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Cyber Cape: OOC

Posted: Fri Sep 20, 2013 10:35 am
by Bone2pick
This is now the primary out of character thread for Cyber Cape.

Re: Genre mashup RP

Posted: Fri Sep 20, 2013 12:22 pm
by Marit Lage
There was an RP system like that made back in the early 90s. It's called Torg, and it is a blast to play, and it had a really cool way of implementing it. You should look at it for ideas.

Re: Genre mashup RP

Posted: Fri Sep 20, 2013 1:47 pm
by Bone2pick
I checked it out, thanks for the reference. I've got the idea and world concept down, now I'm just busy connecting all the dots, filling in nice details, and after that's done I'll craft it into a story (at least I'll attempt to). 8)

Re: Genre mashup RP

Posted: Fri Sep 20, 2013 7:58 pm
by Cthulu Mechanicus

I will have something to occupy myself with. I'm just wondering if there'll be an opportunity to RP as a villain of sorts. I do so enjoy Machiavellian machinations.

Re: Genre mashup RP

Posted: Fri Sep 20, 2013 11:34 pm
by Bone2pick
You can play a villain in any shade of sinister that you desire. Hero/villain/nuetralish will all be open character types.

Re: Genre mashup RP

Posted: Sat Sep 21, 2013 8:05 am
by Cthulu Mechanicus

Re: Genre mashup RP (update)

Posted: Sat Sep 21, 2013 12:22 pm
by Bone2pick
Cyber Cape
Metropolis, The City of Tomorrow, is one of the largest and well known cities inside the United States. It’s also your home. You’ve seen a lot of things change since you’ve been here, like the Metropolitan Police strike of 2001. That was the end of the boys in blue, what with them being replaced by private security agencies. Yeah those contract hungry corporations jumped at the chance to fill in the gaps for citizens seeking law and order, at least for those with the extra income who could afford it. That meant lots of poor folks were left fending for themselves, and they still are today. Of course the top shot executives and the upper class stopped caring about them years ago.

You witnessed the huge international corporations become the true power in the world. Megacorps is the name I guess we picked out for them. Works for me. They infested Metropolis just like they do everywhere else that matters; merger by merger, tower by tower, and private army by private army. They’re the true power now; above the law, and above our so called “representatives”. Megacorp execs are the true nobility of the city, everyone knows that. Folks like us just try to stay out of their way and maybe catch a bone if they graciously decide to drop one to us.

Crime exploded. Gangs spawned and battled for turf in the city’s concrete jungles, and the middle class had to suffer the tightening grip of organized crime. Yeah the Mob had a field day back then, hell they still do. Protection rackets offered from the crime families were selling like hotcakes on the street, because the devil you know sure beats the one you don’t know. America had changed quickly and the once great city of Metropolis, our city, was unfortunately leading the charge. Then 2011 happened.

Impact is what we call it. Our city had the luck of being the bullseye of a particularly extraordinary micrometeor on the eighteenth of November. The rock hit Midtown in the middle of the night and like something out of an old Bradbury story, it bathed the entire city and its suburbs in a ghostly silver light. I remember the spectacle lasting nearly an hour. Folks were just walking around dumbfounded out in front of their homes, desperately trying to make sense of anything. The government came in and snatched up the meteor, but little did any of us know the damage had already been done. Xel was nice enough to explain that.

Yeah Xel really turned the world upside down in 2012. He just walked through his interstellar gateway, or whatever the frag it was, and answered once and for all the pesky question if we are alone in the universe. Imagine the reaction to an alien strolling through Downtown Metropolis. He tried to come to us in peace, at least that’s what the surveillance footage shows, but the Lone Star deputies opened fire on him anyway. Couldn't have been more useless against his shields, but he mercifully gave himself up once the gunmen calmed down. They took him, took him god knows where, but he was off the map for two years. He fed them enough, because that’s when the world’s technology didn’t just boom, it full on exploded. New advancements in medicine, computes, and robotics hit the market; stuff just came flooding out. Xel, the man from outer space, apparently had the bright idea to share some of his off world knowledge with the rednecks of Earth. And then to everyone’s surprise, they let him go.

