character act normally?]
*Likes/Dislikes: [what does/doesn't your character like to do?]
FEARS: [NOT OPTIONAL! Fill this out. Nobody's perfect.]
Strengths: [Where does your character excel?]
Weaknesses: [Once again, everybody has flaws...]
Armour: [What kind of armour is your character wearing? Is it custom? What colour is it?]
Weapons: [What weapons does your character have?]
*Possessions on Person: [Any Miscellaneous?]
*Hair: [Hairstyle/color]
*Eyes: [Color]
Biography: [What was your character's life up to this point like???]

( * = Optional)

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Re: Fool's Gold: A 40k Roleplay

Post by TyrantEatos » Wed Jan 01, 2014 11:33 am

This should get things going

Race: adeptus astartes
Actual Name: Unknown
*Nickname: Lord of the fallen
Class: Space Marine
Faction: All records Unknown
*Age: over 10,000
*Goal: to return the glory of his brothers
*Religious Views: Unknown
*Political views: Unknown
Default attitude: Cold and without feeling
*Likes/Dislikes: Likes - his 2 pistols, dislikes being hunted
FEARS: Being captured
Strengths: Duel pistols and close fire fights
Weaknesses: Long range
Armour: Dark Green Power Armour with a skeleton on the front of it and a robe covering it.
Weapons: 1 plasma pistol, 1 bolt pistol, and a large sword of unknown power on his back
*Hair: long black grey hair
*Eyes: very dark brown/black eyes
Biography: Atoning for a sin he and his brothers have commuted
How ironic it is that as fast as we spread progress and hope throughout the galaxy, the Tyranids spread death and despair. Only united can we hope to stand against them. Aun'shi of the Tau Empire

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Re: Fool's Gold: A 40k Roleplay

Post by Crusherfex » Wed Jan 01, 2014 12:26 pm

Race: Necrons

Actual Name: Mochek

Nickname: Mo

Class: Triarch Praetorian

Faction: Charnovokh Dynasty

Age: About 60 million years old

Goal: To restore the dynasty to glory

Political views: War and Politics should be conducted in accordance to the ancient codes.

Default attitude: Firm, consistent. He takes charge to get things done efficiently, quickly, and honorably. He’s also very protective, having been a bodyguard for millions of years. He has moments of insanity however, having been extremely bored for millions of years he began to play with his own marbles.

Likes/Dislikes: He likes to duel a worthy opponent. He likes thrones and throne rooms, they feel like home to him (although he doesn’t remember home at all). He likes Orks and their willingness to accept his challenges. He dislikes humans. Their selfish resilience, self-proclaimed superiority, and their inhumane actions make him want to snap their necks.

FEARS: The C’tan. They are deceitful and tyrannical. He also fears surviving what the rest of his dynasty could not and having to spend another era in solitude.

Strengths: Combat. He is strong, resilient, agile, and almost always wins. If he fails, he always has the final say by using his Rod of Covenant.

Weaknesses: Is weakened after sixty million years of active duty. His armored body is not as strong as it used to be. He also isn’t fast.

Armour: Normal bodyguard armor, with colors that match the rest of the Dynasty.

Weapons: The Rod of Covenant. The Triarch stalker has a heat ray.

: Mochek doesn’t remember much about the War in Heavan, or the Necrontyr race. He can’t remember what he used to look like, and can barely remember the old language.

What he can remember is the toll of his horrible past. Billions dead. Star systems obliterated. Planets rent asunder. And the enslavement of the Necrontyr. He can, quite vividly in fact, remember the cruel, wry Sun Gods, the C’tan, that enslaved his entire race. He can remember their dishonesty, deceit, and evil. There’s nothing he loathes more. So, when the war ended and the C’tan were overthrown, Mochek was delighted. They were free at last. Except for the fact that the galaxy was torn, a gash so deep it would take millennia to heal. And so the rest of his race slept, while he and the other Praetorians guarded the galaxy and the ancient codes of their race.

Mochek didn’t have illusions of grandeur. He didn’t pretend to be a God to some feeble race. He didn’t set out to enlighten the galaxy of the Necron race. He didn’t research a way to quicken the hibernation the rest of his species was in. He just waited.

