GW Trading Results

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GW Trading Results

Post by geordie149 » Tue Jan 09, 2018 7:58 am

Taken from the

Games Workshop hails 'cracking' results
Games Workshop
Games Workshop, which makes fantasy miniature figures, has reported record sales and profits for the first half of the year.

Sales in the six months to 28 November jumped 54% to £108.9m and profits almost tripled to £38.8m.

The company described the results as "cracking".

Why is Games Workshop doing so well?
Analysts at Peel Hunt credit the revamp of its social media use:

"Games Workshop has belatedly embraced online and social media, which has had a major impact on the hobby and the company’s relationship with hobbyists.

"There has been a move to greater engagement and enjoyment as well as much improved product marketing.

"The numbers are impressive with 2.5 million users and 16.3 million views of the online content in the period.

"The company recently introduced its own videos rather than relying on hobbyists to develop and post material.

"These videos now reach 100,000 people per day and directly drive revenues. This is only the start and greater customer engagement should drive greater awareness of the hobby and grow the Warhammer globally.

Great news for GW, and shows the new GW is delievering what both the gamers and Shareholders want.


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