Orkz Base sizes

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Re: Orkz Base sizes

Post by NotAlpharius » Mon Apr 17, 2017 5:32 pm

As Sperian said, you are supposed to put the models on the provided bases, but appropriately sized bases are pretty much accepted everywhere.

If you are worried about bases size affecting your game it works both ways. Smaller bases will allow you to cram more models in for melee, but also pack you in better blast/template formation, while larger bases make it harder for you to fit everybody in terrain and potentially less models for melee but are better at template/blast denial. I think its a pretty moot point since the torsos/arms are so wide that you can't pack a bunch of orks on 25mm into bases to base so they end up being spread out as if they were on 32mm bases for the purposes of melee anyhow.
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Re: Orkz Base sizes

Post by Rouven » Mon Apr 17, 2017 6:27 pm

Btw. AoS Orruks are mounted on larger bases, so I guess it's quite likely that GW would change the size of 40k Orks too, if they ever decided to update the current models.
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Re: Orkz Base sizes

Post by Guildenstern » Mon Apr 17, 2017 6:46 pm

Somewhere/when they changed the base sizes to 32mm for quite a lot (or just necrons?); they used to be 25mm. Anyway I only know this because when I got a start collecting box for my son, there were both sizes and it was really confusing! I have most of the older necrons on the smaller bases though still.

When I started orks I had the same questions because the nobz just looked weird on 25mm bases to me, plus being hard to physically fit on. And I was using some ironjawz models to supplement my nobz (too bad nobz suck IG they look awesome) - so those had come with larger bases (32 mm iirc).

Point being: I went with the 25 mm bases for the ork boyz, grunts and runtherder so I could pile in more boyz. And I am using the larger size 32mm for the Nobz and others. My characters are on the bases they came with, not sure what size they are, I think the Painboy is 32mm and Kapn Budrukk is 40mm.
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