He waited on Na'vail, a name he quite enjoyed, for the dynasty to awaken. He and his fellow guardian, Artezanat, prowled the underworld, sealing off any breeches from the surface. If a mining port would dig too deep, they would activate their Triarch Stalkers, disguise themselves as massive, multi-limbed insects, and simply destroy the drill. The Tau would attribute the cause of the failure of the port to aggravated beasts who lived in the nearby environment. They never bothered to pursue the stalkers, as they considered them to be mindless beasts protecting their home. In turn, Mochek and Artezanat would not kill those who use the drills, for they had no mal intent, unless they got in the way.

Mochek had no problem with the Tau. He spent much time studying them upon his tours of the surface. He found them honorable, noble, and young. Their desire to explore and evolve was admirable to him. He had no quarrel with their race or the colony, unless they drilled a little too deep.

For sixty million years Mochek’s only companion was Artezanat. They had run out of things to discuss, things to do. Life had become robotic, meticulous, and mundane.

Until, finally, the Imperium came. The Damocles Gulf Crusade had dealt a blow to the planet. Artezanat and Mochek had succeeded in hiding the underworld from those fighting above, assisting the Tau in secret. Disgusted by the selfishness of the humans, Mochek loved the prospect of killing them. It was a new challenge, a new thing to do. The humans lacked the honor and respect he was used to, and although the humans had left abruptly after a few years, Mochek’s fervor and lust to punish them never faded.

With the dynasty finally awakening and the return of the Imperial fleet, Mochek and Artezanat are in a pole position to unleash their fury on the Imperium, and all those who get in their way.

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Re: Fool's Gold: A 40k Roleplay

Post by Cthulu Mechanicus » Wed Jan 01, 2014 7:37 pm

Race: Human
Actual Name: 9874512584-Braum
Nickname: Referred to as 584 for the sake of brevity
Class: Guardsman
Faction: Death Korps of Kreig platoon 98745125
Age: 25
Goal: Fulfill the great plan of the Emperor, no matter what the cost.
Religious Views: Hail the Emperor!
Political views: The Imperium is greater than us all, sacrifices must be made.
Default attitude: Grim, calculating, quiet, self-sacrificing.
Likes/Dislikes: Lives to serve the Emperor and destroy his enemies. Dislikes weakness, selfishness, and cowards.
Fears: Failure, dying without purpose.
Strengths: Suicidally brave, tough, skilled close-quarters combatant.
Weaknesses: Suicidally brave, almost incapable of relating to the people he serves, incapable of compromise.
Armour: Grey greatcoat with plasteel padding, gas mask.
Weapons: Lucius pattern lasgun, 3 Frag Grenades, combat knife.
Possessions on Person: Spare lasgun clips, gas mask cartridges, painkillers, camp stove, small tent, 1 week rations and water.
Hair: Black, shaved to the skull.
Eyes: Brown.

Biography: 584 has not lead a distinguished military career up until this point, but the training regimes of the Death Korps would have made him a platoon legend among the other, "lesser" regiments. He intends to uphold his Regiment's reputation throughout the course of his campaign.
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Re: Fool's Gold: A 40k Roleplay

Post by jackmrnorris94 » Wed Jan 01, 2014 9:00 pm

Race: Human

Actual Name: Grimald Kahn

Nickname: Grim

Class: Machine Gunner (stubber)

Faction: Imperial

Age: 25

Goal: Get rich, get home in one piece, and have some land of his own

Religious Views: Loose belief in the Imperial Cult

Political views: n/a

Default attitude: Jovial, likes to have a laugh, stubborn, not easy to provoke, knows when to keep
quiet, shows respect where he feels it's due

Likes: Drinking, Sleeping, Hunting, Women, being able to live in leisure

Dislikes: Fighting, being at odds, tight corridors, xenos

Fears: Fire, not getting back home

Strengths: Very good at laying down accurate fire, strong physically, easy to get along with

Weaknesses: Stubborn in social situations, not a fan of change, can be unsociable at times

Armour: Black great coat, Gray fatigues, helmet, re-breather, goggles, gloves

Weapons: Stubber, autopistol, combat knife, frag grenade

Possessions: Pack of cigarettes, deck of cards, shovel, flashlight, match box, razor and shaving cream, watch, hand mirror, pen and paper, some standard rations, canteen, ammo belts, blanket