Yeah it was quite the scene man. An alien had negotiated his release, and he promptly returned to Metropolis. He gave a couple of interviews to the media stations, and by most peoples account handled himself really cool and sharp. Xel told us that the Impact, that the meteor that dropped in on us, would start having an effect on certain folks. That it would trigger something in a percentage of the population, and take them to another level of existence. And guess what? Xel wasn’t lying.

One in two thousand was the ballpark figure. There’s no official count or anything, but that’s where the news estimates have it at. That’s how many people started to evolve, started to manifest abilities. We affectionately call them metahumans nowdays, they can look different, but they don’t have to. Sometimes they’re stronger, bigger, or faster, than us normals. Sometimes they can conjure energy, stuff like force fields or streams of fire. New types keep popping up every day. Early metas started showing their potential around 2014 but there’s still late bloomers coming online as late as today. Now the city has thousands of powered up residents. Some of the metas turn to crime, others get on the payroll of a megacorp and work as elite security, a select few even try to be heroes and fight back against the newly spawned super villains. Today it’s 2222, eleven years after Impact, and these are the strange times we live in.

*The concept of this RP is to fuse a cyberpunk world with a superhero/supervillian presence. The character you will create can fuse those genres or align itself with one in particular. You may choose to lean on the cyberpunk side of the universe and deal with computer hacking, black market mercenary runs, or high level corporate warfare. Or you can become a caped crusader shaking down this world’s version of Doctor Octopus. Either path is perfectly acceptable, with the option to weave in and out of those very different conflicts.

So who am I and what do I do?

You have very few limits of who you can create (if you keep it sensible) with lots of directions you can take. At the mortal level you can be a shadowy mercenary, a gun for hire, working for the Mob, the Corporations, or anyone else who can afford to pay for your services. Or maybe you fancy the life of a wealthy playboy, or better yet his loyal bodyguard? Will you take the path of the elite corporate soldier, a warrior equipped with the best training and cutting edge weaponry? How about the life of a Batman esque masked vigilante, an icon who prowls the dark city streets for those that abuse societies weakest?

Are you a super powered being, a citizen touched by the meteor’s light? Hero or villain it’s completely your call. Do you use your powers to make the city safer, or to take whatever it is you desire? These choices are yours to make. Your villains can have many faces; murderous street gangs, heartless Mob outfits, super powered villains or worst of all, Megacorporate armies.
Below a mercenary attacks a tower's computer defenses.
A Cyber Cape Batman
A techno Superman

More information to come concerning the world and power levels that you can play at. I just wanted to present the genres and the story at this time.

Re: Genre mashup RP (update)

Posted: Sat Sep 21, 2013 3:43 pm
by Chaos Farseer

Sadly, I'm going to (at first) approach this with the same reason I didn't try and revive Unlikely Heroes or Most Dangerous Game: I think I'm going to be wayyyy too busy. Sounds interesting, but I don't think I can realistically participate.

(Even though I have an idea for a meta 'protection agent' who only wants to live a normal life despite their psychic powers and getting thrown into the line of fire.)

Re: Genre mashup RP (update)

Posted: Sat Sep 21, 2013 5:03 pm
by Cthulu Mechanicus
I'm personally thinking doing the Ironman route. No powers, just my brain and a machine. Also, this sounds a lot like shadow run.

Re: Genre mashup RP (update)

Posted: Sat Sep 21, 2013 7:07 pm
by Bone2pick
That's understandable. If the game pops check in from time to time in case your schedule opens up.

It's basically Shadowrun meets the DC universe. I swapped magic for super powers and I like the change.

Re: Genre mashup RP (update)

Posted: Sun Sep 22, 2013 8:39 pm
by Bone2pick
International Megacorporations with facilities in Metropolis

Aesa Tech - As the name suggests, its core business is in aerospace technology where it holds the third largest market share in the world in that sector. The company is one of the members of the Airbus Consortium and has a nasty reputation for unscrupulous mineral mining and environmental damage.

