Southern Task Force Deal

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Southern Task Force Deal

Post by Peregrin » Sat Jul 06, 2013 9:24 am

I currently have a decent little Black Talon force, but I've been strongly considering starting a second Heavy Gear Blitz army. I already have a GP squad for the South, and I picked up the PDF copy of the new South Field Guide as well (Forged in Fire).

Here's my dilema. Where I already have the core rules and the South guide, it's not really worth getting the Southern Starter. For $50 I could get the Taskforce deal, but I'm just a little afraid that would give me a lot more than I needs. I would end up with the GP Cadre I already have, a 2nd GP, a Recon, Strike and Fire Cadres, and some infantry. That's 25 minis plus the infantry. I'm just concerned that I would have way too many of the generic models. That's about 1200 points worth in a game that usually plays 750 to 1000 points.

Just curious if anyone plays the South, and if this sounds like a reasonable way to build an army.
The other option is to pick and choose some interesting units, like tanks or black ops, but that would cost more in the long run.
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