Hair: Short shaggy brown hair, scraggly beard

Eyes: Brown

Biography: Grimald was the son of two industrial workers in the city of Hedragon on his home world of Furche. His parents worked most of the day, and due to this, when Grim was young he was mainly cared for by his brother Hadrian. Serving as a mentor to Grim, Hadrian taught him everything he knew, ranging from fighting to chasing after girls. This was the highlight of Grim's life, and was filled with good memories of family vacations and time spent bonding with his brother. When Grim was a teenager, Hadrian left as a volunteer to serve in the Serus campaign against the forces of chaos, leaving Grim behind. Not too long after a letter returned to Grim's family, describing Hadrian's fiery and valiant death.

Since then Grim has cared for his younger siblings much in the way that Hadrian had cared for him. But at night Grim would have trouble sleeping, he constantly dreamt of a wall of fire which drew closer and closer, choking his lungs and burning his skin. Grim had felt deep down inside that he had let his brother go and so his death was his fault, and that he had to make this up the Hadrian. When Grim turned twenty a call for volunteers had gone out, and almost immediately he signed up. He felt he had to do his Homeworld, his family and most importantly his brother.

The training was harsh in preparation for this campaign, one aimed at taking the hive world of Vizitula. For three long and bloody years Grim and the 177th Furchen Infantry fought tooth and nail to achieve victory. By the time the campaign was over only three thousand service members, of the original twelve thousand remained. For a long time after Grim was granted a long and well deserved leave for his extraordinary service in putting down the Vizituli rebellion, but he returned home. He continued to write letters back but he had no real desire to return, rather he spent his time in leisure living off his accumulated savings. That was until he himself received a letter from his old commanding officer requesting him to return to the service for the revitalized assault on Valaris Signor. It took some convincing, but reluctantly Grim accepted.

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Re: Fool's Gold: A 40k Roleplay

Post by destuctir » Thu Jan 02, 2014 9:06 am

Race: necron

Actual Name: Salo'tekh

Nickname: The Manipulator

Class: Cryptek

Faction: Sautekh

Age: 60,000,046

Goal: the complete and utter destruction of all C'tan, both actual and documentation

Religious Views: 'gods' are merely beings who see themselves greater then they actually are, thus opening them to the same fate as the C'tan

Political views: the ancient codes were created by the spineless who would let words dictate the actions they didn't have the courage to dictate themselves, war is a place for rules to step aside, when dust settles no one questions how the winner pro vales, the lesser races of this universe do not adhere to any such rules, so neither should the necrontyr

Default attitude: quiet, but his words speak truths none, not even himself, would desire to hear. he leaves elite soldiers to do his fighting, few would ever see him in person. only one would ever live to tell others of it.

Likes/Dislikes: He likes the tau. for he sees the tau as an intelligent race, they do not believe in false gods, they allow a common philosophical ideal and calm heads to guide there race as a unified force. in quite the contrast, all other races he holds hatred for, whether it be the imperium men who became a god, or the followers of chaos's four gods. any race that would follow such things move to the same fate the necrontyr felt, utter destruction is a kindness compared to such acts. The exception is the tyranid forces. he sees them as predators, and who cannot fight them are prey, he sees no issue with there existence. like a equalizer, no matter how great, the tyranids can eat you...

FEARS: he has many fears, there names? deciever, khorne, mork etc etc. you get the idea. his hatred of all gods is not some believe they don't exist, its there existence he hates. and he fears constantly, for he knows they could easily break him, if they could find him.

Strengths: he excels at fighting a war before it begins, and carving enemies into allies when it best sees his purposes.

Weaknesses: he most certainly doesn't want to fight someone himself...

Armour: he wears a specialized suit of armour of his own making, designed specifically to let energetic weapon bounce of it, a bolt pistol could punch through it, but a lascannon has more chance to bounce of and go gods knows where. with a built in cloaking device to turn him invisible, or disguise him as something else, his ability to shrug of laser or plasma weaponry is rarely used.