Diatsu Media – A corporation which focuses on public relations, media, and entertainment. While Diatsu is best known for its presence in all aspects of advertising, marketing, and entertainment, it also has subsidiaries in consumer goods and services, and real estate and development.

Esprit Industries - Chemistry and genetics are the Esprit’s main fields of interest, but they are also heavily involved in finance, shipping, and consumer goods and services. This Megacorp has benefitted in unprecedented growth since Mr. Xel has taken charge.

Klein-Gunderson-Bernal (KGB) – One of the world’s leading corporations in military systems development, along with other branches handling civilian electronics, oil, chemistry and infrastructures building. KGB packs a particularly feared elite security team named the Squire, a cutting edge unit with a preference to shoot first and ask questions later. Its major subsidiaries include Beretta, Egis Services, Panhard, SEPER, and Thales-Raytheon.

Lone Star Security Services - One of the more prominent public security companies in North America with contracts of municipal policing from each end of the eastern coastal United States. Lone Star holds 62% of all security contracts in the greater Metropolis area, and the corporation also runs many of the city’s local prisons. This Megacorp has for all intents and purposes, become the city’s police.

Proteus Bell - Its four main business units are computers, electronics, multimedia products and biotechnology. Many of the universal standards of cyberterminal construction were created by Proteus Bell and Proteus Bell subsidiaries.

Sol United - Built on the foundation of heavy manufacturing and petrochemicals, it has also diversified into biotechnology, entertainment, consumer goods, and agriculture. Subsidiaries include Daewoo Corporation, LG-Haas, Pohang Iron & Steel, South Korea Energy, and Haiu Biotek.

Metahuman Classes

Class one - Lowest level metas with powers that don't substantially effect themselves or their environment. Power examples: spontaneous hair color change or night vision

Class two - Low level self or environment changes. Power examples: moderate super healing, blinding flash attacks

Class three - A combination of self or environmental changes of significant power. Power examples: super strength, bullet proof, danger senses, flight (Spider Man types)

Class four - Powerful combinations of abilities or particular threatening power. Power examples: mind control, super speed, incredible durability, area of effect energy attacks (Storm from X-men, Charles Xavier)

Class five - Superman/Thor types. No class fives have been recorded at this time and this class is not open to players.

Power types and levels are pretty open as far as your character is concerned. Having said that, a collection of high end powers or a particularly potent (city shaping) ability, could result in the character being too much for the scale of the game. Cyber Cape’s number one threat, and the threat that needs to be maintained for the integrity of the story, is that of the megacorporations and their professional security forces. So characters in the Superman range, who have a power set that even a megacorp army can’t threaten, are not to be created. A good rule of thumb is if a private army would struggle to take out your character, then you need to power him or her down.

Character Sheet

*Facial description
*Body type

*Other gear

*Skills & talents
*Powers (if applicable)

*Personality traits
*Character bio

Re: Genre mashup RP (update)

Posted: Sun Sep 22, 2013 11:58 pm
by Chaos Farseer
Bone2pick wrote: A good rule of thumb is if a private army would struggle to take out your character, then you need to power him or her down.
Loophole time!

So, a character which would be defeated by a private army is OK? :P

I really like this, though. Maybe I'll see if I can squeeze some time out for it. :(

Re: Genre mashup RP (update)

Posted: Mon Sep 23, 2013 6:03 am
by Cthulu Mechanicus
When will this be officially starting?

Re: Genre mashup RP (update)

Posted: Mon Sep 23, 2013 8:41 am
by Bone2pick
It's at least a workable character. :wink: Hope you eventually get involved.

I don't have a date picked out yet, do you have a recommendation?

Here's a look at the districts of Metropolis.

Re: Genre mashup RP (update)

Posted: Mon Sep 23, 2013 3:44 pm
by Cthulu Mechanicus
As for a date, I vote now. We have fluff, a map, a character sheet, and a new RP always stirs up the RP section.