Weapons: he carries no weapon, but crawling all over his person are hordes, nearly inexhaustible amounts, of mindshackle scarabs. if 50 guardsmen were to surround him, he would raise his hands in the air, not as a surrender, but to release scarabs to turn them against one another.

Possessions on Person: he wears a veil of darkness and carries several small locator chips, each designed to overwrite targeting priorities and force weapons of necron design to fire on the location, say a doom scythe passing overhead?

Hair: bald...

Eyes: a blue glow

Biography: as a pro-caution, Salo'tekh had many of his memory files copied to external areas to ensure some things are remembered, and the rest was deleted. he remembers ever C'tan, there appearance, names, abilities. dare say he may be the only person in the universe to know every C'tan and not have any non existent ones in his memories. Salo'takh did not sleep, instead he skulked, his goal was to avoid other necrons knowing he was awake. He entered tombworlds and tried to orchestrate them, have certain phearons die, have memories corrupt. anything to further his own goals. but most importantly, to collect tesseract labyrinths holding C'tan shards. he has some 80 in his possession, it is said he did not destroy them however, and instead has a more grand end game, that they play a pivotal role in...

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Re: Fool's Gold: A 40k Roleplay

Post by jackmrnorris94 » Thu Jan 02, 2014 8:00 pm

"Grim could you pass me my canteen?"

Grimald complied reaching over and handing the canteen to his loader, Oswin. Smiling Oswin took it from his hand and after taking a swig, continued telling the story of a girl who he had met on the surface when they were first arriving. Grimald tuned him out as his thoughts were elsewhere, that and it was around the sixth time Oswin had told this story. Instead he stared out the window of the mine car they were in and watched as the lights on the sides of the tunnel blinked by as they descended deeper and deeper into Valaris Signor.

He and his platoon, along with the rest of the 1st Infantry Brigade of the 177th, were being sent out to establish small outposts in the huge and expansive mine shafts of the world. Unsurprisingly they had little idea of what they were going up against but that never really seemed to bother High Command.

With a small motion and a shake the car shifted from vertical to horizontal movement. Bauer, the Lieutenant stood up straightening his great coat and donning his helmet.

"Kahn, take your team and set up on the loading deck facing down the tunnel. Everyone else, get up and prepare to deploy once we stop." Bauer spoke, motioning for everybody to stand, " Oh and I almost forgot, respirators everyone, and make sure they're sealed."

Grim stood and gathered up his equipment, hastily applying his respirator and throwing on his helmet. Swinging his machine gun around to his front he motioned for Oswin and his spotter Jan towards the extra ammo cases at the back of the car. Grim waited for them to return, and once they had they made their way towards the forward loading deck.

The deck, out of the cover of the mine car, was surrounded by a chest high wall of sandbags. Leaving only a few openings for easy exit. At the left corner of the deck was a spot light, which would help to see in the near pitch black which now surrounded them, Jan quickly volunteered to man it. Setting up on the opposite side, Grim and Oswin loaded the MG and made themselves comfortable, scanning the blackness in front of them. For some ten minutes the car moved forward in silence, er so often a man from from the platoon would come out onto the deck and take a position on the wall of sandbags.

Suddenly, and without warning the car lurched to a stop. The Lieutenant came racing out from inside the car and peaked down at the rail only to notice that it had come to an abrupt end. He swore, and turned back round placing himself in the doorway to the mine car's cabin.

"1st and 2nd squad. You take the left side of the tunnel, 3rd and 4th take the right! Move quickly and quietly." The Lieutenant ordered as quietly as he could.

In a matter of seconds the platoon surged out from the car and down into the tunnel, hugging the walls as they advanced forward into the darkness, only the point men using their flashlights as they scanned ahead. Smoothly Jan brought the spotlight back and forth, only pushing the blackness back the slightest bit. The Lieutenant and the command squadron remained on the deck, observing as the platoon moved forward.

"Something's... off." The Lieutenant muttered.

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Re: Fool's Gold: A 40k Roleplay

Post by Lionic » Thu Jan 02, 2014 8:53 pm

So this is little divergent from the fluff so tell me of this is OK

Race: Tyranid (formerly human)
Actual Name: Unknown.
Nickname: Harald of the great sky god.
Class:Genestealer Magos
Faction: Tyranid
*Age: unknown
*Goal: To Kill or convert all those who oppose the Great devourer
*Religious Views: Deeply devoted to the hive mind
*Political views: None in particular, but is a cunning politician, and will do anything to take power
Default attitude: Very charismatic, but also has a general attitude that makes you think he knows something you don't
*Likes: Complex plans, fancy things
Dislikes: Tau as they cannot be converted
FEARS: Failing his duty to the hive mind,
Strengths: A powerful psyker, and often uses his powers to increase his skills in close combat.
Weaknesses: an do many things, but cannot create fire or ranged blasts. Is GREATLY weakened without psykic powers, and is generaly frail. has no real ranged powers.
Armour: A boney covering of chiton, with a back shell mimicking the traditional magus head collar.
Weapons: clawed hands, with power weapon like field produced pcykickly
*Possessions on Person: none
*Hair: none
*Eyes: solid green
Biography: Was formerly a Geanstealer magus on a world far away. The world had a very small military
but they battled hard against the genestealer cult. At the one very important battle The broodfather was killed, and the cultists fell into disoray. But the magus, knowing the hive fleets were slowing getting closer, drew on the power of the shadow of the warp. His mind was instantly absorbed upon open contact with the hive mind, and his body acted as a synaptic beacon, rallying the cultists around him. But the Hive mind decided that it was not done with him - it created a new body for him, Molding him into becoming a perfect gene stealer magus. He has since then been sceen on other planets, planing a complex genestealer infiltration, and worming him self into governments using mind thralls and illusions.
he has hence come to this planet with a few geanstealers inside the hull of an imperial ship, hoping to take over the planet
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Re: Fool's Gold: A 40k Roleplay

Post by Crusherfex » Thu Jan 02, 2014 10:40 pm

Mochek stared silently into the horizon. Far away, at the closing mining port, the Tau were increasing their daily quota. The arriving Imperial fleet would soon cut off the trade, and they were keen to maximize profits before they had to evacuate. Usually, Mochek would be worried that they would break into the Tomb World, disrupt the sleeping dynasty. But the time had come for the dynasty to awaken and to once again claim this world as their own.

“We have orders Mo,” Artezanat said. Artezanat was creative and clever, notably in combat. Despite 60 million years of ageing, his technic hadn’t gotten old. “We have to preserve the Tomb.”

“I know Artie. This should be the last of our assaults, however. The drills will stop by themselves soon enough,” Mochek responded. The two Preatorians turned and hurtled themselves down a wide gap in the ground, easily 20 meters wide. As always, they raced each other to his respective stalker, activating it quicker and quickly climbing back to the surface.

The Triarch stalkers were powerful. Every step it took would shatter the ground underneath it, while also sending the pilots many meters forward. Even though its power was unmatched, it didn’t satisfy Mochek’s desire for personal victory. How he loves to give the final blow himself.

Mochek and Artezanat arrived at the mining port. Excited for the return of their Dynasty, they were quick to disable the drills. Little did they realize security in these ports had increased.


Mochek only had time to turn his head before he was flung off his Triarch stalker. As he fell, he saw his vehicle explode, shrapnel and debris smashing into Artezanat. His body bounced off the surface and onto a nearby tree. He felt his back armor crack.

Mochek quickly stood up and snapped upright. I’ll have to get that fixed, he thought, gently caressing his back. He glared forward at the port, looking for his ambusher. On the roof, he noticed, was a giant Ion Cannon. How he missed it earlier, he didn’t know.

“Artie!” he called out, rushing towards the rubble. Artezanat’s Trairch stalker had also been obliterated, but Mochek couldn’t fin his partner’s body. Mochek kneeled down next to the stalker and watched the curious Tau guards stare down with absolute fear at the remains of the ancient technology.

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Re: Fool's Gold: A 40k Roleplay

Post by IGfanatic » Fri Jan 03, 2014 12:26 am

Race: human

Actual Name: Roland Ovina

Nickname: Ro

Class: Soldier

Faction: Rogue Trader Zyander Cafell's Hand-Picked army

Age: 29

Goal: Live to be old, rich and have grand children.

Religious Views: Imperial Cult

Political views: He doesn't pay attention to Zyander Cafell and his entourage's politics.

Default attitude: A bit harsh on himself at times, cracks bad jokes, easily spooked, and a bit foolish, but when the time comes he'll be brave.

Likes/Dislikes: Likes- Playing games, girls, guns, money, food. Dislikes- Losing, officers, being shot at, alcohol, being alone.

FEARS: Dying alone, monsters.

Strengths: Making bad jokes, shooting, playing cards.

Weaknesses: Talking to people he doesn't know, self-confidence, precision.

Armour: darker brown flak armour (vest, helmet, boots, knee pads and shoulder pads) and a light tan combat fatigues.

Weapons: Combat Shotgun (pump action), auto-pistol, 2 frag grenades, 2 smoke grenades, 1 coloured smoke grenade.

Possessions on Person: Deck of cards, water canteen (with water), small pouch with money inside, I.D. and picture of a beach on some distant world.

Hair: Very short, blonde.

Eyes: Green.

Biography: Roland Ovina was drafted into the Imperial Guard as a line soldier and quickly learned how to survive as a soldier, by using what ever means necessary. Even if it meant disobeying orders.

Even though officers seldom trusted Roland he did not mind as he did earn the trust of his comrades and earned the reputation as a weapons specialist amongst his platoon, though he favoured the shotgun above all other weapons. During a rest and refit deployment on a planet known for producing air vehicles such as light landing craft, he was in a bar with his friends. Only there to get away from the barracks he got much more out of that. A rogue trader by the name of Zyander Cafell declared he was looking for volunteers to join his crew, and leave the life of the Imperial Guard.

Zyander had bribed the general to recruit up to one hundred soldiers to work for him and all who were in the bar at the time volunteered at once. A life away from the guard was a much easier life.

Being paid, more times spent lounging around star ports and markets. What more could an Imperial citizen ask for?

However Zyander had made a bad deal, and when Zyander makes a bad deal, his army has to "clean up" the mess. This time during a trade negotiations with Tau on some mining world, Imperials had shown up. If they had discovered what was being traded, they could all be punished. Zyander and soldier alike. Realizing a full offensive will only draw attention, Zyander has hand picked Roland and 5 others to make sure no one ever finds out what happened.
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Re: Fool's Gold: A 40k Roleplay

Post by Jason » Fri Jan 03, 2014 4:54 am

Race: Human

Actual Name: Lucius Brenner

*Nickname: Louie

Class: Storm Trooper lieutenant

Faction: Imperial Guard

*Age: 29

*Goal: Do his duty to the Imperium, wherever it may be

*Religious Views: Imperial cult- more casually than fanatically

*Political views: Questionable, but a soldier's duty is to follow, not lead

Default attitude: Calm and collected, passive-aggressive to remain composed in conflict

Likes: Accomplishing goals, triumph, fighting, cards and games of chance
Dislikes: Situations out of control, becoming a prisoner, unnatural entities

FEARS: Being taken prisoner by Xenos, losing his mind

Strengths: Highly trained, professional, martial prowess and knowledge, teamwork, problem-solving

Weaknesses: Rigid, dangerously apt morals, hate of inter-stellar space travel

Armour: Full suit of modular Carapace armour, Gas-mask and Hazard Respirator

Weapons: Hot-shot lasgun, Combat knife, Boot-knife, Bolt-pistol, Frag and Krak grenades

*Possessions on Person: Medical pack, survival rations, vox-bead, extra magazines, Brass Inquisitor token

*Hair: Well kept, brown. Side-burns.

*Eyes: Brown

Biography: Lucius Brenner was a volunteer from his home-world of Last Reach. Originally a military out-post, it grew to become a fully fledged home-world as time dragged on and more and more soldiers began to flock and have families. Known for having no gender discrimination within recruits, many of the soldiers stationed on Last Reach grew together and had families with one another and soon, the first Imperial natives of the planet were born. But that was a long time ago, and Lucius is descendant from natives of Last Reach who in turn were descendants of natives. Formally joining the guard at 18, after three years of informal military training, he was selected to enter the halls of the Schola Progenium; the elite training facilities of the guard. He received some of the best training the Imperium has to offer it's soldiers, and Lucius was educated thoroughly as a Storm Trooper. Being a mixed unit from multiple worlds, Brenner adorned his Carapace armour with an enblazened LR, for his home-world. By the time he was 21, he graduated the school and was fully qualified for military service of his calibre. He has fought in multiple wars, doing surgical strikes, precision combat during invasions, hardpoint defensive's and sieges. If there is a combat maneuver, he has likely done it. The invasion of Valaris Signor was no different, until the arrival of the Necrons. A new enemy for him, he is hesitant about the robotic beings, for they remind him of the unnatural entities that haunt the galaxy. Warp Travel was always a cause for unease, as the penetration of that maddening realm and the stories he'd been told do him no comfort. He is usually seen clutching an Inquisitorial token given to him by a comrade during his training for the Inquisitorial Storm Troopers aboard their Black Ships. It holds two faces, the Inquisitorial insignia, and an aquilla.

He had retreated back into low-orbit when the Necrons made their appearance on the surface, likely going to be deployed via drop-ship when the situation demands it.
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Re: Fool's Gold: A 40k Roleplay

Post by Cthulu Mechanicus » Fri Jan 03, 2014 6:39 am

Thunk. Thunk. Thunk. 100 pairs of boots filled with the sins of the homeworld, marching in time, each and every one praying silently inside their minds, remade as a bastion of faith and penance. The column of flesh to be expended in the Emperor's name continued along the path, their destination approximately 72 hours away they were told. They were being sent to reinforce the outposts the 1st infantry brigade were creating. Provided they did not fall to enemy action before their arrival, of course. 3 men ahead of him fell, blue fire, blood, and bone erupting from their bodies. Shouts of alarm passed through the column as men hit the ground, attempting to avoid the enemy fire. He scanned the skyline for any attackers, seeing a shimmer in the air. "Smite the foe! Smash the enemy! For the Emperor we bring death!" Echoed throughout the lines as 584 raised his lasgun and fired. The shimmering then ceased, revealing a vile xenos clad in one of their heretical suits. A small fire burned on its chest, as he fired again. "God Emperor. guide the flight, watch the target, take the unworthy's life." The beam struck true, consuming the head of the unholy Xenos in flame, as it collapsed, its foul technology failing it. He looked around, 7 more of the Xenos had been felled, with 20 of his fellows lying on the ground, dead or dying. The latter were quickly dispatched by the Quartermaster, the laspistol burning through their skulls and their gear distributed among the troops. He was lucky enough to receive a dead man's spade.
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Re: Fool's Gold: A 40k Roleplay

Post by destuctir » Fri Jan 03, 2014 10:28 am

Salo'tekh stood on the command deck of his flagship, dismissively gesturing for holographs of ship tactics to fly from his view to respective pilots. His priority would've seemed to be to simply stare out into space for the foreseeable future. yet to the informed, he was waiting...

a Lychguard slowly, as if fearful for his life, approached the Cryptek from an elevator near the back of the deck. "Salo'tekh?". the Cryptek did not move, again to the uninformed this would be an insult, but his followers knew if he wasn't willing to listen, he would've made it obvious to all aboard. "the Nexus has spiked, outer defenses of a tomb world seem to be stirring in response to several heavy machines bearing on its location at speed."

The Cryptek slowly turned to face the Lychguard. "Location?"

"Valaris Signor"




"the archives show 3 C'tan shards were imprisoned in tesseract labyrinths that were then stored within this tomb world, all are shards of the Deceiver..."

Salo'tekh slowly turned back to the darkness of space. He acted as if he where contemplating the options, but all the pilots who were eagerly waiting knew what he was going to say. "Plot the course, prepare my fastest vessel for orbital insertion. i want a full squad of my guardsmen aboard before me, and a platoon of immortals, i will require 3 annihilation barges and a doom scythe be fueled and ready. the rest of the fleet may prepare in time, at the speed of the slowest vessel, follow as soon as you are able."

the pilots scrambled, encrypting codes to be sent to all ships. Salo'takh spotted a destroyer vessel peel of and move towards him, it was the "unrelenting's folly". fastest ship he had ever laid eyes on.

a pilot approached him, a simple nod before returning to duties. Salo'tekh turned and walked for the elevator to the hanger, the Lychguard following closely behind.


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